10 Simple & Creative Woodworking Projects for Kids


Children need to learn to work with their hands and it’s the perfect foundation to lead into being able to do things as they get older. There are so many different woodworking projects out there for your kiddos to work on. Of course, you can always jump in and do a project with them to make it a special memory.

You can enjoy simple projects or get them more involved. You may need a few supplies on hand to really accommodate their projects, depending on what you choose to have your kids do. Plan on having things like fasteners, screws, nails, glue, and paint. You should also probably have a hammer and some screw drivers nearby. If you really want to go all out, you can have a saw nearby to help them should they do a more detailed project.

Take a look at these 10 great woodworking projects for kids!

Crayon Holder Box

crayon holder box with crayons
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

If your kids love to color, they need a good place to hold their crayons. What better DIY project than to craft something fun and engaging that also serves a special purpose.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to a crayon holder box. You can keep it simple with just a wooden box and lid or you can go all out to create something a little more. Have you ever seen these at craft fairs? You can find them shaped like animals and then they have holes drilled on their backs to hold the crayons.

Of course, the animal might be a little much for a DIY project for kids but it gives you some ideas. For this purpose, sticking to a simple box is probably best. You could also combine the two and make a simple square box with drilled holes for crayons in the top. Then you can paint it and add their names to give it a personal touch.

Once you’ve prepped the wood and drilled the holes, go ahead and sand it, paint it, and put final coats on the wood. From there, you should be able to add the crayons and simply enjoy the organization of the piece.

DIY Bookshelf

diy bookshelf

What child doesn’t need a good bookshelf for all of their books? Books can be so hard to keep organized so why not create a bookshelf with your kid as the perfect DIY woodworking project. This one is pretty simple because you just need the right lengths of wood to make a shelf in the sizes that you choose.

You need wood for the sides, the back, and then the shelves as well. You can make just standard shelves or place another divider for cubed shelves. Once you’ve got your sizing and the shelve details figured out, you just need to piece it all together.

Sand the pieces of wood as needed, fasten the shelves together, and then stain or paint the wood however you would like.

This shelf will be an outstanding project and will help your kids keep things like books and toys more organized in their bedrooms as well.

Simple DIY Birdhouse

simple diy birdhouse
Image by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay

A DIY birdhouse is a simple project for the kids that will take just a little bit of work but then should be simple to piece together. The hardest part of this project will be getting the wood the right shape and size and then also making a hole for the birds to enter or exit the birdhouse.

With a birdhouse, you can use the traditional house shape or you can get creative and make a design totally your own. There are several birdhouse patterns out there that are easy to follow and will be simple for your kids to put together.

Once the birdhouse is created and put together, you can paint it and design it however you want. This is the perfect time to let their creativity shine. Birds aren’t picky about their houses, as long as they have a safe space to get into.

Your DIY birdhouse will most likely be something that you enjoy for many years to come as you watch the birds come and go.

Simple Wooden Boxes

simple wooden boxes
Image by LubosHouska on Pixabay

A wooden box can be used for just about anything from toys to storage and so much more. You can also make simple wooden boxes of any shape or any size.

If you want a large toy box, no problem! Looking for something small to hold school supplies? No problem! Maybe you will decide to make a variety of wooden boxes for a variety of uses. It’s totally up to you.

To make wimple wooden boxes, you just need wood cut to the appropriate sizes for your box. You also will need a lid. You should consider what type of fasteners you would like on the lid. Do you prefer a hinged lid that you can just open and close or a sliding lid that fits securely into the box?

For a kid’s DIY woodworking project, we recommend simple hinges so you don’t have to cut out the slots for a sliding lid.

Once you’ve got the box prepared and assembled, you can sand it and then paint it and decorate it any way that your kiddo wants to.

DIY Wooden Tops

wooden tops-diy
Image by IsraelNavarro on Pixabay

For a seasoned adult that is skilled in woodworking, they might make a wooden top on a tool like a lathe. However, this can be a great woodworking project for kids with just a few chisels, dowel, wooden rollers, and a bit of sandpaper.

They can chisel and shape the wood into a variety of shapes that are sensible for tops. They will then need to attach the rod to the topside and make sure the bottom has a point to help the top spin. While we often think this is a complicated project, it actually can be pretty simple if your child is old enough to handle a sharpened chisel.

Once they’ve got it made, you can sand the top and then coat it, stain it, or paint it to your liking.

Walking Blocks

walking blocks-diy

Do you ever remember playing with these as a kid? It’s like walking stilts but not so large or cumbersome. You just need some wooden blocks, drill some holes in them, and run rope through them to hang on to.

Not only can this be a great woodworking project for kids but it can also be enjoyable for them to play with when you are finished. It’s very easy to make and put together so this project won’t take much time at all. It’s a good thing because when it’s finished, the kids will be too busy playing with their wooden walking blocks to make anything else.

Once the walking blocks are put together they can be painted or coated however you like. One tip for making these is to make sure you make them large enough without making them too heavy or clunky. Your child needs to be able to comfortably rest their foot on the blocks to walk on them.

Homemade Wind Chimes

homemade wind chimes
Image by Ikaika on Pixabay

You’ve probably seen all sorts of wooden wind chimes out there. Maybe you’re even questioning whether this can truly be a good woodworking project for kids. With some creativity, this is the perfect project and you can enjoy the beautiful sounds for years to come!

This project can be made in so many ways. you will need a variety of wood blocks in different sizes and then you need bells, hooks, and string to piece everything together.

The great part about this project is you don’t have to use any fancy wood. You can even use a variety of scraps if you have any laying around. Nothing fancy or customized is needed for this DIY project for the kids.

You can also customize this however you want. Before you put it together, go ahead and paint it and be sure to add a finish coat that will protect your chimes from the weather. Typically, these are hung outdoors so that layer should help it last longer.

Once you’ve done that, just connect all of the parts on your string however you like. Make sure they are placed so they will blow and make noise in the wind. Connect your hook and hang them up to enjoy the sound.

American Flag Pallets

american flag pallets
Photo by Jonathan Mast on Unsplash

This DIY project will be best if you have access to spare pallet wood. This is typically not hard to find. You could also use wood that is comparable in size instead if you can’t get your hands on a pallet.

This project just has to be put together and painted. Piece the pallet boards together and place some pieces behind them as well to create a base so you can stand up your flag. This will help keep your pieces together.

Once you’ve got it all put together, you can just paint it up like an American flag. You will want to coat this with a protective coating as well. Most people place these outside of the home for decoration but you could place it in the home as you prefer. Just be sure it has that weatherproof coating for outdoors if that is where you choose to place it.

Circular Wooden Wall Shelf

circular wooden wall shelf

These circular wall shelves are very popular right now and they would be very simple for a DIY woodworking project for kids. You just need wood for the round backing and the edges like a round frame of the shelf and then wood to make shelves. You will also need rope, ribbon, or something like that if you want to hang the shelf. You could use a wall hanging attachment on the back if you prefer.

This shelf is typically made with panel-type wood and it will be lightweight. You will need to keep that in mind when you consider what to place on the shelf. The hardest part of the project will be cutting the circular pieces for the shelf.

Once you’ve done that, piece it all together. From there, you can prime it and paint it however you like! It will be both simple and stylish.

Wooden Playhouse or Tent

wooden playhouse or tent
Image by iPekelnik on Pixabay

This last project can be personalized to your style. Help your child create a playhouse or a tent to play with outside. Both of these will be made large enough for the kiddos to enter and exit and play around in but they don’t have to be huge.

For a DIY tent, you will create the framework and then use material or layers to make it like a tent. With a wooden playhouse, you will craft a small house with a door for entry and exit. These are simple because you mostly just have to cut the wood and then piece them together.

You can use any wood. Paint them however you like. Just be sure you finish with a protective coating to withstand the outdoor elements.


If you’re looking for the best woodworking projects for kids, you will find some really great choices here. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other simple DIY woodworking projects that your kiddos can be involved in and they are a ton of fun to make.

What DIY projects do you plan to start with?

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