Laguna 1412 (2022 Review)


If you’re searching for a good full size bandsaw, you will find that there are a lot of great saw options out there on the market. The thing is, when it comes to looking at the Laguna 14 twelve and some similar models, you just never really know if they are as good as the company claims they are.

It’s always a good idea to dig a little deeper. Look for things like whether or not the company offers solid support for issues, is it built to be a heavy duty machine, what are the key features, how will it fit and work on your shop floor?

Laguna 1412 Review in 2022
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Each of these details is pertinent and that really doesn’t even dig into the minute details of the machine. That’s why we’ve created this guide. We’ve come up with a complete review to give you a better idea of what you’re looking at as a whole.

We’ve broken it down from top to bottom, taken a look at previous experience details, and finally determined whether this set up is worth a second look. Take a look at our detailed review below to find everything you should know about this 14 twelve bandsaw and then some.

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 Laguna Tools Bandsaw Overview

Laguna Tools is a CNC machining company that is based out of Texas, in Grand Prairie. They are a community business that has always worked hard to bring you innovation in the woodworking industry and they continue to work to advance in the field.

Laguna Tools describes themselves as being globally local. They make a point to be involved in a number of community outreach programs in their community and beyond and continue to offer support, services, product, and time in their outreach as well.

Laguna Tools began in 1983. They went from offering just a couple woodworking machines to having one of the broadest industries out there. Laguna Tools was named such because they originated in Laguna Beach, California.

They use the motto that they sell solutions. Laguna customer service has a really great reputation and sometimes that alone will set a company apart and Laguna Tools may just be one of those companies.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Laguna Tools 1412 bandsaw.

 Laguna Tools 1412 Bandsaw

Laguna 1412Check Latest Price

We want to really dive into this machine. Let’s start with a simple overview here and then we will really look at the details beyond that.

This wood saw is built with a powerful motor and is really a pretty good bang for your buck. You will find that it has almost 2 HP for power, measuring in at 1 3/4 HP. This allows it to run cooler and provide you with more power when using the table. You can use a variety of blades and even fine tune your blade and other adjustments to make it work how you need.

There are a number of Youtube videos on there that give you some basic guide blocks for how to use Laguna 1412 and some videos also point out specific features and qualities. Most adjustments are easily achieved and we think you will be hard pressed to find anything really wrong with this machine.

Laguna 1412 comes on a solid cast iron stand and also has cast iron wheels so you can move it around as you need to. That bottom wheel rotates so you can set your table top and saw in the best position for you. The machine offers quality that not every saw will give you and this makes it stand out in the industry in our books.

Now, we’ve talked about quality so let’s quickly talk about the features and then we will dig in deeper to some of the individual features that stand out to us. This band saw is CSA certified. You will find that it comes with an optional light. This is not sold separately but you have control over how it is used.

The switch operates with a safety key so you have full control and safety. These are compatible with an extension cord so again you can move your machine and set it up however you need to. You can potentially even move it to other sites, although this will be a more complicated task.

The frame is made of steel and you get a very nice micro polished table surface. The surface has a 13 5/8 inch cutting capacity as well as a heart resaw capacity. You can use it with wider blades and the clearance insert is nice for ripping lumber. The lower cabinet is solid and steady and your guide post will be quite useful when you are cutting curves as well.

Now, let’s really dig into the features.

Laguna 14 Twelve Band Saw Features

Laguna 14 Twelve Band Saw Features
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Work Light

Not every band saw has a work light and that is something that we really like about this. That light can be turned on or off as needed but it gives you the ability to cut with consistent thickness and have more accurate results every single time.

The blade guides can only do so much if your lighting isn’t ideal Even if it is sold separately, we always recommend the work light. It might also come in handy when you are changing blades so keep that in mind.

Aluminum Throat Plate

Another feature of this Laguna Tools band saw that stands out to us is the aluminum throat plates. On this machine, it measures out at 3 x 5 inches and is also really thick. In fact, you will be challenged to find a throat plate that meets the same size as this. It’s very large. It is accommodated by set screws, which make it easy to adjust your plate flush with the table height. The three bolts make set up a breeze

The table top is nice and flat as well. It sets perpendicular to the blade and really helps to reduce blade tracking and blade drift thanks to this throat plate. Blade installation is also pretty simple. You will be able to work through hard maple and other solid or challenging materials as well.

Blade Tension

When it comes to a band saw, you might get a really great mobile base, polyurethane tires, a quality pinion track, and other fancy features but don’t forget the blade. The details surrounding the blade and how it functions really is one of the most important elements you will want to consider.

On the Laguna Tools band saw, your blade tension is incredibly easy to control. The saw offers a quick release lever for the upper wheel and a locking knob so you can adjust and then lock. The rack and pinion system makes your wheel system run smoothly.

You can use your resaw king and work with a lot of blade with as well. When it comes to this particular aspect, it’s really not about the blade width through. What you want to know is whether you will be able to check blade drift and easily adjust the tension to avoid blade deflection, drift, and other general blade issues.

Can you perfect your tension for your project as well as what you are doing? With this band saw, you can easily adjust that tension on the wheel system. The Laguna guides are helpful in making your blade easily adjusted to your needs on this machine.

You can set the tension on the saw blade specifically for your table and make changes to fit the project of the saw table at the time.

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Cast Iron Wheels

You will find that a lot of different saw options have wheels and that’s all well and good. The only time you will find wheels quite like this, is on this particular machine. They are made with cast iron and they are high quality. They roll well and move easily and they even have turning ability to you can position your saw as you need it, even taking the table into consideration.

We aren’t sure you will find this type of quality or maneuverability on any other similar saw to be honest.

And that is just the wheels on the floor. Now let’s talk about the quality of the wheels for the blade. These are cast iron and made to be incredibly durable as well. Your blade will be easy to load and will run smoothly on the tracks and it can accommodate just about any blade you wish.

Resaw King Blade

Let’s talk just a moment about the blade this table comes with. It’s built for wood but is really designed to resaw like a champ, which is perhaps why it is the resaw king right? The lower guides on the table and the rip fence all pair together so you can rip lumber and complete other types of cuts with both accuracy and ease and never have a struggle doing it.

That rip fence really makes all the difference for some jobs where wood is concerned. There is also a miter slot and box joints, so you have plenty of functionality as a whole with this saw.

Dust Collection

You can’t have a quality band saw without having something for dust collection. Lucky for you, this sports a great dust port and you can connect the dust port to a vacuum hose to allow yourself to simple keep moving and working without the mess and dust in your way.

We have yet to see a better idea than dust ports like these and they are functional and yet simple. This makes them effective and we always recommend checking for dust ports on any of these types of wood tools.

The Table

Finally, let’s take a look at the table. Fully extended. your table can handle a massive range of work. You can use your rip fence with you blade or you can simply set in ceramic guides for alternative cuts, like perhaps a simple straight cut.

You have a tracking window to monitor the blade and the progression. This can be helpful for a better viewpoint when you’re using your fence.

The table can also be positioned upright, which will give you some additional depth when you need it or will allow you to bevel so you can cut angles, miters, and other similar types of wood projects.

Recap of Features

Let’s take just a moment to look back at some of these features, from the blade to the fence and everything in between. On the key elements, we will give you a rating of the design.

  • Price: typically between $1,000 and $1,200
  • Motor: 1 3/4 HP
  • Resaws capacity: 12 inches, with a fence included and sturdy blade
  • Blade changes: quick and easy
  • Fence and guide adjustments: quick and easy
  • Dust Collections: Excellent
  • Fence Design: Excellent
  • Curvy cuts: Very good
  • Overall quality: Nearly perfect

Pros and Cons

As with every machine, you will find that the tool is not perfect. It is excellent quality and really stands out in the industry, especially when you compare the price to other similarly priced models as well. It’s a good idea to review pros and cons of any machine so you can really understand the ups and downs and have a realistic expectation of what to expect from the machine.

Here, we will list our pros and cons in bullet format but then we will talk a little bit more about some of them as well.

  • Simple to resaw
  • The blade is very easy to work with in any capacity
  • Made with superior materials from top to bottom
  • Mobile with wheels on the base
  • High power, with 1 3/4 HP
  • Works great for curved and straight cuts
  • Changing the blade is incredibly quick, as are any necessary adjustments
  • The table is huge, measuring 21 x 16
  • The fence is like a high end factor on a budget saw
  • The frame is well-designed with heavy-duty materials
  • The motor was made in Taiwan but does not show any significant defects
  • It is a very heavy table, even with the wheels
  • The table bolt does get in the way opening the lower door, which is a nuisance
  • Sometimes the dust makes its way into the lower cabinet, particularly with heavy cuts


You have to give Laguna credit for the power on this machine. It’s 1 3/4 HP, which is one of the most powerful tools in this price range. For the price, it’s a great motor. We did mention in the cons that the motor was made in Taiwan. This may or may not be an issue for some. We feel like this decision was probably used to help keep the costs low so it’s a bit of a win/lose. On the same note, there doesn’t seem to be any reported issues from people who have used this saw for the long term.


The materials really stand out to us here. You have a great fence, a great blade, awesome wheels, a huge table, and a durable build. Every little aspect of the machine really comes together and while it has a few minor annoyances, you really can’t argue with the superiority of the materials as a whole.

This machine is made to be a long-lasting and reliable machine. It comes at a budget price almost considering the overall build but it functions well and is reliable for long term and heavy-duty use as well.


This saw was built for resawing. It can do just about anything you require it to do but it really is excellent for resawing. When you check out what other people have to say about the machine, this is perhaps one of the most common compliments of the machine. If you want something reliable for resawing, you cannot go wrong here.

You have a huge depth of 12 inches for just this purpose.


We also want to point out that while we are certainly speaking highly of the resawing abilities, we want you to know this is very versatile. You are not restricted to resawing. You can do things like curves, straight cuts, resaws, ripping lumber, and even cross cuts.

On top of that, you can also work with a lot of different materials, which makes a difference. With a depth of almost 13 inches, you have a lot more room to work with even the big stuff. With a table that measures 21 x 16, you have tons of space and one of the biggest tables out there for this type of capacity.

One of the things that stands out to us is that you have a lot of versatility. Where you have some saws that are only great for a couple of things, that is really not the case with this thing. In addition, you can also work with a variety of materials and that makes a difference to us as well.

Are Laguna Bandsaws Any Good?

Laguna 1412Check Latest Price

When you take a look at this particular saw, we feel like it’s a quality choice, particularly for the price. If you take a look at the company Laguna as a whole, you will find that they produce quality tools for quality prices. They have been in business for more than 50 years and have evolved greatly from their initial starting place.

We do acknowledge that not every tool will be made perfectly. There is always room for improvement in the field. From what we can tell, Laguna made a genuine effort to provide a well-made table that holds up for a lot of uses.

This particular bandsaw is actually one of their more budget-friendly saws. We like how they took some of the high end features and capsulated that to create another great option in this model. When you look at the brand as a whole, it really doesn’t get much better.

We also want to point out that Laguna has a proven track record when it comes to caring about their customers. You can read any number of feedback and reviews on this model but also on the company as a whole and there are nothing but nice things to say about the service aspect.

One reviewer mentioned that they got service right away and they were connected to a tech almost immediately who walked them through what they needed step by step and hung on to be sure things worked properly. They mentioned that the company went above and beyond and that really means something in defining a brand.

Where is Laguna 1412 Made?

Where is Laguna 1412 Made?
Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

While Laguna’s business was initially started in California, USA they now operate out of Texas, USA. While some of the components of this particular tool are not made in the USA, like the motor that is made in Taiwan, the final build is completed in the USA and tested and distributed there as well.

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In closing, if you’re looking for a full-sized bandsaw that is made to be versatile and reliable, this is a really great option. It’s affordable and there are a lot of really great components to the machine. While there are some minor nuisance issues and places for improvement, we feel like this is a great option for the price.

We would recommend the Laguna 1412 model to any woodworker looking for a great and affordable machine.

Expert Tip

If you have any kind of issues, give Laguna a call. It sounds like they can always help and they truly value their customers. If you purchase a machine such as this, you are one of their customers and will experience that royal treatment we hear so much about!

Did You Know

Laguna Tools actually began in Laguna Beach, California by a gentleman from Europe. He wanted to bring some of the ingenuity and quality of European tools and bring it to life in the USA. It appears he did just that as the company continues to transform, thrive, and adapt to the needs of the market.

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