How to Measure Band Saw Tires


The band saw is a unique tool and it can last a really long time when it is properly cared for. Your band saw is equipped with a wheel, which is often referred to as the band saw tires. Whether you hear wheels or tires is irrelevant, they mean the same thing and they’re pretty self-explanatory when you see they look just like a wheel!

How To Measure Band Saw Tires
Image by 2 Pack Urethane Band Saw Tires – FIts 14 inch x 1 inch x .095 from Amazon

The thing is, the wheels that turn are actually protected by the tire, much like the wheels on your car are protected by a tire while you drive. For a band saw, the tires help to prevent damage to your saw blade and they also help everything run smoothly as well.

Band saw tires can wear out over time and as you put mileage on them, you will need to replace them. Replacing them isn’t difficult but you do need to know how to properly measure them so you can get new tires that fit the wheel properly.

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Measuring Band Saw Tires

Measuring Band Saw Tires
Image by 3 Pack Bandsaw Tires for Woodworking Projects – Urethane Light Bands for Saw Replacement-14 inch x 1 inch x .095 from Amazon

Measuring your band saw tires is really pretty simple. It’s removing them and replacing them that might prove challenging. You might be able to find the measurement of your tires in an owner’s manual but they are pretty easy to measure anyway if you don’t want to go searching for that.

Band saw tires are measured in inches and they are always a whole inch in measurement. You don’t have to worry about complicated numbers or codes like you might on your car tires. These tires are a thin rubber band that fits right around the edges of the wheel between the wheel and the blade.

Here are your steps to measuring the band saw tires.

  1. Measure the diameter of your wheel across the center. You should be able to get a simple, even number with this measurement.
  2. Subtract 2 inches from the diameter of your wheel. For example, if your wheel measures 14 inches, you can subtract 2 inches and your tire should be 12 inches.

It’s really that simple. A good rule of thumb is that your band saw tire is always exactly 2 inches less than your band saw wheel. All you have to do is measure that wheel and subtract 2 inches from it and you are good to go!

Don’t try to measure the tire as you probably won’t get a good, solid measurement and you have to remove it to even try to measure it! You can remove the tire before you measure the wheel but you don’t necessarily have to do so.

Now, let’s talk just a little bit about how to change those tires so you know that process as well.

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Removing Tires from the Band Saw

Removing Tires from the Band Saw
Image by TheoRivierenlaan from Pixabay

If you’ve noticed that your tires are worn out or you’re just maintaining the tires to be proactive, you need to be able to remove the tires safely and effectively.

If you’re noticing that the band saw is uneven or doesn’t seem to be moving smoothly, this is a good indication that it’s time to change the tire. You might also notice wear or even cracking on the tire and this means it’s time to change it as well.

In order to remove the tire, you must first remove the blade. You probably already know how to remove your blade as you’ve most likely changed the blade prior to now. Blades might be changed for your tasks or because they wear out and they typically need to be replaced more often than the tire.

Refer to your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s instruction in order to safely remove the blade as you are supposed to.

Once you’ve removed the blade, removing the tired can be slightly more challenging. It’s still not overly difficult but the tire will most likely be sealed to the wheel since it is glued in place.

You can use a razor blade, razor knife, or something similar with a sharp point to get underneath the tire and release it from the glue. Work your way around until the entire tire is released.

Follow up by cleaning the wheel so you can also remove any remaining residue left behind on the surface of the wheel from the glue and tire.

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Installing a New Band Saw Tire

Installing a New Band Saw Tire
Image by Original Milwaukee 45-69-0030 OEM Pulley Tires from Amazon

You might be wondering how you are going to make a tire that is 2 inches smaller than your wheel fit onto the wheel. These tires are designed to be flexible and contain a little bit of stretch but there are also some very secret tips you can put to work to help.

Follow these steps for the best results when working to install a new band saw tire to the wheel.

  1. Start by soaking the tire in hot, soapy water. Be sure the water is both hot and soapy. Allow it to soak for several minutes. This will make your tire more flexible and easier to stretch over the wheel during installation.
  2. At your starting point, get your initial piece of tire onto the wheel and clamp the beginning point to the wheel. This frees up your hands to work and keeps the tire in place as you go.
  3. If you are using a rubber tire, it will need to be glued into place as you go. If you are using a urethane tire, it does not have to be glued.
  4. Use a screwdriver or a putty knife to work the tire onto the wheel as you go around from the starting point. Move slowly and steadily from the starting point as you go around.
  5. Work in this manner until the tire is on and secured to your wheel.

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Rubber Tires Vs. Urethane Tires

Rubber Tires Vs. Urethane Tires
Image by Urethane Band Saw Tires and rubber tires from Amazon

When you are purchasing a new tire for your band saw, you should be aware that there are both urethane and rubber options. Typically, you can use either one for most hand saws. It will primarily boil down to a matter of preference.

With that in mind, we thought it might be helpful to provide you with a quick summary as to the difference between the two so you can make a fully informed decision when you’re ready.

Rubber tires are the most common option. They are the traditional solution that has been used for years and they work quite well. These are typically pretty affordable and tend to hold up well. They truly look just like a huge rubber band that fits over the wheel.

Rubber tires are sometimes known for being slightly more tedious. The gum underneath them sometimes gums up, requiring additional maintenance and care. In addition, rubber tires also tend to wear out more quickly and need to be replaced more often overall.

Urethane tires, on the other hand, are known for lasting longer. They are easier to install because they don’t require being glued when you install them. They do cost a bit more to purchase but they are still primarily affordable.

Urethane tires also come in different colors, which might make checking them out a bit easier for you and make flaws in the band more noticeable or easier to spot as well. Urethane tires don’t break down or split as quickly, making them a popular option.


Measuring your band saw tires is really quite easy! Just grab your measuring tape and you will have a number in no time! Take proper care of your band saw tires and change them as needed. The processes are simple and straightforward all around so you can work quickly.

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