5 DIY Saw Horse Ideas


Every craftsman, woodworker, construction site, and so on needs a saw horse at their disposal. You can easily go buy them and there are tons of different options out there. If you check out saw horse reviews, you will find any number of viable options.

There are a lot of DIY things you can do in and around your home using saw horses, whether you purchased a new sawhorse or built your own. There are plenty of ways to repurpose your old sawhorses and make neat DIY projects using those as well. You might be amazed at just how useful a sawhorse can be outside of the woodworking and construction realm.

In this guide, we will share with you 5 DIY saw horse ideas. This will include making things from your own saw horses as well as things you can use saw horses for and even repurpose old saw horses. We’re mostly focusing on putting a saw horse to use. We have some really great ideas for you!

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5 DIY Saw Horse Ideas to Try

1. Make a Dinner Table

table isolated on white background

If you want a unique dinner table, use a pair of saw horses. You can use this idea when you’re in the middle of a worksite and just need a temporary setup or maybe when you’re hosting an outdoor gathering and need something large to hold food or seat a lot of people.

This idea can get as fancy or as limited as you want. It would be challenging to make an in-home super nice dinner table with a pair of saw horses but there are designs out there if you decide to go for it!

If you just need a temporary table space, this DIY saw horse idea can be as simple as placing a piece of plywood over a pair of sawhorses and then filling the table or pulling up chairs. If you’re using it to seat people around, you can always add a covering or table cloth to avoid splintering wood.

Expert tip: this also makes a really great table surface for garage sales and other types of sale or showcase setups.

2.  DIY Scaffolding

Construction worker on scaffold

If you’re one of those people who is constantly in renovation or updating mode in your home, you probably know how handy scaffolding can be for painting rooms and ceilings or removing and adding wallpaper, borders, or trim.

Before you try this scaffolding option using sawhorses, you will need to be sure you can set them up securely. You will want to be sure that your sawhorses are tall enough and stable enough for this type of DIY use. Safety first here!

You may also want to pay attention to the weight limit of your sawhorses. Remember, while we want you to be able to take advantage of these DIY ideas, we also want to make sure that you are being safe and not using something that could cause an injury!

You will add a sturdy, stable surface that can handle the required weight for you and equipment when you use this setup. A piece of plywood may not be sturdy enough, depending on the length and the stability of the wood. Many people use thick wooden planks for this as they are more sturdy and stable.

If you use the right materials and give yourself a safe setup, you can use this as a scaffolding to hold your materials and be able to move back and forth while also reaching higher. You don’t have to come up and down off of a ladder or try to balance your paint cans and materials on a ladder either.

This is a pretty hand DIY feature for sawhorses.

3. Repurpose into Décor

sawhorse repurposed into decor

Have an old sawhorse that you don’t feel should be used for construction and heavy work anymore but you’re just not ready to let go of it? Turn it into a rustic shelf or decorative buffet-style piece like what you see here.

You can add a fitting “table” or top shelf to it and then add shelves underneath as well. Some sanding and painting can turn this into a gorgeous accent piece with your home décor and decorating and it can still be useful for holding pictures, candles, and more.

You can spruce this up and make it fancy or you can keep it simple and just paint or stain it. The nice thing is, this DIY can take as much or as little effort as you want it to! If you are repurposing a sawhorse that is not wood, you can still do this!

Remember, paint can do a LOT to make significant changes and turn the sawhorse into whatever you want to be. Just like with this wooden example, you can add shelving and a top layer to turn it into a useful décor. You can mix wood and metal or plastic and you can have a beautiful piece no matter what type of materials the original saw horse is made with.

4.  Home Desk or Vanity

sawhorse home desk

A sawhorse can be turned into a DIY desk space or a vanity space. It’s much the same concept as making your own shelf or table but with a twist. The fun thing is, you can make these larger than just a small space and do a double-space as well. You may need an extra sawhorse in the middle for additional support.

Just like with all of our other DIY projects, you can dress this up and make it as fancy or as simple as you want. The beauty of doing this is you can also paint whatever colors you like and you can use whatever surface you prefer for the top sections.

We’ve seen ideas that used glass for the table or desk top and we’ve seen ideas that use a simple cut of wood jazzed up to look nice. You can also have something made or put together a surface on your own that would be suitable for this type of design.

5. Tool Storage

DIY - Do It Yourself Paper Cut Letters with Tools and Sawhorse. Vector Joinery Workroom Concept.

Finally, for our 5th DIY option, we have one more great solution for using your sawhorses. We’ve talked about desks, tables, scaffolds, and more. Here is another example. Use sawhorses to create a tool storage space for you.

This effect would be very similar to a table space but it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you’re using it to organize and store tools and create a workspace that you can manage and deal with.

You can make this space, again, as simple or as outlandish as you want to! The nice thing about using this space for tool storage is that it places most of your tools at arm’s reach and easy to find. You don’t have to stoop over a tool bag or search through your tool box drawers!


There are a lot of DIY options for using sawhorses. Whether you want to repurpose an old saw horse or you want to use your sawhorses to finish DIY home projects like painting, you have plenty of options available to you!

These are just a few simple ideas for using sawhorses but there are many more options out there. Whether you look through Pinterest or get creative all on your own, we hope these inspire you to put your sawhorses to work!

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