Dewalt DCS371B Review in 2022


You see a lot about tool reviews and just what one tool may be able to offer you in comparison to other tools. The DeWalt DCS371B is a compact bandsaw that gives you the ability to make time consuming cuts in just a matter of minutes.

DeWalt DCS371B Compact Bandsaw Review
Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

This is a hot tool on the band saw market right now so we’re here to reveal everything you need to know about this compact bandsaw. In this guide, we will cover a complete review of the band saw, sharing with you all of the details you should know.

In the end, you will have the information you need to determine whether this tool will meet your needs or whether you should consider other tools instead.

DeWalt DCS371B Compact Bandsaw Review

DeWalt DCS371B Compact BandsawCheck Latest Price

The DeWalt DCS371B Compact Bandsaw is a 20V max tool that comes as the bare tool and nothing else. You can find packages that also include the battery as well as a blade or two but in general, you are purchasing just the tool and will need to add a battery or blade / blades in order to have the full saw package to get started.

This DeWalt saw is made with increased durability. It comes at an affordable price and will often be found on lists of budget-friendly bandsaw choices because of that. But what else really makes this a valuable purchase?

As we move through this compact bandsaw review, we will discuss everything you need to know about this DeWalt model, from the integrated hook to the centered handle position and every little aspect in between.

So, let’s get started!

A Little About This Model

This particular model from DeWalt was released quite a few years ago in 2014. It’s an upgrade from the previous DCS370 model. When they released this particular model, the biggest change they made was the compatibility with their 20V max line, as the previous model did not offer that.

So far, this particular model has not been changed or updated and has been a lasting solution in the line. You will find that the blades can be hard to find but it’s nice to have the versatility with the 20 max line!

General Overview

DeWalt DCS371B Compact Bandsaw Review General Overview
Photo by Thijs van der Weide from Pexels

Let’s start with just a basic look at this DeWalt compact bandsaw. It’s a lightweight model that is less than 10 pounds in weight even with the battery in place. It measures about 15 inches in length and can be used with just one hand during operation.

The tool is well-designed and the blades are easy to change or adjust for your needs.

When it comes to a compact bandsaw, you get a cut capacity that surpasses most other comparable tools on the market. The tool sports one of the best cutting depths for this genre at 2 1/2 inches. It has a centered handle position to help reduce user fatigue and give you total control with just one hand.

The DeWalt saw is compatible with other tools in the same line so you can share the battery among any of those tools if you have them. It’s the 10V max line so any 20V max DeWalt battery will work. This is where the no battery tends to be no issue. Just grab your 20V max from your power drill or other tool!

The DeWalt compact bandsaw also had dual bearing blade guide rollers so you can adjust the blades and fully control them to meet your needs with blade tracking adjustment.

Finally, this tool also has an LED light. The LED lighting will make your work a breeze, particularly if you are in a space that maybe doesn’t have awesome light available or you’re working at dusk and nightfall where natural light isn’t an option either.

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Basic Design Specifications

Every user will have different feature preferences when it comes to a portable bandsaw but this will provide you with a basic overview of the general feature details. this compact model is built to be durable. It takes a cordless approach so as a contractor or worker, you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to plug in for power.

The quality is outstanding and you save a few bucks at the store when you compare to similar saws on the market. For the money, the value is one of the best and you will see that throughout our reviews.

Here are your basic feature callout for this bandsaw.

  • LED light has a 20 second delay to protect your project and keep any user ready for action
  • Dual bearing blade guide rollers allow you to have good balance but also comfort and flexibility
  • You can adjust the tension without any added tools
  • Integrated hang hook allows you to store the bandsaw easily and saves on wear in stored position
  • Includes a center handle that leaves you balanced and in control with the lightweight saws. It helps users with the cordless bandsaw to not experience user fatigue while the tool is in operation.

Cut Capacity

One of the most essential features to consider for this tool is the cutting capacity of the blade. Ultimately, this is the depth of materials you can cut with the blade in place.

The DeWalt tool has a depth of 2 1/2 inches, which is pretty great compared to similar tools and one of the best depths for a compact bandsaw like the DeWalt.

This allows you to cut a variety of things, from PVC piping to conduit to other materials out there. The blade can be adjusted to handle different materials and the motor is capable of handling these tasks as well.

When it comes to tools in this category, the cutting capacities here easily overshadow other similar options and your blades will be put to good use. You can use that depth for just about any type of cutting and you can do it quickly.

That’s money well spent.

Battery Details

This tool is part of the 20V max line in the DeWalt tool lineup. This lineup is compatible with more than 200 other pieces from DeWalt, which means you may already have power in your workshop for the device. And if you don’t it’s an easy power source to accommodate.

You can save money if you already own other items in the line but it won’t cost a ton if you don’t.

It’s nice to have that linking ability and when you need to replace batteries or pieces, it makes it quite simple to do so as well.

This particular power detail is known for providing 8x more life and time per use as well. This is a feature that you shouldn’t ignore for your compact saws as it means you get more use per charge. It’s a balanced feature that can certainly work in your favor.

Dual Bearing Blade Guide Rollers

You’ve seen us mention this term in regards to the compact saws a couple of times now. It’s one of the best pieces of this particular device, giving you the ability to monitor your precision with ease.

This stand out technology supports the blade as well as the blade tracking adjustment on the tool.

Ultimately, this will lead to additional durability, protecting the blade on the tool while you are cutting. You are less likely to have to deal with a broken blade or a blend blade and your work will also probably be more precise in the end as well.

For a bandsaw such as this, these features are perhaps really what makes the bandsaw stand apart in the field. Features are designed to give you the best quality work and a balanced approach to detail. Your search just might be over.

Blade Tracking Adjustment / Blade Tracking Wrench

The adjustment of the blade is also an essential part of the tool. This DeWalt tool gives you integrated blade tracking adjustment as one of the recognizable search features to be aware of. You can use the blade tracking wrench to make your adjustments, allowing you to get the tension and alignment of the blade exactly as you need it to be.

The blade tracking wrench is quite easy to use and the ability to manage your tension gives you total control over any cut. This will help with precision and accuracy but also gives you the ability to handle more types of work.

Centered Handle Position

We’ve talked just slightly about the handle but we think it’s important to touch on it in more detail. The handle sports a centered handle position with a comfortable grip. That centered handle position is another of the most noteworthy features of this bandsaw.

Your blades and the work you are doing really rest heartily on your control.

With the design of this handle, you are less likely to tire out while you’re working. Your hand won’t ache after just a few minutes because you get reduced vibration and more control overall. It’s comfortable and remember, it also doesn’t weigh a lot.

You can use the bandsaw with just one hand and use it for longer periods of time as well.

Additional Features – Integrated Hang Hook & More

When you look at this bandsaw, there are some extras that make it a really great selection. Those extras are the LED light and the hook. Why are these so great?

The lighting gives you the ability to see the work of your blade. It’s a delayed feature so the powertool in your hands recognizes on its own when you really need that additional visibility. It registers after a 20 second delay if the lighting happens to be dim or if you are working in a space with terrible lighting.

The visibility means the work you are doing with your blade is more likely to be accurate in the end.

And the Hook!

Next, we have the hook. Where most of these items would just get tossed in a toolbox or bag, this can actually be hard on the blade. Sure, there are times this will still be what happens but when it comes to storage, having that hook to hang up your bandsaw is going to be a very nice addition.

It will reduce wear on the blade and leave it protected when you aren’t using it.

Pros and Cons

Take a look at the pros and cons of this model! We know not every tool is perfect so this gives you a great summary of those details based on real experience.

  • Compatible with any other tool in the 20V Max lineup
  • 2 1/2 inch cutting allowance
  • Can handle metal and other materials
  • Includes an LED work light
  • The handle is positioned for both comfort and control
  • Blade tracking adjustment is helpful for extending blade life
  • The basic package comes with the saw only – blades and batteries sold separately
  • The cutting allowance is slightly limited compared to some models
  • Blades can sometimes be hard to find
  • To operate, you have to press two buttons simultaneously as a safety maneuver

What Makes the DCS371B Different From the Rest?

What Makes the DCS371B Different From the Rest?
Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

When you summarize this model compared to others that may be similar, it’s not the blade or the blade design that sets it apart but rather the overall build that is focused around the blade and how it works.

The adjustment tracking function is perhaps one of our favorites just because it really lets you take note of wear and tear and will also give you a longer lifespan for blade’s usage as well. It lends to accuracy and will probably save you some money in the long run as well. You can control your tension and your productivity.

The handle is incredibly comfortable and well-made, allowing you to appreciate the device without getting tired after just a few minutes of work. For some, this setup alone will be what draws them to this model.

On top of that special handle design, it’s not overly heavy and yet it’s versatile and capable.

Similar Products to Consider

Wen 94396 Portable BandSaw

Wen 94396 Portable BandSawCheck Latest Price

Wen certainly knows how to produce bandsaws and this portable option is another great choice. It’s a 10-amp model with a 5-inch capacity for both width and depth. Wen 94396 Portable BandSaw even offers you variable speed and a unique angled slant by design to give you some added versatility.

This saw is of great quality but is slightly more affordable than the DeWalt model we’ve talked about here.

Vevor Portable Band Saw

Vevor Portable Band SawCheck Latest Price

The Vevor Portable Band Saw is a 5-inch cutting capacity saw that is powered with 10 amps. This portable bandsaw allows for deep cuts and can handle metal, wood, tubing, pipes, plastic, and even rebar. It’s powerful and easy to handle!

If you’re looking for something with that extra boost of powerful drive and the capability of handling just about any material out there, this one measures up well against the DeWalt model.

Final Thoughts

In closing, if you’re looking for a sign as to whether or not this is a great choice, here it is! The DeWalt model is an excellent addition to any toolbox, particularly if you see the benefit of being able to make those cuts at a moment’s notice and never tire out your hand.

We recommend this bandsaw for any portable needs and then some!

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  • 1-5/8" Cut Capacity: For a wide range of applications; LED Light: Highlights the cut line
  • Meets OSHA Guarding Requirements: Suitable for One-Handed use; Length: 11 "
  • Blade Tension Adjustment: Adjustable blade tracking; Voltage: 12V, Tool Warranty 5 Years

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