7 Creative Scroll Saw Projects


You recently purchased a brand new scroll saw and you’re so excited to get to work on projects. You’ve seen so many creative ideas but now that you actually have a scroll saw, you’re just not sure where to start!

You’re looking for some fun and creative scroll saw projects to give your new scroll saw a try. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! There are so many awesome things out there that you can make with a scroll saw, whether it is new or not.

We have 7 creative scroll saw projects to share with you today. All of these are fun and simple. You can enjoy these projects whether you’re highly experienced or a beginner just starting to learn how to properly use a scroll saw.

Keep reading to learn about our favorite 7 creative scroll saw projects.

How a Scroll Saw Works

The scroll saw is a tabletop piece of equipment that uses a small blade to cut out intricate designs. Scroll saws are designed with a worktable as part of the saw. These tables are usually not large but you most likely won’t need them to be.

Chances are, you will be working with small sections or pieces to create your project. You can make so many beautiful things with a scroll saw. These saws are known for the ability to make intricate and decorative cuts that no other saw is really capable of making.

The blade is fine and small and you can work with different sizes and types of blades, depending on the material you are working with. The blade moves up and down, cutting through your piece in rapid or slow motion. Most of the time, you can adjust and choose your speeds.

The blade is stationary, meaning it doesn’t move around. You work with the blade by moving your piece as needed in the cutting line. The end result is something amazing, delicate, and decorative.

Many people make a living designing and making creative scroll saw projects. Others use scroll saws for an enjoyable hobby. These saws are not hard to use but it could take some practice and time to really build your skills to get the best cutouts for challenging designs.

There are a lot of great scroll saws out there. We really like the DeWalt Scroll Saw DW788 if you want the best of the best!

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Why We Like It:

Overall, we chose this saw as our top pick because it has a lot of great features. It’s a little bit on the pricey side but it really has a lot to offer in terms of scroll saws.

Now, let’s talk about some projects that you will totally want to try out when we’re done!

Creative Scroll Saw Projects to Try Out

The following projects are 7 of our favorite scroll saw projects out there. Keep in mind, that these projects are just meant for inspiration. You can easily take any of these projects and personalize it any way you want to.

You can use ideas from these projects to create your very own project ideas. Our goal here is to inspire you to get creative and to put that scroll saw to use with something fun and simple but also unique.

We hope you will like these ideas as much as we do.

1.   Picture Perfect Cutout

A great way to practice and possibly even create something totally new is simply to use a piece of scrap wood and cut out a picture of something you love. You would be amazed at just how many ideas you can take from this one single option.

For example, you could trace a horse, with its mane blowing in the wind. This could give you practice on curves and small spaces as well as large areas. It incorporates a little bit of everything.

Not only is this a creative way to practice designs but it can also produce some beautiful art that you or others will totally enjoy. You can use this same concept with any type of picture.

Here are some ideas besides horses.

  • Stars
  • Animals of any kind
  • Flowers
  • Scenery
  • Mountains

You can do a lot of different things here.

scalloped mirror frame

2.   Scalloped Mirror or Frame

This is another fun and simple project. You can be as creative or as uncreative as you want to be with this one. You can find patterns online to follow or create your own simple scalloped design.

Using scallops creates circular cutouts with scrolling loops and curves. These can be rather large and can help you refine your curve-cutting skills. The nice thing is that these creative projects are fairly simple but you end up with a gorgeous piece. You can set a mirror in the center and have an intricate mirror that will catch anyone’s eye.

You can also use this to make an ornate frame or even a trivet for table decoration. No matter what you do, this piece will be unique and it’s so fun to make! It’s really simple to follow the curves and scrolls and end up with something truly amazing when you’re finished.

name plaque

3.   Name Plaques

You can’t go wrong with a name plaque. The best thing about these is you can make them fancy, using cursive swirling letters or you can use print block letters as well. This type of creative project is often highly sought after and people will pay money for them.

These are simple and fun to make. And, you don’t ever have to get tired of making them because every single one is unique in its own way with a different name. Many people add additional accessories to these name plaques just to give them something extra.

You might see them with an arrowhead at the front and a feather from an arrow at the back. You might see them ending with a heart. You might see different fonts and scripts and sizes and styles.

These can be so personal and unique and you can be as creative or interesting as you want to be when you make them. Even if you choose to go with a simple cursive-style name and nothing else, you will find that each piece still looks creative when you’re finished.

This is another really great option for beginners to practice looks, curves, and swirls. You can make them small or you can make them large.

decorative cross

4.   Decorative Crosses

Another common piece that can be intricate and creative and is a big seller if you plan to do woodworking or craft shows, is ornate decorative crosses. These can be unique every single time.

You can start with the basics of a cross and then add intricate scroll work and cut-outs to make the cross more decorative. You can make layers and use a standard cross as a backdrop with an ornate, cross cutout with more design on the front layer.

You can make the cross cutout itself ornate and decorative. These can be totally unique and creative. You can find many patterns and design ideas online to get you started or you can make your own ideas.

The nice thing about these is you can get very involved or you can keep it simple and they are still always a crowd-pleaser. They can be simple or challenging, depending on what you choose to do with your design in the end.

These are visually appealing and genuinely creative. They are customizable to whatever your creative bones desire.

nativity scene

5.   Nativity Scenes

One of our very favorite creative scroll saw projects is nativity scenes. You see these made in so many ways. We like the creativity scene that all cuts from the same block of wood. You then make each individual piece in succession and it fits together like a puzzle.

You can see the beauty of the nativity in one piece or you can pull the pieces out and change it up. These are so much fun and when you do them like we just described, it makes storage during the non-holiday season super easy as well.

With a wooden cutout nativity, you’re less likely to have to worry about lost or broken pieces every year. These age really well and you can stain them or paint them with as much or as little detail as you want.

These are often very simple with just curved shapes to make the design but they’re incredibly beautiful pieces that many people really enjoy. Again, you make these as creative or as simple as you want to and they’re truly enjoyable no matter how you choose to make them.

You can design your own or you can look for inspiration and patterns online that you might find appropriate or eye-catching. We are quite sure you won’t be disappointed with this option in the end.

monogrammed art

6.   Monogrammed Art

Here is another fun one that can be unique every time. These are something that are often made to order but you can take the same concept and use another type of cutout besides a monogram if you’re looking for craft show inspiration.

This idea is based on using a personalized monogram set inside of a design. Whether you use a round cutout and a scroll-based monogram design or you go with something more intricate. We like the idea of making them seasonal.

For example, you can start with a pumpkin shape. Get the pumpkin cut out to get your surface ready. Next, outline your monogram design in the center of the pumpkin and cut it out accordingly. The result is an ornate pumpkin with a monogram center. You can add a bow or accessory to really dress it up.

You can take this idea and work it into whatever you want. In this example, you can replace the monogram with a fall saying. Things like “fall blessings”, “harvest time”, “happy fall y’all” come to mind easily.

This is another idea that you can take the basic idea and run with it. Everyone loves monogrammed art but if that isn’t what you’re after, you can use other decorative symbols or sayings instead of a monogram.

Apply this idea to any shape, cutout, or holiday piece that comes to mind and the effect will be stunning. You could even use a wreath and make a monogram for the center or something else along those lines.

This idea could be creative to a high degree or could be simple. You decide!

wooden baskets

7.   Wooden Baskets

This idea is one that could take some advanced skill. It is possible for beginners but don’t get frustrated if you feel like you are not ready for this step yet. This is a buildable creative look that is unique in the end.

The design itself is simple but the intricate cuts and positioning are what could pose a challenge to some creators. The idea here is that you make patterns and cut-outs in patterns that look like a basket was woven.

You can make small tabletop bowls and baskets or you can make picnic-style baskets that are larger and more detailed. We highly recommend that you find a pattern or even a tutorial video to watch for this.

As we mentioned, this could be a bit more challenging than a simple cutout and it may take some practice and time to get it right. Don’t let that scare you away from making this a goal or giving it a try anyway, just go for it!

We think you will be quite pleased when you successfully complete your basket and see just how great it looks and how sturdy your new basket is.


When you are thinking of creative scroll saw projects to try out, just remember that there are no ideas too big or too small.

You can make just about anything on the scroll saw that you want to. It just takes a creative idea and the will to try. These are just a few of our favorite creative ideas for you to try out. There are SO many more options out there that you can try.

What we’ve come to find is no matter what you make, it is creative in its own way. We hope you can find some inspiration here and maybe come up with some new ideas to really put your scroll saw to use.

Here’s to being creative and trying new things with the scroll saw!

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