Bosch Vs Dewalt Table Saw


When you’re looking for the best table saw on the market, you’ve got to keep in mind that different brands and styles have different things to offer you. Some brands are made to be high-end while others might be designed to be budget friendly.

Two of the leading brands in the tool industry that you will hear about, particularly with a table saw, are Bosch and DeWalt. But if you’re new to the market and just looking to find the very best option for your needs, how can you possibly choose right?

Bosch Vs Dewalt Table Saw
Image by annawaldl from Pixabay

While both of these are great saws, you might find that there are things that stand out about one as opposed to the other. They come from quality brands but they are made differently so it’s important to know just what you’re really looking at in order to make an educated decision in the end.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the Bosch vs DeWalt table saw and really break down all of the details about each of these table saws. We will talk about things like the rip capacity, the rip fence, and the overall build of each saw in a side by side comparison.

Bosch Portable Table Saws – Bosch 4100 10

Bosch 4100 10Check Latest Price

Let’s start first talking about the Bosch model saw. We will talk about each saw individually with a complete rundown of the specs and details that you need to know. In the end, we will wrap up with a final comparison of the two as well so you have all of the pertinent details in one place.

We are focusing on the portable table saws that these two brands offer. For the Bosch, take a look at Bosch 4100-10. Bosch 4100-10 is a portable table saw that is built with easy to use wheels, a fully portable package, and plenty of space and power.

Bosch 4100 10 is built to be sturdy and stable with the addition of a pinion system, anti kickback pawls, miter gauge, tilting table, and a good cutting capacity.

The wheeled stand is ideal for construction projects because you just set it and go. It’s built like a metal roll cage so it stays in place and won’t tip or fall over, despite it being a rolling stand.

This 10 inch table saw has a lot to offer so let’s break it down!

Overall Design

The Bosch 4100 10 is built to be fully mobile. Bosch table saws are great for versatility and this option is no exception when it comes to the design of table saws. This particular design of Bosch table saws really stands out to us because of the wheels and the handle as a whole. There is no set up required. You literally just wheel it and set it.

When compared to the DeWalt DWE7491RS, you will find that DeWalt has a unique design for portability compared to Bosch 4100 10. While Bosch is stable and secure, it could be improved with some basic innovation considering it’s meant to be used on a job site for heavy duty work.

The Bosch 4100 10 only weighs about 60 pounds, which is really great for a portable saw. It’s heavy enough that you have stability but light enough that it won’t break your back to move it around. The weight does not cut down on the size either. Your build measures out to 29L x 32W x 13.25H, which is a decent size but is also smaller than some comparable models.

The width of the Bosch 4100 10 table saw here really gives it a bit of an advantage because it offers just a bit more cutting space than you will find the DeWalt table saw offers.


Now, let’s focus on the power. Really, the power of table saws like these can make all the difference when it comes down to it. The Bosch 4100 10 offers you a 15-amp motor. The motor is perfect for the size and style of the saw, giving you plenty of power for performance so you can work hard and fast on any job.

The power really does a lot for this power tool to make it a reliable table. And yet, the power isn’t so overbearing that it will just blow your circuit breaker in the middle of your work. When you compare the two models, you will find they give you the same amount of power, so that’s a win on both sides!

Now, how does the power really pull into the speed? A saw can have all of the power but unless it can give you the speed to work quickly, then the powerful motor won’t be enough to cut it, right? The Bosch 4100 10 can meet these particular needs.

The blade spins at a powerful speed of 3,850 RPM. This is a decent RPM for rip cuts as well as larger materials so it gives you some versatility in your functionality.

The Cut & Rip Capacity

Whether you’re working with home improvement, in a small workshop, or out on a work site, you need to know that you can rely on the blade and the table saw to work together to be able to make your cut. This goes for making precise cuts just as much as it goes to the versatility of what you can do with the saw.

When it comes to cutting with your blade on the table saw, you need to know what your saw is capable of and what it has to offer to help with precision cuts as well.

With the Bosch 4100 10, you get about 25 inches of maximum rip capacity on this jobsite table. This is a bit on the small side for portable table saws but it’s not a bad amount on the job site. The table saw has a 10 inch blade, complete with a blade guard but no rack and pinion system. The rip fence is adjustable with an adjustable height as well.

You will find the Bosch 4100 10 vs DeWalt reflect different fence systems altogether so this is something you need to watch if it matters to you. The rip fence system on the Bosch 1400 10 is a square lock rip fence.

The nice thing about this particular fence is that it has a smart guard system on the table saw so you can actively work quickly and you can do so using just one hand to get things done. The fence can be used with dado blades and riving knife safety features. As far as rip fences go, it’s really a personal preference as long as you get accurate cuts.

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Dust Collection and Safety

Finally, let’s walk through some things that are often overlooked but still important when you’re looking at table saws.

Cutting wood can obviously be a messy task. There will be dust and debris everywhere. You need to protect yourself with proper gloves and eye wear but it’s nice if your table saw can also help with the task too.

The Bosch 4100 10 table saw does have a dust port but it doesn’t come with the bag or a collection system so this is something you may have to prepare for or rig on your own. It will blow dust away but not help collect or keep it out of the way.

As far as safety measures, Bosch has the necessary tools to keep you safe when using their table saw. It has your blade guard and it has auto shut off so the blade won’t keep running if something goes awry. There are no fancy safety measures in place but the basics are there and they do work on the Bosch 4100 10.

Now that we’ve gotten up close and personal to the Bosch 4100 10, let’s divert to DeWalt table saws and compare!

DeWalt DWE7491RS Table Saw Portable System

DeWalt DWE7491RSCheck Latest Price

The DeWalt DWE7491RS Table Saw Portable System is a portable table saw that is similar in build and design to the Bosch 4100 10 that we already talked about. You will see some differences between the two as we go through the details here. You may find that you have a specific preference or leaning so just watch the details to be fully informed!

The DeWalt DWE7491RS comes on a solid stand with wheels. When you’re in place, the stand becomes a sturdy foundation and the wheels are just a side feature, locking your table saw into the ultimate sturdy setup no matter where it is at the time. This model has impressive power and speed, among other things.

This saw is known for power and versatility but also for how easy it is to use and work with. We will talk more about these details as we walk through the specs of the DeWalt DWE7491RS table saw.

Overall Design

The DeWalt DWE7491RS is built with wheels, much like the Bosch that we looked at earlier in these table saws. The primary difference in the wheel and portability design is that the DeWalt DWE7491RS is actually built to be slightly more sturdy.

It has the wheels on the rolling stand and it is a collapsible table but the DeWalt model jobsite table actually folds out into a full stand. When it is in full standing, the wheels are just on the side so you have the stability of four legs and no movement from those wheels underneath.

The DeWalt DWE7491RS does stand out here against the Bosch 4100 10 because it is slightly more heavy-duty and sturdy. When you compare the weight and size of the two table saws, you will see some of the most significant differences right here in this category.

The DeWalt DWE7491RS weighs about 90 pounds. It is pretty heavy, which is in part due to the sturdy design of the rolling stand but also for the materials used and the pinion fence system, which we will talk about more later. Ultimately, the heaviness gives you a bit more stability and size on the DeWalt 7491RS model.

In addition, this table saw is larger than the Bosch 1400 10 as we saw earlier. DeWalt DWE7491RS table saws measure to 31L x 24.5W x 31H. This is quite a bit larger overall, even with the same 10 inch blade and surface that matches with both table saws.

The DeWalt table saw really stands out to us here for long-standing stability more than anything else.

The Power

Just like the Bosch, the DeWalt DWE7491RS runs on a 15-amp motor. They are equal when it comes to the power capacity, which is awesome. This means they really are comparable saws and their motors and the power they offer are the same so we know we’re on track comparing these table saws.

This motor offers performance and capability and it also plays into the speed, which is another important aspect. You will find that the DeWalt DWE7491RS has more speed to offer. While the motors are the same, DeWalt gives you a speed of up to 4,800 RPM, which is substantially higher.

Higher RMP typically means higher functionality and capability. It will often allow you to work with thicker and harder materials as well.

The Cut & Rip Capacity

When it comes to the cut and the capacity, the DeWalt DWE7491RS does stand out again here. While the Bosch has a sizable capacity, DeWalt stomps all over that. DeWalt DWE7491RS offers 7 1/2 inches more in cutting capacity with a full rip capacity of 32 1/2 inches. This is substantial when it comes to rip capacity and the difference between the two really might sell you to one side here.

A higher rip capacity gives you the ability to do more and typically work faster and more efficiently. Rip capacity that is more limited might leave your machine to be less versatile overall. We have to point out that the rip capacity from the DeWalt DWE7491RS is really impressive for this size of machine.

With this rip capacity, you are covered for larger materials, even on a 10 inch blade. DeWalt offers ingenuity and capability vs Bosch when it comes to the ability to add versatility in best value comparison data.

In addition, you will find that things like the smart guard system paired with the rack and pinion fence provide you with just a bit more versatility and even added length for your work. The only thing you are missing is the push stick and the aftermarket miter gauge to make this a pliable machine with ultimate portability and ingenuity.

Dust Collection and Safety

Another of the main differences in the DeWalt DWE7491RS vs Bosch is the dust collection port design. DeWalt does stand out again here. While this table saw is on a wheeled stand, they still thought of dust control. The DeWalt DWE7491RS has a 2-inch dust port system. This system can also be connected to a vacuum so you have a cleaner work space in terms of dust and debris.

As far as safety, you really can’t go wrong with either machine. With a powerful motor in play, you need to know there are precautions and both machines provide that for you, according to most tool reviews.

You will find blade guards and a riving knife in place on both table saws. The DeWalt DWE7491RS doesn’t offer anything overly fancy for table saw safety but it covers the basics and does it well.

DeWalt DWE 7491RS Vs Bosch 1400 10 Overview

DeWalt DWE 7491RS Vs Bosch 1400 10 Overview
Image by Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw from Amazon

Now that we’ve taken a full look at each of these table saws, let’s wrap up with a final review.

There are many areas in which the DeWalt DWE7491RS stands out to us in comparison to Bosch. While both have similar power and functionality, there are some differences along the way. Some things may easily boil down to preference while others may reflect quality.

The DeWalt table saw is slightly larger and taller as well as heavier. It offers slightly more stability and it also offers more speed. Finally, the dust cleanup excels on the DeWalt model.

Bosch in comparison is slightly smaller and weighs less. It has the same amount of power but does operate on a slightly lower speed.

With these things in mind, the clear winner to us is DeWalt. However, we still believe the Bosch table saw to be a quality choice and well worth a look if you feel like it may be better for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is better DeWalt or Bosch table saw?

We would choose the DeWalt DWE7491RS of the two saws compared here but both have a lot to offer when you compare them.

Is Bosch table saw any good?

Yes! While it wasn’t necessarily the winner in this match, it has a lot to offer. It’s portable and powerful with plenty of versatility.

Is DeWalt coming out with a new 10 inch table saw?

The model we covered here is their newest 10 inch portable saw.. They do also have the DeWalt DW745 model, which is similar but doesn’t have the stand this one has.

Who manufactures DeWalt table saws?

DeWalt table saws are produced by Stanley Black & Decker.

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