Best Woodworking Bench in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide


Woodworking for some of us is a stress reliever and for others it’s a way of life. Whether it’s a passion or a hobby, you have to have the right tools on hand to do the task. One of the important tools is a best woodworking bench.

While you could probably get along without a woodworking bench, it’s so much easier to take care of business if you have one. Think of woodworking benches as a workbench that has been specifically designed to handle woodworking tasks. It has some other benefits that a traditional workbench simply doesn’t offer when it comes to woodworking.

Best Woodworking Bench in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Having the best woodworking bench will do a lot to make your time and energy more valuable when you are working. There are a lot of different options out there with varying accessories and features to choose from.

Choosing the best woodworking bench can be challenging with so many options but you don’t have to spend hours searching through all of the options. We’ve searched and sorted through them for you to find you a reliable work table work bench and we are here to share our top picks with you.

In this guide, we will share the best woodworking benches on the market and provide you with detailed reviews so you know just what you are looking at and which ones are really a great option.

The Best Woodworking Bench Reviews

In these woodworking bench reviews, we will share with you all of the details about the best woodworking benches that we could find. Whether you need a high load capacity or something that is storage space friendly, we have you covered with an ideal work surface option workbench for your needs.

Let’s take a look!

1. Best Overall: Sjobergs Nordic Plus 1450 Workbench SJO-33448

Sjobergs Nordic Plus 1450 Workbench SJO-33448 Check Latest Price

This first pick is the best overall woodworking bench on the market. This workbench is a heavy-duty option that is made of wood and the hard wood workbench is pretty great. Sjobergs does have a bit of a higher price tag but in terms of woodworking bench reviews, this is one of the best woodworking benches out there.

This birch workbench is made of hard Nordic birch wood, making it a hard wood workbench. It does have a clear lacquer finish but is smooth and has work bench vice capacity as well as work table working surface space. It includes a wood block vice, which is a standard for quality woodworking workbenches.

This is a simple woodworking workbench but the end vise and overall design are high quality and you can set hand tools on the bottom shelf for storage as well. Your woodworking projects will be better off with the dog holes that coordinate with wood block vise locations

The Sjobergs SJO 33448 has a beautiful birch top with two vises that you can configure to work any way you need them to. This product stood out to us as an ideal woodworking workbench for woodworking projects that you simply can’t pass up. It’s comparable to the ever popular Windsor design workbench that is primarily unavailable for purchase right now.

  • Easy to assemble if you make sure to follow instruction
  • Storage shelf bottom shelf to store tools
  • Front vise capacity and end vice
  • Birch workbench with bench dogs that coordinate for projects
  • Bench dog holes are in double rows so you can do any type of work easily
  • The birch wood is lightweight compared to the SJO 33283 woodworking workbench and you may need to weigh down or stabilize for some projects.

Why We Like It

The Sjobergs SJO is a great birch wood work bench product that delivers. You have bench dog holes for just about any project and a good load capacity as well. This woodworking bench is one of our favorites overall for the bench dogs dog holes solutions and the overall versatility.

2. Budget Pick: Keter Folding Table Work Bench

Keter Folding Table Work BenchCheck Latest Price

This next woodworking bench is a great budget pick and portable workbench. This best woodworking bench is designed for portability. Keter is affordable and it is storage space friendly. It has a lot of versatility and can be doubles as a saw stand as well. The work surface is not overly large but it’s not without options and functionality.

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You can purchase this bench in packages that would include extra clamps as well as a square tile or you can just choose the standard workbench. This has a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds to give you plenty of capability. We would prefer to see more dog holes but you can work around this feature with a heavy duty solution from Keter.

The materials are strong and durable with weather resistant polypropylene so you won’t have to worry about dents, rust, or peeling materials. It’s also not made of solid wood so it’s easier to move around and set up as you need without taking excessive storage space.

This workbench is easy to assemble and easy to transport. The woodworkers working surface is slightly over 33 inches, which is about 3 feet long. This table top is pretty much an ideal woodworking bench design when you need features that allow for simple style and projects space on the go.

  • Perfect for projects when storage space is limited or you need to travel
  • User manual defines features as durable, strong, and versatile
  • Easy to setup for workbenches projects anywhere
  • Includes clamps you can use for front vise needs
  • Wide variety of capabilities with a portable design product
  • The swivel handle is not the best quality
  • The fittings for the clamps are very tight and hard to place

Why We Like It

This workbench made our top list not just because it is a budget-friendly options but because we love that it can still serve as a heavy duty work space with a high weight capacity. It is completely portable and even has vice capacity on the working surface.

3. Olympia Tools 84-906 Hard Wood Workbench

Olympia Tools 84-906 Hard Wood WorkbenchCheck Latest Price

This next option from Olympia Tools is another solution that is similar to the infamous Windsor design. Much like the Windsor design, this beech wood best woodworkers bench has a lacquer finish with an ideal work surface design that includes bench dogs dog holes and vice capacity.

This heavy duty bench is easy to assemble. It is made of beech wood and does not have as high of a weight capacity for stability. The work surface has a weight capacity of about 350 pounds. It is built to last with dog holes that align with the vice designs. There is a storage shelf for tools and no drawers that you have to fight with.

This woodworking bench top allows a person to rely on their table top space for a long time. Your experience should be optimal for most projects with a wide variety of functions. The guides on the vices are adjustable machined guides and include a large woodblock setting.

Whether you need features that accommodate 1 inch or 6 feet, this workbench can help. It even has wood pegs to enhance your working experience and perhaps add some style that some standard best woodworking bench plans simply don’t fight to achieve.

  • Storage capacity space
  • Multiple features to give you more functionality with one product
  • Bench dogs that align with tail vises and built-in vise space
  • Storage space to accommodate tools
  • Large and sturdy, built to last
  • Despite the sturdy structure, the weight capacity is under 500 lbs
  • Table top design would benefit from having drawers in place as well

Why We Like It

Olympia Tools did a great job of using the ever popular Windsor design to create a work surface that you can rely on. This product may earn some bonus points simply because it is built to last and has features to accommodate more projects.

4. Mobile Garage Workbench w/Casters

Mobile Garage Workbench w/CastersCheck Latest Price

If you want something to work with for your projects that is simple and mobile within your work space, check out this workbench. Fedmax comes on casters so you can roll the workbench around and do much more with it. This is a simple option with no drawers and not a ton of extra features but it gets the job done, which is what most people need.

We also like that you can completely remove the casters and place stable pegs in the legs to have a stable surface. If you decide to use the casters, you can lock them so the workbench isn’t moving around while you do your work and causing other issues for you.

This table is pretty neat because you can adjust the height to your comfort level. This is a unique feature to this particular workbench as some of the most common options are not adjustable and are completely static as far as movement goes as well.

This bench is one of the best because it is made with a sturdy steel frame and it gives you plenty of versatility. The work surface is made with acacia wood and is sturdy as well. This has one of the highest weight capacity limits that we’ve seen and can handle up to 1,750 pounds on the work surface of the workbench.

  • Acacia wood is incredibly hard and durable for the best surface on this workbench
  • Weight capacity of up to 1,750 pounds
  • Comes with locking casters but you can change to leg levelers if you prefer
  • Made with a sturdy steel frame and base
  • Height is adjustable to your bench comfort level
  • While this is a sturdy table, it is a bit wobbly when working. It seems to be more stable without the casters

Why We Like It

We chose this as one of the best workbench options because we like that it has many features that others simply don’t have. It’s simple but sturdy and can handle more weight on the surface. It has adjustable legs and can be on locking casters or levelers as you prefer.

5. Seville Classics Ultra Graphite Workbench on Wheels

Seville Classics Ultra Graphite Workbench on WheelsCheck Latest Price

This bench option makes it into one of the best for its own reasons. If you take a look, you notice the bench doesn’t have vises or holes or even a storage shelf. It does have a smooth, reliable surface, storage drawers, and wheels. These are things that separate this Seville Classics option from its competitors.

The drawers are handy for storing small tools and accessories. The work top is designed so that you can use grips, clamps, and vises. They are just not part of the overall package. This workbench measures 48W x 24.7D x 37.4H and it can handle up to 500 pounds of weight, which will be sufficient for most tools and work usage.

This has a sturdy frame that is a graphite color and design. The frame is made with steel and given a graphite finish so it looks really awesome. In addition, the drawers are also steel and they use ball bearing sliders so they actually hold up well with the workbench and your tool needs.

This bench has 4 wheels on it, so you can move it around wherever you may need to. 2 of the wheels are locking, so you can control when the bench should or shouldn’t move, which is a best practice for stability purposes. This is perfect for commercial or home use and with the wheels and drawer options, it is pretty versatile overall.

  • Bench has a solid workspace
  • Hosted on 4 wheels, 2 of which are locking
  • The drawers are steel materials and on ball bearing sliders
  • Heavy duty steel frame with a graphite finish
  • Looks nice and works really well
  • Some people have issues with the wheel locks not holding well

Why We Like It

This workbench is simple but also sturdy and reliable. It was well thought out to give you a premium solution and the price isn’t half bad for the reliable quality. This doesn’t have holes or vises but it is made where you can easily make it work with clamps and vises as needed.

6. Grizzly Industrial T10157, Heavy Duty Oak Workbench

Grizzly Industrial T10157Check Latest Price

In terms of workbenches, Grizzly is another well-made option with lots of features. This one even has 4 drawers so you can keep everything handy and ready for when you might need it. This bench will work for a lot of uses and is solid and sturdy to boot.

You really can’t beat the 4 drawers because so many of these benches don’t even add drawers. This particular product has an advantage because the top is solid wood and the base is steel with steel legs. This adds some more load capacity as well as stability and durability.

In addition to the work surface, you will find front and side vises as well as bench dogs that are completely removable. There are also dog holes along the surface that measure up with the vise sections. The workbench work surface is smooth with a lacquer so you won’t have to worry about splinters from the workbench.

This particular option is not as easy to assemble as some of the others. It ships to you in more than one package so don’t panic when you don’t receive the entire thing at once. This bench looks great and works really well. It is a premium price because of the steel additions.

  • Storage space for tools
  • Sturdy and reliable station for work Includes drawers for tools and more
  • Made with steel frame and legs
  • Smooth and beautiful design and surface space
  • The separate shipping of pieces is a nuisance as you may have to wait several days in between packages
  • Quality control with the parts needed for assembly seems to be an issue

Why We Like It

We like this product from Grizzly because it has some great features that allow to more space and more stability to work on your projects. Whether you are doing some work for a blog with 3-4 projects a month or you have multiple projects a day, this is a sturdy and reliable surface. And it has drawers!

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Buyer’s Guide – Choosing a Workbench

When you set out to choose a good workbench, you want to make sure that you are really choosing the best option for your needs. The truth of the matter is that while we can share the best of the best with you, ultimately it boils down to your own preferences and what you specifically need in a workbench.

This next part of our guide will walk you through some details that you should consider and keep in mind as you make a decision. We’ve designed these tidbits just to get your thoughts going so that you can ensure you’re making a fully informed decision before you spend the money.


Buyer's Guide on Choosing a Workbench

Speaking of money, one of the first things you should consider is your budget. What you will notice right away is that there are options that are under $100 while other options may cost more than $1000. You can buy quality workbenches at any price range, which is why we made an effort to provide an array of options in our guide.

Choose your budget range and stick to it. Remember that you can find quality workbench options in any budget range. Keep in mind your allowable budget and then find something that will work for your requirements within that limitation.

Some of the more expensive options might very well have some cool bells and whistles that the budget friendly options don’t have. They may have added shelving or some fancy vises and such but keep in mind that you are fulfilling what you need and you have to start somewhere you can afford.


Next, the materials of your workbench are important as well. You will find a full slew of them. In fact, if you check out the products above, most of them don’t even have the same materials and if they do, they vary in some way.

The goal is to find materials that won’t dull your tools. Most commonly, a workbench will have a wooden surface to work on. It’s best if this wood is hardwood as opposed to being soft because they simply last longer and hold up better overall.

At the same time, some tools are negatively affected by wood that is too hard so you may want to watch for a medium to hard wood option but not the very hardest wood. All of the woods we chose here are hard and sturdy but not overly hard and should be friendly to your tools.

The surface is most likely wood or a solid polypropylene material, depending on what you go for. Then, you want to consider the base and the legs. The frame is just as important as the surface you are working on. This is what provides stability and will give you an ultimate weight allowance.

Some workbenches are made with wood from top to bottom. Others offer a steel frame. The steel frame usually can bear higher amounts of weight than the wooden frame. This is not always the case but it is something to be aware of. A steel frame tends to hold up for a long time and be more durable and secure overall.

At the same time, wooden frames that are designed correctly will support your tools and surface just fine.


Not all workbench designs are created equally. You can find small, portable stations or large, permanent solutions and then everything in between. First, this is a time to think about what you actually need or prefer.

Size does matter in this instance and you need to be sure that your bench will provide an appropriate amount of workspace for you. On average, we would recommend that you choose a surface somewhere between 3 and 5 feet in length. This gives you plenty of length for movement and support.

Width can be all over the place. There are some tables that the are only about 2 feet wide. This would be the minimum that you should go with and honestly, we recommend going for something quite a bit wider if you can swing it.

Ultimately, figure out the workspace size that you would be comfortable with and go from there. Be sure that the bench that you choose to fill your space has a good size for the types of things that you need it for.

While we recommended specific length and width measurements, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to go with those. You know what will fulfill your priorities more than we do and that is what you really should be after here.

Weight Allowance

The amount of weight that your workbench can handle is absolutely essential for choosing one. You probably don’t need to be able to handle a ton of weight but you might. It’s pretty common for these benches to range anywhere from 200-500 pounds. If you don’t foresee needing substantial weight support, then just go for something within this range.

If you do work with heavier tools and materials and you know that you need more support, be sure to watch those numbers. You may specifically need a steel frame to support that kind of weight. Once again, this boils down to the work that you do most often and the tools that you use.

If you really need your table to accommodate heavy weights, then be sure to look for those specs and know and understand the abilities and limitations before you make a purchase. This is a safety matter. If you regularly force your bench to handle higher than it is rated for, it’s not going to hold up and it may just lead to an injury when it fails.

We certainly don’t want you to be on the receiving end of that potential injury so pay attention to these details and be sure to choose a workbench that qualifies for your work and materials.

Stability & Durability

You can get a workbench and set to work and a few months later it fails. Imagine the disappointment considering you spent your hard earned money to acquire the bench in the first place. Unfortunately, this does happen but you can review the details and see what other people are saying to determine the durability and the stability.

A surface can be sturdy and reliable and still be wobbly and shaky. If attention to detail is important, a wobbly surface just won’t do. You need something stable that won’t slide and wobble and move while you work.

On the same note, you need something durable that is going to last. A workbench is an investment. They are not just cheap accessories so it’s important to invest in something that is not going to cost you additional dollars in the long run.

Look for both stability and durability details before settling on a solution. You need both of these in order to be able to rely on your purchase to truly be a good decision in the end. If stability is not that important, this doesn’t have to be a major factor for your decision. However, durability should always be one of the top details.

Miscellaneous Accessories & Features

Woodworking Bench Miscellaneous Accessories & Features
Image by sergeitokmakov from Pixabay

From here, there are extras that may or may not be part of the workbench that you select. You can determine which ones you need and which ones aren’t that important and go from there.

A traditional woodworking bench will typically have things like vises and grips as part of the bench. This is not necessarily required or guaranteed but it is something to keep in mind. Here are a few extras that you might want to be aware of.

  • Vises
  • Grips
  • Clamps
  • Dog holes
  • Storage drawer space
  • Shelving space
  • Pegs
  • Wheels
  • Adjustable legs

Some of the options have all of these while some may have one or two and others have none. While not all benches have vises, clamps, or grips, most of them are still made to be compatible with them so you can just use what you have on hand in these cases.

None of these elements are required but you may decide that you absolutely have to have them. On the other hand, you might also decide that you prefer your workspace to be as simple and bare as possible so that you can set it up how you want it, when you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Thick Should a Woodworking Benchtop Be?

You can see quite a bit of variation on this spec when it comes to a workbench. We recommend that you choose an option that is no less than 2 1/2 inches thick (or 63 mm). The most common thickness is about 3 inches (or 75 mm). You can get slightly thicker than this as well and be just fine. We certainly recommend that you don’t go with anything thinner than 3 inches if you can avoid it.

What is the Best Top for a Workbench?

The best material for the top might vary depending on what your purpose is. There are several great options. You want a hard wood but not something overly hard. Choose a wood that is solid and mostly hard, falling into the medium to hard range so it won’t harm your tools.

Who Makes the Best Workbench?

We really like the overall quality of Sjobergs like what we showed in our best overall pick. They also have the SJO 33283 model that is pretty great. This company shows quality craftsmanship with reliable quality and a majority of the extra features that can come in quite handy.


Every woodworker should have a reliable workbench. Choose one that is right for you! We hope that you will find our guide helpful for making a decision to accommodate your work or hobby. There are a variety of choices here, there is bound to be something right for you.

Expert Tip

Having a workbench without vises gives you some extra work space and you can always apply a vise when you are ready. They are quite handy to have if they are incorporated into the table without taking away from your workspace.

Did You Know?

Many woodworkers make their own workbenches as one of their first major projects because they are an essential tool that you simply shouldn’t try to do without.

Amazon Recommends:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Olympia Tools 48-Inch Hardwood Workbench 330lbs Weight Capacity, 88-128-917
  • Easy Woodworking: This multipurpose bench is ideal for your next carpentry or woodworking project. Measuring 4 feet in length and 1 feet 8 inch in depth, it is an ideal size for your garage or shop.
  • Carpentry and Assembly: Crafted from hard Acacia wood with varnish finish, this bench features a slide drawer and convenient storage shelf. Ready for any home or professional workshop.
  • Made to Last: Our durable and long-lasting tools help you with home, garage and industrial projects. With professional-grade quality, easily repair and fix issues with our tool cabinet essentials
  • The Right Tool for the Job: We engineer a range of bolt cutters, clamps, chisels, folding carts, hammers, pliers, saws, screwdrivers, tape measures, utility knives, vises, bolt cutters, saws and wrenches
  • Superior Instruments: Olympia Tools provides quality and innovative hand and specialty tools, tool accessories and outdoor equipment for construction, woodworking, mechanical maintenance and home repair
Bestseller No. 2
Sjobergs Scandi Plus 1425 Workbench, SJO-33280, Natural
  • Genuine European hard birch top
  • Can use any dog hole for horizontal clamping or in trestle legs for doors or boards
  • Has the option to add two different cabinets, sjo-33457, sjo-33273
  • Can be used for right and left hand use
Bestseller No. 3
Ramia Finish-It-Yourself DIY 1500 Workbench
  • UNFINISHED WORKBENCH INTENDED FOR customers looking for a good bench at a good price - All it needs is a little attention to tune in the vise jaws, break the sharp edges with the included sandpaper and apply finish
  • MADE OF BLOCK LAMINATED BEECH WOOD AND HAS two vises that can be set up for left- or right-handed use, a lower storage shelf, and 4 steel bench dogs. Assembly instructions included.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Height: 840mm/33", Weight: 44kg/97 lbs., Overall Length: 1,550mm/61", Overall Width: 645mm/25-3/8", Work Surface Length: 1,360mm/53-1/2", Work Surface Width: 500mm/19-5/8"
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Surface Thickness: 30mm/1-3/16", Skirt Thickness: 80mm/3-1/8", Front Vise Capacity: 124mm/4-7/8", Max Clamping Distance: 520mm/20-1/2", Tail Vise Capacity: 124mm/4-7/8", Max Clamping Distance: 1,400mm/55-1/8"