Best Spokeshaves in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide


Part of the woodworking process is to finish the job to the best of your ability. That means that you use the appropriate tools to smooth out and finish your surfaces. After all, when people are paying for goods made of wood, they certainly don’t want them to be splintery and rough.

This process is done with a spokeshave. The spokeshave is a handheld tool that is used for both shaping and smoothing purposes. If you’ve done much in the way of woodworking, you know the value of this tool. But you also know that some options are better than others when it comes to finding a good one to have on hand.

Best Spokeshaves in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide
Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

We’ve compiled a list of the 3 best spokeshaves on the market, complete with a simple buying guide for your reference. There’s no need for you to spend a ridiculous amount of time searching for the best spokeshaves, we’ve done that for you!

Keep reading to find the best spokeshaves on the market and choose the one that is right for you!

View The 3 Best Spokeshaves on the Market Below

1. Anndason 2-Piece Adjustable SpokeShave Hand Tool

Anndason 2-Piece Adjustable SpokeShave Hand Tool Check Latest Price

Key Specs

Size: 9 x 1 3/4
Blade Hardness: 58-60 HRC
Blade Material: 44 mm carbon steel
Weight: 5.3 ounces

This spokeshave from Anndason comes in a 2-piece set. It’s affordable and well-made, making it our top pick overall on the market. This plane is perfect for beginners but can work well for experienced users also. It works quite well for shaping and smoothing surfaces.

The blade is adjustable and works well with curved surfaces, including chair legs and seats. It’s a comfortable size and it is lightweight, giving you complete control as you work. The blades are nice and sharp and are made with durable carbon steel to last.

The handles are contoured to make your job more comfortable. These are designed to operate smoothly and efficiently for you. They are also designed to be strong and steadfast, with materials that were made to last for the long haul.

  • Reasonable size and weight
  • Strong and sturdy materials
  • Blades are sharp and durable
  • The handles are contoured for comfort
  • Works well with curves and rounded pieces
  • The blades take quite a bit of prep to prepare for use

Why do we like this product?

We loved this spokeshave tool because it is reliably sturdy and durable. It works well and it’s not terribly expensive for what it does. It comes in a 2-pack and it’s nice to have 2 on hand for whatever your projects may be.

2. Kunz Spokeshave , Half Round

Kunz Spokeshave , Half RoundCheck Latest Price

Key Specs:

Size:10 inches
Blade Radius: 45 mm
Material: Cast Iron
Weight:9.6 ounces

This spokeshave from Kunz is another really great option. This one does cost quite a bit more but it has the materials and quality to show for the price overall. It’s well-made and it won’t let you down or fall apart easily. It’s sturdy and reliable.

This spokeshave is a half-round design. It is made to work with curves and rounded surfaces. The concave face blade makes shaving round stock easily. This cast iron beauty is made in Germany. It is heavy-duty but not overly heavy or bulky in size and weight.

This tool is reasonably comfortable to use with a sharp and reliable blade. It is slightly challenging to put together when you pull it out of the box but it’s not impossible. This tool is painted a bright green and red color to make it look nice as well.

  • Made with sturdy cast iron materials
  • The blade is designed for rounded surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Durable materials that are built to last
  • More assembly work required than expected when you get the product.

Why do we like this product?

You can’t beat cast iron materials and this one is nice and lightweight. You need a spokeshave that can stand up to the pressures of the job. This does take some extra work to get ready for use but it holds up well when you get to work. 

3. Timber Tuff TMB-05DC Curved Draw Shave Tool – 5”

Timber Tuff TMB-05DC Curved Draw Shave Tool – 5”Check Latest Price

Key Specs:

Size: 9 x 6.1 x 3.75 inches
Blade Length: 5 inches
Blade Material: HRC 30 steel
Weight: 1 pound

This spokeshave tool from Timber Tuff is made slightly different. This gives you a unique design and setup compared to the other options but it works in much the same way. This particular option is a curved blade, which is the most popular. The company also has straight shavers available.

These are designed a bit differently but they work very well. They are sturdy and reliable and comfortable to work with. The handles are long and point downward instead of outward. This tool is designed with a 5-inch curved blade.

The blade is 5 mm thick and curves at a 30-degree angle. You can move smoothly and quickly over any curved project with this design. The blade is made with durable steel and has an HRC 30 rating for hardness. This tool also comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Unique design that works well
  • Durable blade and materials
  • 30-degree curved angle
  • Simple and smooth to work with
  • Includes a warranty from the manufacturer
  • The blade will have to be sharpened regularly for the best results

Why do we like this product?

This one made our list because it’s unique in design and yet totally reliable for the purpose. This option is well-designed for moving quickly and efficiently. The blade will require frequent sharpening but you can also upgrade your blade if you prefer. 

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Spokeshave Buyer’s Guide

We think it is important to know just what you are looking at and what qualities are superior compared to other options. In this buyer’s guide, we will share with you some things to know about choosing the best spokeshave for your woodworking needs.

These are all things that we kept in mind while choosing our favorites.

Why Use a Spokeshave Tool?

Spokeshave Buyer’s Guide
Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

The spokeshave is used to shape and smooth wood surfaces. It is a woodworking tool and is not necessary for metal works and other materials. This tool is typically used for rounded surfaces, something that many might use a lather or similar tool to complete.

This tool allows you to complete it by hand without firing up or purchasing a lathe. You can smooth curved surfaces simply. Some of the surfaces that these are commonly used for include wheel spokes, chair legs, bows and arrows, paddles, and more.

You can do some intricate curve work with a spokeshave and smooth your surfaces to a perfect finish.

Now, let’s talk about some features we think it’s important to look for.

Overall Design

Most spokeshave tools are designed with a curved or straight center blade. This blade is set between two handles so that you can hold a handle on each side and move down the surface you are working with.

The handles typically stick out to the sides but you will notice that one of our options has the handles set in a downward position. You can work with either setup, whichever you find more comfortable or useful for the cause.

What you want to watch is that the design is comfortable and that the tool is not overly heavy. Look at the length and be sure the handles are a sufficient size.


Next, you want to review the blade and ensure that it is a durable blade. Look at the blade thickness and materials to determine this measure. Every spokeshave tool should provide this information and if they don’t, then it probably isn’t worth your time and money.

You want something sharp and something sturdy that can hold up against the pressures of the job.

Prep Work

Spokeshave Buyer’s Guide
Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

When you purchase a spokeshave tool, it’s a given that you will have to do a bit of work to get it set up just the way you want it. You may have to grind the blade or even the tool itself to get it set just right. This is an expectation.

However, some of the tools require more preparation than what should be required. Just be sure to watch for those details and be prepared for possibly having to do some shaving, grinding, and adjusting to get your tool ready for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Your Own Spokeshave?

Some woodworkers make their own spokeshave tools using wood. You can make them and they will work well enough but it also created more work for you. You will have to measure and plan your tool specifically and hope you get everything angled and measured and cut correctly.

Can You Use a Flat Shaving Tool?

Flat spokeshaves and shaving tools can be used for some flat surfaces as well as surfaces that curve outward instead of inward.


To wrap things up, our top pick for the best spokeshave is the Anndason 2-pack option. It’s reliable and simple to work with. It doesn’t take a ton of extra prep work to get ready for use. The blades are well-seated and sturdy as well.

Just remember to choose an option that will suit your needs as you make a decision.

Expert Tip

Don’t press down or hold your spokeshave too tightly. Instead, hold it gently and use just your thumb and forefinger on each hand. Turn the tool slightly as you move. These tips will help make your efforts smoother and more efficient.

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 2
boeray 2pcs Adjustable SpokeShave with Flat Base, 6pcs Metal Blade and 1pcs Portable Woodworking Planes Wood Working Hand Tool Perfect for Wood Craft, Wood Craver, Wood Working
  • More Complete: Package include 2 sizes adjustable spokeshave and 4 replaceable blades and 1pcs portable woodworking planes.Our philosophy is to serve customers,caring, peace of mind, more confidence.
  • Durable: Blade selection SK2 material and the whole after heat treatment, knife-edge with a long wear resistance.Blade hardness: 58-60HRC.Precision ground cutter allows for cutting with greater accuracy and confidence.Comfortable contoured handles and Corrosion-resistant epoxy coating.
  • Size: Adjustable SpokeShave total length is 10'' and 9''. Blade length is 43.8mm/1.72'' and 52mm/2.05'' .Portable Woodworking Plane total length:44mm/1.73''.For detailed size, please see the size picture in the image.
  • Easy to use:The Spoke-shave tool has an intuitive flat base and a good weight for the handles making it easy to use and give better precision for finer cuts on the woodworking project at hand.The use of double-screw adjustment screw, you can easily adjust the planing thickness lock stable planing smooth.Easily adjustable simply removing the screws and sliding into desired position.Both pieces have a user-friendly shape giving it suitable ergonomics fitting in you hand comfortably.
  • Application: These woodworking hand tool is used on wood craft, wood carver and wood working for plane complex surfaces and irregular patterns. Perfect for starter/beginner use.Adjustable cutters ideal for shaping the chair legs & seats,curved templates and many other kinds of curved work.
Bestseller No. 3
Swpeet 10'' Adjustable SpokeShave with Flat Base, Metal Blade Wood Working Hand Tool Perfect for Wood Craft, Wood Craver, Wood Working
  • ❤ PRODUCT INFORMATION --- Tough 46mm carbon steel blades; Size: Length: 10". Blade hardness: 58-60HRC. Comfortable contoured handles and Corrosion-resistant epoxy coating.
  • ❤ DESIGN REASONABLE --- The use of double-screw adjustment screw, you can easily adjust the planing thickness lock stable planing smooth.
  • ❤ HIGH QUALITY --- Blade selection SK2 material and the whole after heat treatment, knife-edge with a long wear resistance. The overall product heat treatment, high hardness and toughness, longer service life.
  • ❤ REDUCE WEAR --- The bottom of the choice of wear-resistant material, can effectively reduce the bottom of wear, to extend the service life.
  • ❤ GOOD HELPER FOR WOOD WORK --- Planing the use of iron casting surface spray, streamlined design overall beautiful, easy operation.