Best Rip Saw in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide


You know about the hand saw and everything it can do for a woodworking table of contents. Every shop should have a hand saw on hand. They can do so much for you. In this case, we want to focus on the best rip saw. A rip saw is a hand saw but it does serve a unique purpose, which makes cutting across the grain much easier.

You see different hand saws have different purposes. Maybe you have a cross cut and it’s not doing what you thought it would do for you and now you’re discovering you really needed a rip saw all along. Don’t worry, we’re here for you!

Best Rip Saw in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide
Image by KateCox from Pixabay

Sometimes a universal handsaw is simply not enough if you want to get a cut that will actually make it through the wood. Each saw is made with a particular design and understand the different types of saw blade features might just make a difference for you.

We’ve put together a guide based on good quality saw works, performance, navigation, blades, and more to provide you with the top rated rip saw reviews. Each one has a difference that might be significant to someone and we hope that you can find a tool that will work for your question or needs here.

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Stick with us for the top rated rip saws and more!

Top Rated Rip Saw Review

This is no power tool module, although you might think you have to resort to one of these if your steel isn’t quite cutting it for you. It’s really all about the tooth design, which is why this specific buying guide is centered around one side – the rip saw.

1. Best Overall: Great Neck TPI Crosscut Saw

 Great Neck TPI Crosscut Saw Check Latest Price

First up, we have our best overall option. Great Neck TPI Crosscut Saw is great not just for DIY woodworkers but also for high quality blade use as well. It’s almost a universal handsaw but it can make a rip cut or a cross cut like no back saw has ever accomplished. It’s solid and sturdy with triple ground teeth and high carbon steel blade.

This rip cut saw is high quality and apart from the blade saw teeth we also see a quality handle that will stand up to the test of rip cutting. The table of contents shows a solid wooden handle that is sturdy but also comfortable. The wood grain on the hardwood handle is classy and designed well.

The materials of Great Neck TPI Crosscut Saw is durable and the high carbon steel blade really stands out on these tools. The teeth of the blade measures out with 12 TPI of triple ground teeth on the blade. These tools are a great length, measuring 26 inches so you can cut rip cuts and far more with this saw blade.

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Rip cutting doesn’t have to be your only task. Even DIY woodworkers needs reliable solutions and that comes from the teeth per inch as well as the rip cutting blade overall. The hardwood handle is really just a nice bonus for the looks here.

  • The best rip cut handsaw on the market
  • Makes a reasonable universal handsaw crosscut saw
  • Made with high carbon steel
  • Wood grain hardwood handle is comfortable and controlled
  • Performance is superior with this good quality one
  • Cross cuts can sometimes be a bit rough with these blades
  • The piece set on the teeth might be too much for some wood

Why We Like It

Make rip cuts a simple task with this rip cutting saw and its simple design. With well made saw teeth and cut across the wood grain or even with the wood grain because of the overall design. A 26 inch blade handsaw is the next best thing to a power tool, right?

2. Budget Pick: Hautmec Pro Hand Saw Universal Handsaw

Hautmec Pro Hand Saw Universal HandsawCheck Latest Price

Next up is Hautmec Pro Hand Saw Universal Handsaw, this Pro hand saw from Hautmec, easy to find as a top choice on Amazon com inc or its affiliates. This one is a question of both quality and budget. The pro hand saw is another universal handsaw that will easily make a rip cut along the grain across the wood. This 2o inch blade saw is one for the books and the saw is made with quality in mind.

The Hautmec Pro Hand Saw Universal Handsaw is built for performance and simplicity. It has a comfortable handle with a sturdy grip and a tooth design that can easily make rip cuts. This one measures 9 TPI or teeth per inch on the tooth design. They also have a 14 inch option, which is a good bridge between 12 inch and 15 inch blade if you need something smaller.

The teeth on these saws allows you to move quickly and cut fast to get through your wood tasks. From a back saw to rip cutting, it has you covered. The TPI is significant enough to cut the wood grain like a rip saw or be more gentle as well. The only thing is, it’s unclear from the listing whether the rip saw has 8 or 9 teeth per inch but these are close.

The rip cutting blade is designed to reduce friction and the rip teeth have an extra protective coating that makes a difference for a lasting blade piece and protect the teeth when you do put the saws to hard work to make the cut.

  • Comfortable design
  • Sturdy and strong blade
  • Budget friendly option
  • Handle provides angles for versatility
  • Makes a solid cut for many tasks
  • Some amazon com inc or its affiliates commented that the blade was dull upon receipt
  • Some users had issues with the saw buckling with some cut needs

Why We Like It

Having an affordable solution to make your cut along the grain or with the wood is an essential. There are certainly many who don’t want to spend a multitude of dollars or simply can’t and that is where an option like this can certainly come in handy.

3. Irwin Tools Marathon 2011204 20-Inch ProTouch Coarse Cut Saw

Irwin Tools Marathon 2011204 20-Inch ProTouch Coarse Cut SawCheck Latest Price

Next up Irwin Tools gives us Irwin Tools Marathon 2011204 20-Inch ProTouch Coarse Cut Saw, a mighty rip saw that we simply can’t ignore for rip cutting needs. Irwin Tools is certainly not a new solution and we look to them for a lot of tool options for a reason. This 20 inch is almost as handy as a 15 inch blade one really if you take a look at the compact blade on the saws.

Irwin tools created a saw that has an intuitive teeth design so that you can use for one after another rip cutting strike. It’s fast, it’s powerful, and it’s efficient, giving you the capability of a back saw but in a rip saw design.

Irwin Tools Marathon 2011204 20-Inch ProTouch Coarse Cut Saw has triple ground teeth, although the TPI or per inch count is really not readily available. Your tasks won’t know what cut into them when you put this handle and cut to the test. We love that this one is made for zipping through the wood and getting the job done quickly but efficiently altogether.

It’s seriously a piece of cake. These saws are one you can’t pass up and will do quite nicely even if you prefer a 15 inch one instead. It’s built so be ergonomic and comfortable with a solid handle and blade all in one snazzy saw package.

  • High quality materials
  • Built to zoom through whatever you put it against
  • The build makes it as easy to handle as a 15 inch saw
  • The blade is strong and steady
  • Enough TPI to give you smooth rip cutting results
  • The TPI is undefined but seems to be sufficient for the rip saw
  • You may have to put some arm power behind the rip saw for the best results

Why We Like It

We like the reliable brand and the ultimate design of this rip saw. It’s got a good handle and a good blade and will work quickly when you need it too. Efficiency and overall design set this particular one apart for us.

4. Spear & Jackson B9812 12-Inch Predator Tenon Saw

Spear & Jackson B9812 12-Inch Predator Tenon SawCheck Latest Price

Finally, we leave you with a quality blade option from Spear & Jackson. Spear & Jackson B9812 12-Inch Predator Tenon Saw  is not your everyday saw but rather a tenon saw that has the Spear & Jackson reputation. It’s well built and will certainly handle any task you toss at it. This is a bit smaller than a 15 inch saw at 12 inches but the Predator style has got your back.

Spear & Jackson dealt this saw right with a sleek tenon build and an angled handle that puts you in control of your work. You can grip at a 45 or 90 degree angle and maintain full control while you work. It’s smooth and simple but also solid and powerful at the same time.

This blade cuts smoothly and the TPI is ideal for a rip saw build. It’s comfortable and lasting with all of the right materials to hold you up over time. The handle design is also made to be non-slip with a high impact polystyrene material and a soft addition. It’s ergonomic but solid and you have a finger guide as well.

The per inch count is almost irrelevant here when you take a look at the overall saw design. It really can handle high impact and smooth tasks. It’s built to be smooth but fast and efficient at the same time and the tenon build gives you a whole different advantage overall.

  • Tenon style for versatility selection
  • Saw is well-made with quality materials
  • Ergonomic handle for full comfort and control
  • Solid rigidity to work quickly
  • Smooth and clean cutting action
  • Doesn’t seem to hold a sharp edge as long as some of their other models
  • The blade itself is a little wide and may not work for slim cutting needs

Why We Like It

We like the brand and we like the style. This is a quality option saw and you can count on it to last. If you want quick and efficient while also being smooth and controlled, this is a great option to consider!

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Buyer’s Guide

You can certainly choose just any saw and probably get a little something done. It’s important to understand how different features and characteristics might make a difference overall for your work. You see while all saws might look the same to the naked eye or someone who simply doesn’t understand the difference, they can be quite different across the board.

We’ve put together a simple buying guide just to provide you with some additional saw details so you can make an informed decision when you are ready.

Teeth Count

Best Rip Saw Buyer's Guide
Image by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

One important saw element you will want to keep in mind is the teeth count. The teeth are measured every inch as a data element so understanding how this can affect your cutting will be beneficial. It’s better if your teeth are dense for this type of saw. You get more cutting functionality that way. Traditionally, a ripsaw has 6-8 teeth but it can also be paired with a crosscut calculation of up to 14 for these particular needs.

You might think that more teeth equals more power and while sometimes that might be true that is not really what you are looking for when you look for a ripping saw solution. Look for lower numbers but the right utility style and sharpness to complement it.

Handle Design

Next up, consider your handle. You want comfort and you want control. If you don’t have one or both of these elements, you could find yourself struggling to get your work done. Look for terms like ergonomic as well as comfortable or sturdy. These are all good descriptions and they are what you are after.

You want a solid grip that won’t slip while you are hard at work. You want to be able to place your hands and feel like you are in control and that saw is under your demand until you decide to be finished with it.

A grip that slips or isn’t comfortable will certainly take away from your ability to handle what you need to. It might slow you down or even make your job something you absolutely can’t manage with the saw on you have.

Comfort is important!

Blade Durability

It’s a disaster if you choose a saw that you think is great but when you set out to work, the blade dulls after a short time. You don’t want to have to sharpen your blade every couple of hours or even every use really.

A blade that is made to last and will maintain its sharpness is important. Sometimes you never know these details until you have the saw in your hands but you can try to watch the details of tried and true users to get a gauge for how they felt about it as well.

It’s good to find a saw option that you might be able to replace the blade if needed. This will help you get more life out of your saw and gives you the ability to change blades and sharpen later if you are in the middle of a job and can’t stop to sharpen your blade immediately.

Miscellaneous Details

Best Rip Saw Buyer’s Guide
Image by 089photoshootings from Pixabay

There are some minor things that you will find to be hit or miss overall but could be potentially helpful to you. We share this just to make you aware of what some of the outside elements could be, particularly if you see certain terminology or if you are seeking a specific feature.

Here are a few of those items.

  • Hanging hole near the end of the blade
  • Protective coating for rust and friction
  • Vibration and impact body
  • A nose that is square or tapered

Each of these may or may not be something you will see as you look. For some options, it’s a guarantee while for others it is a bonus point that isn’t added.

The protective coating is perhaps some of the biggest arguments. This coating protects your saw from friction but also from elements like moisture that might lead to rust or dulling of the blade. That little protective coating might just save your saw and your frustration in the long run.

Next, if you are working quickly like a rip saw is intended, you want a design that complements that. A thicker blade helps to reduce vibrations and impact while the tapered nose lets you keep moving smoothly over and over again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Ripsaw Used For?

This saw is used to cut across the wood so you can work parallel to the wood grain if needed. You are cutting across the total surface rather than with the specific wood.


If you’re ready to find the best ripsaw for your needs, we’ve got you covered. Many of these are slightly universal but with designs that will work as a ripsaw should. You can get the best without having to settle.

We hope that you can find the right solution for your needs here. Most of these options can be universal for some other uses as well. That’s the nice thing about some of these styles is you can fall into a range and find usefulness is more ways than one.

What do you plan to use your new saw for?

Expert Tip

A ripsaw typically only has 8 TPI but a crosscut and tenon saw come close and are acceptable solutions as well with up to 14 TPI.

Did You Know?

Having a nose that is square or pointed can help your saw to glide more smoothly overall and get your cutting work done so much easier. Don’t leave it to just any old design or shape if you really want smooth efficiency. That’s a good way to find yourself disappointed.

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
Lynx Garlick Taytools Thomas Flinn British 24” Rip Saw with Taper Ground Blade, Stained Beech Handle 4.5 TPI Filed for Rip Cutting
  • This saw is made by Thomas Flinn of Sheffield England the last traditional saw and plane maker in the UK.
  • Saw plate is made from Sheffield allow spring steel and taper ground providing a good balance of edge durability and ease of sharpening.
  • The saw plate is taper-ground and gets progressively thinner (approx. 0.005 inches) from the teeth to the back of the saw. This greatly reduced binding in the cuts.
  • Handle is stained European Beech with brass button screws
  • 24” saw plate has 4.5 TPI and filed for rip cutting
Bestseller No. 2
Rip Saw: A Detective Jericho Novel (The Detective Jericho Series Book 8)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Marks, Walter (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 183 Pages - 01/22/2021 (Publication Date) - Top Tier Lit (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 3
Kreg KMA2685 Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide, Blue
  • Make rip cuts and crosscuts up to 24" Wide
  • Cut multiple pieces to the same size With just one setup
  • Use the oversize edge guide for precise control throughout the cut