Best Jigsaw in 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide


Equipping your workshop is perhaps one of the most challenging things to do when you work with wood. There are many different tools to be had. And then when you choose your tools, you’ve got to pick out something that fits your budget and meets your needs.

One tool that you might need to consider is the jigsaw. It’s incredibly versatile when you know how to make it work for you. If you’re looking for the best jigsaw, you’ve come to the right place. It’s important to know what to look for so you can get the best jigsaw for your needs.

man using one of the best jigsaw in 2022
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In this guide, we will walk you through how to choose a great option and share with you our top picks for the best jigsaws on the market. We took into consideration several factors like speed, blade, weight, and even power.

Check out the details below!

How to Choose the Best Jigsaw

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So what exactly is it that makes a jigsaw great? Well, there can be a lot of factors. There were some specific details that we were looking for as we narrowed it down but you also need to keep your preferences in mind.

Here are some of the things we were watching.

Jigsaw blades

The blade that comes on your power tools matters. But another part of this is also what blades are compatible with the tool. For example, a jigsaw might have t shank blades, u shank blades or even variable compatibility.

If you have a preference on your blade be sure to keep this in mind. This ultimately will define which type of blade your saw takes. T shank blades tend to be more universal with other machines. Those are the most common solution. If you get something that takes U shank blades, it will be harder to switch out between machines but also might be harder to find good blades.

We recommend T shank blades primarily because they are more readily available and you are more likely to find the blade you need in this particular category.

Aside from the type of jigsaw blade, you also want to know how the blade correlates on your machine. Some jigsaws use a blade ejection lever while others might use a special tool for blade changes. Having the ability to make a tool free blade change is just so much easier.

For this reason, it might be ideal to check for a tool less blade or the term tool free blade change in the details of the jigsaw blade.

Variable speed trigger

Most power tools operate using a speed setting. This is common with just about any tool. When it comes to jigsaws, you will find that they have different speeds available to you. Some of them might just operate on a high or low speed but you can also get a variable speed control option.

We recommend looking for something like a variable speed dial. This simply gives you a more versatile machine that you can adjust to meet the needs of whatever you happen to be doing at the time.

Having the ability to use variable speed control simply gives you so much more ability with the saw. Some projects or materials need much lower speeds. Check out whether or not the jigsaw that you like has variable speed and determine if that is the right pick based on the speed capabilities.


Next up, the power of your jigsaw matters as well. When you have variable speed, the power has to actually be able to handle the speed, right? Even with static speed options, you’ve got to have the appropriate power behind the tool.

Most jigsaws will be measured with a specific amp motor. You will want to want to at least note the motor. In most cases 3-5 amps is sufficient. You will want higher amps for heavy-duty jobs so depending on your uses, you will want 5 for heavy-duty stuff.

Otherwise, with everyday DIY work or simple projects, you can get away with 3-4 amps and not have any problems.

Obviously more power generally means the saw can handle more. The higher the amps, the better the jigsaw will do with hard materials, thick materials, or even metal materials.

Corded Jigsaw Vs. Cordless Jigsaw

corded jigsaw vs. cordless jigsaw
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Finally, before you start looking at these details, we think it’s important to mention that you may need to choose between a corded jigsaw or perhaps a cordless jigsaw. Cordless jigsaws are going to be more portable. They can be carried around with you and you don’t have to worry about extension cords.

You do have to worry about a battery and making sure you have a good charge. You might also need to make sure you have some spare batteries to keep you going. Using a corded jigsaw requires a cord but it might have more power and you won’t have to worry about a dead battery.

The corded or cordless is probably going to depend far more on your personal preferences but it might also depend on what is going to work best with the work that you are doing. Keep both of these things in mind when you make a decision.

The Best Jigsaw Options

Now, let’s take a look at some real power tools. We’ve sorted through the options to try to bring you the very best choices. from things like a tool less blade to cutting speed and many other details in between. We’ve researched and reviewed these tools to share with you the best jigsaw options around.

1. Best Overall: Porter Cable PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw

Porter Cable PCE345 Orbital Jig SawCheck Latest Price

First up is our best overall choice from Porter Cable. This Porter Cable PCE345 orbital jig saw gives you an orbital setting dial to control your speed. The orbital settings are pretty awesome. On top of that, you get a 6 amp motor, giving you plenty of strength to operate the blade strokes. This option comes with a simple tool and blade but you can also upgrade your package to a jigsaw that includes a Bluetooth speaker if you want.

This nice saw uses a tool less blade so you can easily change the blade as needed. It has a lock button for safety and 4 orbital settings that give you plenty of function. This also allows you to easily get your settings right to work with different materials. Enjoy straight cuts, bevel cuts, and more.

The blade speed ranges from 0-3200 SPM and you have a variable speed dial with 7 positions. Those are all integrated into the trigger to make it very easy to adjust. Paired with the tool less blade change that just uses a keyless blade clamp, you’ve got an overall great machine here.

This is a corded tool from Porter Cable. The barrel grip is comfortable and the sturdy die cast foot will hold up for all of your projects without getting in the way of cutting speed. It improves your precision while you cut.


Speed: 0-3200 SPM
Motor: 6 amp motor
Blade: tool less blade (t shank)
Power Source: Corded

Key Features (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Power: 10
  • Speed Settings: 10
  • Blade: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • High power for handling cutting wood of any kind
  • Tool free blade clamp for easy changes
  • T shank blade is versatile
  • 4 orbital settings to work with
  • Jigsaw features simplicity and capability
  • With all the features it can be hard to see your blade as you work

Why We Like It: The Porter Cable PCE345 jigsaw has a lot to offer. It has 7 variable speed settings, a soft grip handle, and it can easily power through thick materials without a problem. You don’t have to worry about a hot blade thanks to the power. It’s great for just about any need.

2. Budget Pick: Black and Decker BDEJS300C Jig Saw

Black and Decker BDEJS300C Jig SawCheck Latest Price

Looking for a budget-friendly model jigsaw? Look no further than this Black and Decker model. It’s affordable and you actually have several choices as well. You can choose just the jig saw and included blade or choose a package that includes clamps, a blade set, or even a workbench. All of the packages are in the affordable range.

This is a corded jigsaw that allows you quite a bit of versatility. You can even angle to 45 degrees for a bevel cut if you need to. The lever action blade clamp makes your blade changes a breeze. The steel insert at the base acts as a guide to keep your straight cutting on the path. This saw uses a t shank blade so you can easily grab any blade in that line.

This saw has a 4.5 amp motor. It’s not as powerful as some but still powerful to handle even the thickest material needs. It might not work for hard metals but with a metal blade, you can handle soft metals.

The jigsaw sports a variable speed setting that runs up to 3,000 SPM. It’s versatile and easy to work with. While it doesn’t have an LED light, it does have a sightline channel to make sure your cutting line is straight and improve your accuracy.


Speed: 0-3000 SPM
Motor: 4.5 amp motor
Blade: tool less blade changes
Power Source: Corded jigsaws

Key Features (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Power: 10
  • Speed Settings: 10
  • Blade: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Variable speed control dial is easy to adjust
  • Can make bevel cuts up to 45 degrees
  • Tool less blade changes with a quick clamp system
  • Trigger lock system integrated into the handle
  • Adjustable shoe gives you maximum control of your cut
  • The button on the trigger lock is small and may be hard to adjust with bulky gloves

Why We Like It: This Black and Decker model of corded jigsaws offers a lot of versatility in an affordable package. You can make different blade strokes and it has a simple blade change system. It’s incredibly easy to work with and reliable for most needs.

3. Best Value: DeWalt Jig Saw DWK331K

DeWalt Jig Saw DWK331KCheck Latest Price

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, we’ve got you covered. This comes with a great jigsaw but you also get a carrying case that makes it so much easier to store or carry around. DeWalt Jig Saw DWK331K is a powerful saw with 6.5 amps on the motor. That means you can handle just about any project. It’s powerful.

You can upgrade your package here to come with multiple blades if you want to. This is a heavy-duty jigsaw so keep that in mind. It can be a bit bulky if you’re not used to a heavy-duty tool. Since this tool is powerful, it is heavier to handle. DeWalt combats that with an extra large barrel grip handle. It makes it comfortable and allows you to retain total control.

This saw can bevel to 3 different angle levels. It also has a built in dust blower to help keep the mess out of the way. The cutting speed ranges from 500-3100 with a variable speed dial. You can enjoy a tool less blade change with a keyless blade clamp. The only thing you are missing is on tool blade storage really.

And finally, we want to touch on the orbital settings. This has 4 orbital positions so your cut line can be exactly what you need it to be for just about any project.


Speed: 500-3100 SPM
Motor: 6.5 amp motor
Blade: tool less blade change
Power Source: Corded jigsaws

Key Features (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Power: 10
  • Speed Settings: 9
  • Blade: 9
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Built for durability and power
  • Jigsaw blades are easy to change with a tool free blade
  • Variable speed from 500-3100
  • Powerful motor for a powerful saw
  • Barrel grip adds comfort to reduce vibration
  • This is a bit on the bulky side because of the power
  • These power tools are powerful and may take some adjustment

Why We Like It: This jigsaw is powerful. It uses t shank blades so it’s also easily compatible. It comes with a case and it can handle just about anything you might need. In fact, it almost might have too much power for some use. Overall, it’s a great value for the money.

4. Bosch JS260 Top Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS260 Top Handle JigsawCheck Latest Price

Next up is a simple but reliable variable speed jigsaw. You can choose to just purchase the jigsaw on its own or you can spend just a few dollars more and get the jigsaw with a 10-piece blade set. It’s worth the upgrade for the blades when you compare costs. Bosch JS260 jigsaw also has a 6 amp motor but it’s lightweight and easy to operate.

It’s designed to be simple and easy to use. At the same time, it still gives you everything that you need and is almost as simple as a cordless jigsaw (although it does have a cord). This best jigsaw is strong and sturdy but lightweight. The variable speed ranges from 0-3100 to give you plenty of working room. It uses a variable speed trigger on the handle.

This Bosch jigsaw has a keyless blade change with a blade ejection lever so you can change the blade quickly and easily. It has a decent stroke length considering the size of the tool as well. You can make bevel cuts or straight cuts. You can also appreciate 4 orbital settings for full control of your cut line.

Finally, the Bosch jigsaw is designed with a precision machined build. This helps make it easy to guide. You also don’t have to worry about heavy vibration or a bunch of dust piling up on your cut line.


Speed: 0-3100 SPM
Motor: 6 amp motor
Blade: tool less blade changes
Power Source: Corded jigsaws

Key Features (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Power: 10
  • Speed Setting: 10
  • Blade: 9
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Blade speed has a good range
  • Design keeps dust at bay without an integrated dust blower
  • 4 orbital settings to work with
  • Built to reduce vibration and improve control
  • Trigger lock mechanism for simple speed dial adjustments
  • You may need to check the angles to be sure they are square and adjust slightly
  • The speed dial is hard to adjust when wearing gloves

Why We Like It: There is something to be said about a simple tool. Bosch has created just that with this option. It’s powerful but it’s also easy to work with and doesn’t give you vibration problems either. When it comes to power saws, this Bosch has definitely got your back.

5. DeWalt Cordless Jigsaws DCS334B

DeWalt Cordless Jigsaws DCS334BCheck Latest Price

If you prefer a cordless option, this one from DeWalt is a great choice. It’s got good battery life and will make cutting wood as simple as it can possibly be. The jigsaw has an LED light, all of the settings, and plenty of power. It is not as heavy-duty as some but we expect that with the cordless technology.

This offers curve control technology with the ability to angle at 4 places up to 45 degrees. The orbital action settings make adjustments very simple and you know exactly where you are for angled cuts.

This does use the 20v Max lithium ion battery that is part of DeWalt’s interchangeable line. If you have any of the lines, you can use the battery you already have. Just be sure to have a couple of them so you always have a charge.

This jigsaw does use a trigger lock system for the variable speed setting. The speed ranges from 0-3200 SPM, which is pretty great for a cordless. Enjoy angled cuts or any other type of cut that you might need. Did we mention the tool less blade change?


Speed: 0-3200 SPM
Motor: 5 amp motor
Blade: tool less changes
Power Source: Cordless

Key Features (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Power: 9
  • Speed Setting: 10
  • Blade: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Speed control is simple with a trigger design
  • Barrel grip is comfortable for all work
  • Cordless model is quite convenient
  • Compatible with the DeWalt 20V Max line
  • Includes an LED light
  • This doesn’t come with a battery so you may need to purchase that
  • The battery life isn’t great since the saw uses so much power

Why We Like It: Having a great cordless option is always nice. Let’s be honest, there are times using a cord simply won’t do. This one offers plenty of power and still has all of the versatility you would expect from the best jigsaw.

6. Makita XVJ03Z LXT Cordless Jigsaw Tool

Makita XVJ03Z LXT Cordless JigsCheck Latest Price

Here’s another really great cordless option for you. Makita XVJ03Z LXT is slightly more expensive because it is powerful and heavy-duty. At the same time, it’s not heavy or complicated. Honestly, the only thing it’s really missing is an integrated dust blower but it still keeps dust at bay.

This particular listing is just the tool. You will need to purchase a battery if you don’t already have a corresponding battery. The Makita has speed control with a range from 0-2600. It’s designed for fast charging so you can get back to work quickly.

This saw offers you comfort, control, convenience, and versatility all in one simple tool. That speed trigger that so many saws have trouble getting right is a bit larger here and can be adjusted easily with 2 fingers. It makes it so much easier. Even with the battery, this tool is pretty lightweight at only about 6 pounds.

Makita has a long line of tools that uses the same battery. This just gives you a bit of versatility as well and if you use tools from that line, you probably already have a battery or two. It’s compact and comfortable without sacrificing the power that you need to get the job done.


Speed: 0-2600 SPM
Motor: 5 amp motor
Blade: tool less changes
Power Source: Cordless

Key Features (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Power: 9
  • Speed Setting: 8
  • Blade: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Trigger is large and easy to change
  • Simple blade change system
  • Battery is compatible with a full line of tools
  • Lightweight even with the battery
  • 3 orbital action settings
  • The total power on the speeds is slightly lower than most options
  • Starts slow but generally will speed up

Why We Like It: Makita is a great brand. This cordless option is versatile and comfortable to work with. It’s easy to use and will be there for you when you need a convenient tool to get to work with.

7. Skil Corded Jig Saw JS313101

Skil Corded Jig Saw JS313101Check Latest Price

Next up is a great choice among power tools jig saws. This saw comes from Skil, which is a well-made brand. They are affordable and reliable. Skil comes in red and black. It’s lightweight and it’s comfortable. It’s great for angles or straight lines. It’s really quite versatile so you can do anything you need.

Skil included all of the basics that you would expect. It uses a trigger rather than a speed dial. The trigger is large so your fingers should be able to adjust it easily. This saw also has 4 stage orbital so you can adjust your angle easily. It also has a keyless shoe bevel that adjusts with the orbital.

Blades are really easy to change here. It uses the clamp mechanism and requires no tools. There is a bit of a built in dust blower to try to keep your visual clear as you work. It even has an on/off switch. They also designed the shoe to not be bulky so that you have a clear view. This also helps with precision.

This jigsaw is simple and efficient. It still has all of the little things and plenty of power. You can use it for different materials and get everything done with ease. With high visibility, you don’t even need an LED light to do the work.


Speed: 0-3000 SPM
Motor: 5 amp motor
Blade: tool less changes
Power Source: Corded model

Key Features (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Power: 10
  • Speed Setting: 10
  • Blade: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • 4 stage orbital control
  • Variable speed with a good range
  • Includes a dust blower with on/off switch
  • High visibility design
  • Great for angled cutting as well
  • Many users mentioned having to square up the saw before using it

Why We Like It: This saw is effective and reliable. That dust blower is definitely a great feature but you also have power and versatility here too. We love the visibility design that makes it so much easier to cut with precision.

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Buyer’s Guide

woman using a jigsaw to cut a piece of wood
Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

Now that you’ve seen a handful of really great options, we have more to learn. In this part of the guide, we simply want to share some things that you should be familiar with before you buy. Earlier we shared the details to get the best jigsaw. This part of our guide is geared to just supplying you with information for making an informed decision.

Comfort matters

Can we just say that comfort matters? This is often a detail that people don’t even think about. That is until you have been working with your saw all day and your hand hurts. Or maybe you have just used it a couple of times and hate how it feels in your hand.

We understand that when you purchase tools online you can’t exactly test out the grip. However, you can look for comfort details. Look at the grip as a whole. Look at the saw as a whole. Does the handle seem to be a good size compared to the saw?

While you’re at it, go ahead and look at the trigger. Will you be able to hold the handle and manipulate the trigger on the handle easily? All of these are details that are associated with comfort. You want to be able to hold the jigsaw and use the jigsaw comfortably.

If checking out these things doesn’t quite answer it for you, take a moment to read what other reviewers are saying. Does anyone mention comfort? What about discomfort? This might be exactly the sign you need to know for sure.

In terms of comfort, we also want to mention the weight of the jigsaw. Honestly, you want to make sure it’s lightweight. You’re operating it with one hand. While 6 pounds may not sound like a lot, it can definitely feel heavy. The longer you use it, the heavier it feels. Honestly, this is probably the heaviest we would recommend. Any heavier and you won’t want to use your jigsaw very much.


Let’s talk about visibility. This is yet another factor that so many people don’t even think about until they’re using their jigsaw and realize they can’t see what they are doing at all.

Visibility can be impeded by the saw itself, but the foot, or by dust piling up around the cut. That means you’ve got to look at all of these little things to determine if it’s going to mess up your view. Not being able to see could really hurt your precision.

Let’s start with the dust. A simple fix is a dust blower. We’re not talking about some huge dust port or dust blower attachment. On a jigsaw, it’s almost like a fan that just helps to blow dust out of the path of the blade. It moves the dust just slightly from your view point. Most models have a dust blower in them but you might have to do some digging through the details to find out for sure.

You don’t need anything fancy when it comes to a dust blower. You just need something that works and will move dust away from your sight line and the blade. When dust is out of the way, it’s much easier for you to be precise and make your cuts perfect.

Next, let’s talk about a light. You will find that some models have an LED light and some don’t. While and LED light can be nice, it’s also an added distraction at times. This one is going to be your preference. Do you want an LED light? Do you feel as though an LED light will improve your processes?

Many models leave the LED light off simply to avoid adding just another extra detail or extra weight to the device. There’s not a right or wrong answer. It’s going to be what works for you and helps you get the best results when you’re making a cut.


A lot of people like to be able to cut angles with their jigsaw. The good news is that the majority of jigsaws allow you to adjust to angles. However, if you know you need this you should definitely double check.

Look for things like orbital positioning. This actually tilts the jigsaw to the setting so your blade and foot pedal are static but the saw is at an angle. Then you can cut your angle very easily.

You will want to see how many angled positions the jigsaw you’re looking at has available 3-4 orbital positions is pretty common. Most of the saws that allow this will adjust up to 45 degrees. If they have more than one setting then you can typically use a couple of different degree settings between 0 and 45.

This is pretty common but you are definitely going to want to check it out and just make sure the jigsaw you choose is going to accommodate your angled needs.

Variable speed settings

We mentioned speed above but we want to break it down just a little bit more. The reason that variable speed is so popular is that you can control your speed based on what your project requires.

Every jigsaw in this guide has variable options. But let’s look beyond just having variable speeds and think more about the how behind it.

Check out the jigsaw. Where is the speed? Figure out whether it’s a dial, a trigger, or some other mechanism. Now, we want you to think about when you are using the jigsaw. Will you be able to adjust that speed easily?

Some adjustments take a bit more manipulation than others. That’s really a safety feature. The reason is they don’t want you to accidentally trigger a speed change in the middle of your cut and end up with problems. You simply need to be familiar with how the speed will change and whether you feel like that will be a good fit for you.

Some people find it challenging to adjust the dials, particularly if you are wearing work gloves so check out these details before you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best jigsaw to buy?

You can find a lot of really great options out there to choose from. Our best overall pick is the Porter Cable model. However, you will find that you can’t really go wrong with any of these. Be sure to choose the best one for YOU so you won’t be disappointed with your new tool in the end.

Is a jigsaw worth buying?

Jigsaws are relatively inexpensive when you compare them to some of the power tool choices out there. They can be very useful as well. You can make a lot of different types of cuts using a jigsaw. This includes making circular cuts, straight cuts, angled cuts, and more. It can also handle a lot of different materials.

What is the difference between orbital and regular?

The biggest difference here is the stroke length. When you use an orbital jigsaw, the edge works a little differently based on your setting. The edge goes forward farther. In the end, it will move forward just a tad extra and then reverse to your ending point. A regular model lines up only with the edge of your jig at all times.

What is a good speed range?

This really will ultimately depend on your needs. You need slower speeds to work through harder materials. For this purpose, we like to see a 0 starting point for speed. Many saws start at 0, although some don’t.

When it comes to regular cutting, you could need different speeds based on the project itself. A jigsaw that goes up to 3,000 is ideal and that’s probably where we would recommend. If it goes above that, that is fine also. We wouldn’t go very much below 3,000 but a little bit under will most likely still be acceptable.


We hope that this guide to the best jigsaw is helpful for you. There are a lot of details to know and a lot of really great options as well. We hope that you will take the time to look at the details and figure out just what is going to serve your needs the best.

Let us know what jigsaw appeals to you the most!

Expert Tip

Always look at the speed setting. Sometimes the way that you adjust the speed could have a major impact on whether or not you will be happy with that saw when you get to work!

Did You Know?

Did you know that jigsaws can get pretty heavy in your hand if you are not careful? Always take a moment to look at the weight. Remember that you will be controlling with one hand. You need to be able to move easily without your hand growing fatigued in the process.

Amazon Recommends:

SaleBestseller No. 1
BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C)
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE ELECTRIC JIG SAW - 5 amp electric jig saw with a 3⁄4” blade orbital action for increased precision
  • CURVE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY - Four curve settings for maximum control over rounded cuts
  • BEVELED CUTS - Makes beveled cuts up to 45 degrees
  • HIGH POWER - Variable-speed motor generates up to 3,000 SPM of cutting power
  • ADJUSTABLE SHOE - Adjustable shoe with wire guard for enhanced stability and line of site
Bestseller No. 2
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
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SaleBestseller No. 3
RYOBI One+ P5231 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Orbital T-Shaped 3,000 SPM Jigsaw (Battery Not Included, Power Tool and T-Shaped Wood Cutting Blade Only)
  • 4 ORBITAL SETTINGS: The higher the setting, the faster you can cut into wood. These higher settings are ideal for making straight cuts into lumber, with lower settings for making curves or cutting into metal
  • BUILT-IN DUST BLOWER: This feature on the tool will help you clear debris away from your work, giving you clear vision
  • LED LIGHTING gives you improved line-of-sight in poorly lit conditions
  • BLADE SAVING BASE: If your jigsaw blade is wearing out, you can drop the base of the tool to let you utilize the unused blades on your tool, improving the longevity of your accessories
  • TRIGGER LOCK SYSTEM: Pull the trigger and press the button on the side of the unit. With this feature, you can focus all of your energy on controlling your cuts the way you want to

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