Best Hybrid Table Saw in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide


There’s a table saw and then there’s a hybrid table saw and what really is the difference when you consider the options? The hybrid table saw actually gives you more power, more durability, and more security. This is more of a fixed piece of equipment so it isn’t quite as portable as your traditional benchtop table saws.

If you’re looking at supplying or upgrading tools in your workshop, you definitely should consider the best hybrid table saw in the process. Hybrid table saws can do a LOT and they do it fast. They have power and durability working on your side.

Best Hybrid Table Saw in 2022 - Reviews & Buyers Guide
Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

If you’re in the market for the best hybrid table saw, we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken a look at the market to find the very best hybrid table saws out there. We looked at a few major details and then built from there. Some of the things we closely watched included safety features, the cabinet table, the rip capacity, precision, and functionality.

There are of course other features to consider and we will share some of those here with you. In this guide, we will share our top picks in the market and provide you with the details on just what it is that sets them apart.

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The Best Hybrid Table Saws of 2021 – Unbiased Reviews

Best Hybrid Table Saws of 2021 - Unbiased Reviews
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

In this part of our guide, we will break it down for you and share the best hybrid table saw options on the market. These saws are all about innovation, taking the woodworking world by storm in the most recent years as people have come to appreciate their speed and precision.

Each of our reviews will share detailed and informative information in a complete review format. We will share the specs and the features, covering things like the riving knife, the table, and more. We will also share a rating of the key features we used to make our decision and a list of pros and cons for your information as well!

Let’s get started.

The Very Best Hybrid Table Saws of 2021

1. Best Overall: Shop Fox W1837 10-Inch Open Stand Hybrid Table Saw

Shop Fox W1837 10-Inch Open Stand Hybrid Table SawCheck Latest Price

First up is the best overall model, which comes from Shop Fox. This cabinet saw has an open table design on the base, which makes it slightly lighter and more mobile overall. Shop Fox W1837 10-Inch Open Stand Hybrid Table Saw has a solid cast iron table and base as well as all of the specific safety features you could possibly want or need. This saw has a powerful 2 HP open stand hybrid design, a sizable dust port, and large wings for a larger capacity.

Most hybrid table saws are built with huge cabinets that can be useful but can also be a nuisance and Shop Fox did a great job of being innovative in this regard on their cabinet table saw. In terms of hybrid saws, this option really stands out. The 2 horse power motor is a single phase motor wired for a 120V circuit.

The Shop Fox cabinet is enclosed with an open concept on the bottom that just makes it feel less bulky. Dust collection will be a breeze thanks to that 4-inch dust collection system, which is enclosed in the cabinet space so it won’t ever be in the way.

The Shop Fox W1837 10 inch table is made with a precision ground cast iron table and the steel wings measure 40 x 27 inches. This sports a rip capacity of 30 inches to the right and 15 to the left. The fence system is a lift off fence and it is a lift off fence. Both the fence and the blade have a quick release feature and the fence system also has rear locking ability on this 10 inch table saw.

Key Ratings (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best)

  • Power: 10
  • Table: 10
  • Rip Ability: 10
  • Stand/Cabinet: 10
  • Dust collection port is 4 inches and concealed in the cabinet saws stand
  • Shop Fox built this with a solid cast iron table and base
  • Includes an interchangeable riving knife as well as T slot miter gauge
  • 30 and 15 inch rip capacity
  • Heavy duty and reliable hybrid saw from Shop Fox
  • Some users had issues with the sliding guide not staying square. It does square up but may need to be adjusted often

Why We Like It:

The Shop Fox W1837 model makes for a great option in the realm of cabinet table saws. With cast iron and a really great work space, you really can’t go wrong here. Plus, it has all of the best additions like a blade guard, miter gauge, anti kickback pawls, and dust control. You can’t go wrong here.

2. Budget Pick: DeWalt 10 Inch Table Saw DWE7491RS

DeWalt 10 Inch Table Saw DWE7491RSCheck Latest Price

If you’re looking for the best quality hybrid table that doesn’t cost quite as much, DeWalt 10 Inch Table Saw DWE7491RS is a great option to consider. It is most definitely not quite as heavy duty as some of the other hybrid table saws but that just makes it more portable as an option. It even has wheels. It does not have the ever popular cabinet on the saw so that is something to be aware of.

This table is equipped with all of the essential safety features, particularly a blade guard as well as anti kickback pawls and a magnetic switch. The table does have a great ripping capacity and a sizable surface. It’s a 10 inch table saw and it comes from a brand that many of us in the industry know and trust for the top table saws and all of our other power tools as well.

In comparison to other table saws, this will stand apart primarily because it is heavy duty but also portable. The saw blade it comes with is a 24 tooth carbide blade so it can handle a lot. You also receive a push stick, miter gauge, rip fence, blade wrenches and details for your blade guard assembly.

With it comes to rip cutting, you have a capacity of 32 1/2 inches to the right and 22 inches to the left. Your cut depths can reach 45 inches and you can accommodate up to a 90 degree angle as well. While the saw is portable, it’s built to be incredibly stable so you can work it hard with no issues.

DeWalt we also feel like stands apart here to some degree with a rack and pinion fence system that is telescoping. This allows you to make adjustments that are accurate and fast. Finally, the motor is 15 amps and has high torque so you can handle anything you put to the saw blades.

Key Ratings (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best)

  • Power: 9
  • Table: 10
  • Rip Ability: 10
  • Stand/Cabinet: 8
  • This hybrid table saw combines portability with hybrid strength
  • One of the best options for contractor saws to take on the job is portable table saws
  • A great, budget-friendly table saw
  • Comes ready with heavy saw blades
  • The fence is easy to adjust for accuracy and quick work
  • You may need a dust bag of some sort to help with the mess of the glade guard

Why We Like It:

While this isn’t your classic cabinet saws option, it is a really great saw that is designed to be a portable table and yet still provides all of the needs you might be looking for from hybrid table saw reviews. This best portable table really holds up to the task. It is a heavy duty machine with plenty of room for rip cutting.

3. Best Value: Jet 725002K Pro Shop II Rip Cast Iron Table

Jet 725002K Pro Shop II Rip Cast Iron TableCheck Latest Price

While it’s certainly not a cheap mean, this awesome option from Jet has a lot to offer and it does so at a relatively great price point, making it one of the best hybrid table saws for the money. It’s been updated recently to add some excellent features for a cabinet saw but it’s also not overstated so it’s not giant and bulky like some hybrid table saws can be. We feel this is the best hybrid table for the money and we’re here to share why!

The Jet model cabinet saws are made so the cabinet doesn’t go clear to the floor. Jet 725002K Pro Shop II Rip Cast Iron Table has an open space concept underneath, which just makes it seem less oversized but it remains just as sturdy as a hybrid table saw should. The base is powder coated paint with a solid cast iron table top that isn’t going to fall apart any time soon.

The legs are reinforced with heavy cast iron trunnions to give you all of the stability you could possibly need. This hybrid table saw includes an update with an arbor lock so that your saw blade changes are quick and easy. You can also adjust or change your riving knife easily with a quick release riving knife design.

The power uses a magnetic switch so it is convenient but it is also very safe, bringing you some of the best safety features you could possibly ask for in hybrid table saws. This saw also has a dust shroud around the blade guard as well as a total dust collection system to help collect as much dust as possible and not worry about huge dusty messes while you work.

This saw does come with a 5-year warranty, which is definitely a perk. Generally, 1-2 years is the typical warranty period so it’s nice to see a company standing behind their work in full for a longer period of time.

Key Ratings (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best)

  • Power: 9
  • Table: 10
  • Rip Ability: 9
  • Stand/Cabinet: 10
  • Change blades quickly and easily
  • Includes quick release blade guard blade guard, t slot miter gauge, and a fence system
  • The dust collection port is a 2 in 1 that helps keep dust at bay
  • 30 inch rip capacity to the right
  • Riving knife design with hassle free changes
  • It’s not easily clear what the power is or the rip allowance, these required far more digging to uncover

Why We Like It:

Jet has been around for a lot of years and their machines, including these hybrid table saws always prove to be well-made and reliable. From the riving knife to the quick release on everything there can b, this best hybrid table saw offers ingenuity and simplicity.

4. Grizzly Industrial Hybrid Table Saws with T Fence

Grizzly Industrial Hybrid Table Saws with T FenceCheck Latest Price

Grizzly Industrial Hybrid Table Saws with T Fence is the first cabinet table of hybrid table saws that has the full extended cabinet beneath it. You will find that there isn’t a ton of difference but the cabinet is heavier and it is meant to be more durable and stable while you work. It’s pretty similar with a change in design that may or may not make a difference to you as you search hybrid table saws.

This saw runs on 3450 RPM so you can work fast and furious with your cutting tasks It’s a precision-ground cast iron table that sports extension wings to give you more working space and a higher rip capacity when you need it. While this has plenty to offer, it is also relatively simple and straightforward without all of the added accessories that might just get in your way. At the same time, it has everything you could possibly need!

The cast iron trunnions really stand out, making the saw heavy and durable in all of the ways that really count. In terms of cabinet table saws, this hybrid saw really takes the cake and it’s not a bad price considering the overall quality. It’s a 10 inch table saw but the extenders allow you to work with way more than 10 inches on the table saw.

This hybrid table saw offers you blade tilt as well. This allows you to make cuts at an angle when necessary without sacrificing any of your speed or quality on the cut. The riving knife and the blade guard both have a quick release on them so you can always change them quickly and keep working.

This hybrid table saw also has a fence system that is easy to use and maneuver. You can release it, slide it, and adjust it perfectly to whatever your needs may be at the time. It’s square and it is very easy to work with. Finally, you also get that dust collection detail and this one is 4 inches and concealed in the hybrid table saw cabinet.

Key Ratings (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best)

  • Power: 10
  • Table: 10
  • Rip Ability: 10
  • Stand/Cabinet: 10
  • Good quality riving knife that is easy to change out
  • Heavy cast iron trunnions to keep you stable and secure
  • Blade tilt up to 90 degrees for versatility
  • 30+ inch rip capacity with the extenders
  • Saw blade guard is simple and has quick release as well
  • The tabletop tends to scratch fairly easily
  • It can be challenging to get follow through from customer service if it is needed

Why We Like It:

The Grizzly Industrial hybrid table saw gives us a solid and sturdy build with polished cast iron from top to bottom. It truly is your traditional hybrid table saw with heavy cast iron bumps and a solid ripping capacity. It’s simple but reliable and that’s something that counts!

5. Delta Hybrid Table 36-6023

Delta Hybrid Table 36-6023Check Latest Price

This next option is another of the hybrid saws that fit into contractor saws. Delta Hybrid Table 36-6023offers you everything you need in a hybrid table saw but it adds in portability that a cabinet table saw just doesn’t really have. These hybrid table saws combine those classic cabinet table saw qualities to bring you an ultimately versatile and functional model in a hybrid saw.

This saw sports a rip capacity of 32 1/2 inches, which is just as large as most cabinet options and maybe large than some comparable table saw choices. The hybrid saw also offers you a stacked dado capacity of 13/16 x 8, which is astronomical to a table saw. While this motor isn’t as heavy as some hybrid saws, it is 15 amps, which will suit most needs for a portable table saw like this.

The hybrid table saw comes with a professional 5-year warranty, which gives you some indication as to the quality of the build for the table saw. While there is no miter gauge on the table, you can certainly use one. It does have a rack and pinion fence that is easy to adjust and is designed to be accurate and reliable.

The table saw does have blade tilt to offer you some added versatility as well. You can cut at an angle when you need to. You also get dust collection and just need to add a bag to help reduce the dust mess that comes with the territory when you’re using a hybrid table saw.

Finally, this hybrid table saw has a very nice blade guard and a riving knife that is reliable as well. With all of these table saw features, you really can’t find fault for a portable and yet durable hybrid saw when you need something to depend on.

Key Ratings (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best)

  • Power: 8
  • Table: 10
  • Rip Ability: 10
  • Stand/Cabinet: 8
  • Portable hybrid table saw model
  • Anti kickback pawls help keep you steady and secure
  • Dust collection is simple and effective
  • Quick release riving knife, as well as fence and blade guards
  • Hearty rip capacity for a portable model
  • The little miter guide this saw has is not very useful so you may need your own miter gauge
  • The motor could stand to be a little more powerful but it’s overall a great motor

Why We Like It:

This Delta hybrid table saw stands out to us primarily because it gives you hybrid qualities while maintaining portability. While there are some areas that could easily be improved upon, it’s easily a reliable best hybrid table saw when portability is a must.

6. Saw Stop 10 Inch Professional Cabinet Saw System

Saw Stop 10 Inch Professional Cabinet Saw SystemCheck Latest Price

If you’re looking for one of the very best option on the market look no further. This premium saw is an awesome best hybrid table saw and it really delivers in terms of quality and functionality. It’s listed as one of the best sellers in the category and it is highly-rated across the board with very few negative comments about the saw as a whole.

Saw Stop 10 Inch Professional Cabinet Saw System is a 10 inch saw but it has an extending table that gives you up to 36 inches of rip capacity to put to the test. It has the classic miter gauge, blade tilt, blade guard, push stick, and riving knife so you have everything you want.

Did we mention that this hybrid table saw is packed with power? It is one of the most powerful you will find on this list, with 3 HP to work against anything you put to the test. This saw is very heavy. It weighs a solid 555 pounds, which is great because it needs that weight to keep you stable with the power ratios it is kicking out at you.

Saw Stop uses a patented safety system that is unique to their brand. If a blade comes in contact with anything but the wood it should be, it stop super fast. The time for stop is 5 milliseconds in this scenario. When it stops, it also drops. This was done to reduce prevent major injuries. You may still have a scratch or a cut but no severed limbs or extensive gashes, which is pretty awesome.

On this table, the trunnion and arbor really stand out as well. They are strong and built for precision. The dust collection is designed to grab 99% of dust and there is advanced shrouding below the table to help as well. Finally, you get a 36-inch t glide fence system that is made with heavy gauge steel. The squarelock rip fence is really next level here.

Key Ratings (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best)

  • Power: 10
  • Table: 10
  • Rip Ability: 10
  • Stand/Cabinet: 10
  • Safety maneuvers that stop and drop a spinning blade to reduce major injuries
  • Superior dust collection both above and below the blade
  • High quality riving knife that is easy to adjust
  • Top notch trunnion and arbor for precision and stability
  • Triple belt drive motor for effective and long lasting power
  • Because of the power, this won’t fall into a lower power consumption category
  • if the safety function defects, your saw won’t run until the mechanism is replaced

Why We Like It:

In terms of hybrid table saw reviews, this is one of your better options but it does cost a bit more. What we’ve found is that the upgrades and added features are well worth the price if you can swing it. This hybrid table saw has it all and then some and it won’t let you down.

7. Powermatic 64B Hybrid Table Saw (1791229K)

Powermatic 64B Hybrid Table Saw (1791229K)Check Latest Price

If you’re saving up to really try to get the best possible hybrid table saw out there, here is another premium model. While the Saw Stop stands out above all others, Powermatic 64B Hybrid Table Saw (1791229K) is a premium saw that easily ranks high on the list as well. It’s large and it’s powerful with plenty of space for ripping lumber and making adjustments where you need to.

For comparison purposes, the Powermatic sports a 1.75 HP motor, which is still quite powerful. This hybrid table saw weighs in at 422 pounds. You will notice that this table saw has an open concept underneath rather than the full cabinet so that does make a difference on the weight. It is strong and sturdy still.

The quick release riving knife is one of our favorite features and you will certainly find that here. You also get the classic blade guard as well as a miter gauge. The blade can tilt up to 90 degrees to give you some additional versatility as well. This table saw gives you a rip capability of 30 inches. It also has a rip fence that is 30 inches and is supposed to be square and reliable.

The saw blade and trunnion are designed to give you smooth positioning and operation. The miter gauge is a micro adjust gauge so you can adjust more to give you more viability. This can be useful for things like crosscutting and other functions as well.

The dust system is built in but it’s a bit unclear just how it works or even how well it works. Setup can take some time because this is a heavy saw and some users had issues with missing hardware for setup as well. This is just something to be aware of.

Key Ratings (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best)

  • Power: 9
  • Table: 10
  • Rip Ability: 10
  • Stand/Cabinet: 9
  • Premium model hybrid table saw
  • The blade guard’s bolt is simple to work with
  • Brand exclusive accu-fence that locks to the rail and is precise
  • The riving knife reduces kickback and is easy to adjust
  • Smooth and easy to operate
  • You may be missing parts and pieces when you get the saw to assemble
  • The miter gauge isn’t really great but it works decently enough

Why We Like It:

In terms of a premium saw, the company needs to exhibit some quality control for their parts and pieces but other than that, this saw is solid and reliable. It’s a tough saw that is secure and stable and will deliver cutting results like a pro.

Choosing the Best Hybrid Table Saw

Choosing the Best Hybrid Table Saw
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

We’ve shared some really great options here and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Of course, what is right for you may very well depend on your own needs and circumstances so don’t forget to keep that in mind.

We’ve put together a buyer’s guide that will cover all of the things that you should look for and consider before purchasing a table saw such as this. There is much to consider when you really break down the details and we think it is very important to make an informed decision.

While there are certainly some budget friendly options out there, most of these table saw choices can be quite costly. It’s certainly an investment so if you’re going to spend the money, let’s do our best to make a great decision for your needs!

What is a Hybrid Table Saw?

What is a Hybrid Table Saw?
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

The hybrid saw is all about innovation. It’s the perfect mix of your traditional contractor saw and the old-style cabinet saw. Some of them have cabinets, some of them have wheels, and others have sturdy bases on legs without a full cabinet.

That’s one of the beauties of a hybrid table saw, they don’t all have to be made the same. They can come in different styles and types and yet still fall into the hybrid category. This gives you an immense amount of flexibility in choosing exactly what you like.

Do you want a cabinet? Do you want an open concept stand? Do you want something portable? All of these can be found in the hybrid world.

The one thing that stands out above all else in a hybrid table saw is that it is designed for heavy and rigorous use. It’s truly made to be heavy-duty, even more so than your usual table saw or contract saw. It’s meant to be fast, powerful, and rigorous by design. These saws can support up to 5 HP on a motor but can also be effective with some as low as 1 HP. It really depends on the style of the saw as a whole.

Most of the time, a hybrid table saw will not be very portable. They are incredibly heavy and typically meant to be a stationary piece. On the same note, there are some portable models and we’ve listed a couple of those here. You may find some limitations with those models and they definitely won’t have quite as much power but they still work hard.


One of the perks of a hybrid table saw is that they are built to be incredibly tough. Even the portable models are designed for heavy usage and are meant to be tough and powerful machines that are built to last.

Ultimately, if you’re paying the money you are to get the saw, you want it to last right? With that in mind, check out the materials and the quality of the build. You will see anything from metallic alloy to steel, aluminum, and even cast iron.

You want to avoid thin steels and cheap materials as they simply are not as durable and honestly probably won’t work well for the power and design of this type of saw as it is meant to be used.


A hybrid table saw needs to have plenty of power. We’re not talking just a little power, we’re talking a lot of power. If you find something less than a full horsepower, you will want to be cautious. To be fair, some of the portable models are as low as or close to this level. These are smaller so they can be sufficient on slightly less power.

For the most part, these saws will be anywhere between 1-3 HP, and the more power you can get the better off you will be in the end. These saws are meant to be powerful so don’t spend the money on a hybrid saw only to find out it isn’t powerful in the end.

If you want supreme power you can look out for things like double motors or motors with high torque levels. Another thing that you can look for is the number of RPMs related to the saw. The higher the number, the more power the saw has for you and probably the faster you will be able to work as well.

All of this equates to a faster saw, faster work, and less time spent at the saw.


Almost every hybrid table saw will have a fence on it. These are almost a given as part of the build. The most popular fence is a T-square. This type of fence will help to hold your pieces from one side while you work. Some fences are short but you really want to try to get a long fence or perhaps even an extendable fence.

You also want to be able to adjust it or release it. You need your fence to be solid and steady so that you can keep your work precise as you move. All of these elements are essential. You will also want to know whether it is square or not. If it is not square, the real question is whether or not you will be able to adjust it to make it so. We recommend never passing up on a fence extension.

A fence that isn’t square leads to a cut that isn’t square or perhaps not even straight. The fence is vital but it is also important that you know and understand how to properly use the fence in coordination with your table saw as well.

Miter Gauge

Most of these saws will also come with miter gauges. While not every saw has them, this is a common accessory that is included. It’s up to you whether or not this is a deal breaker. If your saw doesn’t come with one, you can easily purchase one to use when you need it.

You might also find that just because the same comes with a miter gauge doesn’t actually mean it’s really any good. It may turn out that you don’t like the one provided with your saw and choose to find a replacement anyway.

However, if your saw comes with a miter gauge, it can be a useful accessory. This is not a requirement but it might be something to look for if you are hoping for or want a miter gauge specifically with your table saw.

Blade Guard

You will see a lot about this term and that’s because it’s an essential element of the saw. This little tidbit is really all about safety. Remember that this machine is powerful and fast. You want to do everything you can to keep your fingers and other limbs away from that quickly spinning blade. It could do some major damage if you were to come in contact with it.

The guard is designed to help with that. It helps to reduce contact with the blade for the saw user as well as any other surrounding people in the workshop. Of course, there are other safety mechanisms you can look for but this is a vital one that every single saw should have available to you.

Most of the other safety elements that you will find are directly related to the blade and how it works. You may notice some differences from saw to saw but it’s important to pay attention to these details as you go. A table saw like Saw Stop model goes above and beyond. Their safety maneuver includes the blade recognizing when it comes into contact with skin and instantly stopping and even dropping below the table to drastically reduce injuries.

These safety protocols are very important when you’re working with a machine this fast and powerful so don’t take them for granted. Know what your machine has to offer and whether or not it is sufficient for your safety.

Dust Collective

Every single hybrid table saw should have some sort of dust port or collection system and if it doesn’t, avoid it! Ok, so that might be a little bit dramatic but this is another important element. Keeping the dust at bay helps with safety but also just helps with cleanup and mess as a whole.

What you will find is that there are a number of different ways a machine can be built to help with dust and shavings. Most of these saws have a collection port that is built into their stand. Either that or they have a connecting bag to an outlet that sucks the dust and shavings through the collection system and blows it into the bag.

Some saws will actually have separate ports that cover the saw and then cover the blade and guard separately. One is not necessarily better than the other as long as the system in place is truly effective and will really help to keep your workspace as clean as feasibly possible while you’re sawing and ripping and creating tons of saw dust in the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best hybrid table saw?

Our top pick for a table saw is the Shop Fox that you will find listed as our first review and our best overall pick in this guide. We love this saw because it is powerful and effective and it isn’t overly expensive for what it offers. If you’re looking for the best option with all of the bells and whistles, take a look at the Saw Stop model. You will be impressed!

What should I look for in a hybrid table saw?

You need to look for a design that works for you. Always consider the following:

  • Budget
  • Power
  • Portability (as needed)
  • Safety
  • Fence design
  • Additional features

It will be up to you to determine just what your needs are but these topics should help give you some perspective on qualities to consider and know before you buy a hybrid table saw. Check out our buyer’s guide for additional details.

What is the best table saw to buy?

If you’re looking for our best overall recommendation, go with the Shop Foxes model. However, it’s up to you to determine what will really be best for your needs. You really can’t go wrong with any of the options we’ve shared here so choose the best for you based on your preferences and your budget as well.

How to use a hybrid table saw

You will use a hybrid saw in much the same way you would use a contract saw, a cabinet saw, or perhaps even a traditional table saw. A table saw uses a circular blade that rotates fast and with a lot of power. You use this table saw to cut wood or to rip lumber.

You can use it for long pieces of wood or shorter pieces or wide pieces, it just depends on your table saw needs. You use the fence combined with the table saw elements to be able to cut straight and keep things in the right places. A lot of table saw models also allow you to tilt the blade so you can have some additional versatility as well.

The beauty of the table saw is that it is fast and powerful but it also has a worktable as part of the tool and that’s pretty awesome!


We hope that this guide to finding the best hybrid table saw out there has been a helpful and informative resource for you. There is certainly much to consider but there are plenty of options to choose from!

What will you use your table saw for?

Expert Tip

Check your alignment and fences before you start cutting. You may need to do some adjusting or perhaps even some squaring up for accuracy.

Did You Know?

The hybrid saw can be incredibly versatile! It can be large on a cabinet, large on an open concept stand, or you can even find portable options. No matter which you choose, you get power and speed all in one place.

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
Shop Fox W1837 10" 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw
  • 2 HP, 120V/240V, single-phase motor prewired to run on a 120V, 20A circuit
  • Enclosed cabinet bottom with 4" dust port
  • Precision-ground cast iron table with steel wings measures 401/4" x 27"
  • Rip capacity: 30" to right, 15" to left
  • Lift-off fence with front/rear locking ability
Bestseller No. 2
NEW SEARS CRAFTSMAN HYBRID TABLE SAW ZERO CLEARANCE INSERT by Peachtree Woodworking PW 946 Approx Dims 13-11/32 in x 3-3/4 in x 1/2 in
  • The insert is blank so you can custom fit the blade slot by passing your blade through it.
  • Helps to prevent tear-out plus close the large factory gap.
  • Models 22104 - 22114 - 22124
  • 13 11/32" X 3 3/4" - Made of UHMW

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