Best Hack Saw in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide


The contemporary hack saw is a far cry from the simpleton of yesteryears. Manufacturers now use lightweight materials in the construction of these hack saws. And they have become more dependable in terms of easier and straight cuts. Hack saw is a metal-cutting counterpart of the wood-cutting bow saw. 

Best Hack Saw in 2022 - Reviews & Buyers Guide
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It is important that you pick the right hack saw according to the nature of your job. With the overwhelming number of hacksaws available, picking the right one has become a real drag. 

Therefore, to find the perfect saw, we have compiled the top 5 best hack saw reviews. 

So read on to find the right one for your cutting project.

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1. Lenox hack saw High-Tension – Best for Overall

Lenox hack saw High-Tension Check Latest Price

Key Specs

Blade size: 12-inch
Weight: 1.61 pounds
Dimensions: 15.75-inch x 6.5-inch x 1.25-inch


Lenox hack saw features an I-beam construction. It means that you can conveniently make adjustments to the blade’s overall tension by up to 50,000 PSI. The hack saw features a rubberized handle that ensures a comfortable grip and confident handling of your saw. Even in cold or wet environments, you won’t have to deal with any gripping issues.

This top-rated hack saw can take any reciprocating blade that you can use as a jab saw. Additionally, this hack saw can easily store up to 5 extra blades in its I-beam. The length of those blades can be as long as 12 inches.

You can use this hack saw as a jab saw too. But your purchase of this hack saw won’t include those extra jab saw blades. These blades are sold separately. The hack saw can conveniently house those five extra blades for you, and you won’t have to carry them separately.

  • Designed for much heavier use and applications
  • Can be used as a jab saw
  • Separate storage for jab saw blades
  • Come with a 12-inch blade
  • Secure rubberized grip
  • Changing the blades is slightly difficult

Why do we like it?

We loved this hack saw because you can use it as a jab saw as well; the blade tension is good to adjust too.

2. Lenox Mini Hack Saw – Best Hacksaws for Budget

Lenox Mini Hack SawCheck Latest Price

Key Specs

Blade size:10-inch
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 3.2 ounces
Dimensions: 3-inch x 0.5-inch x 13-inch


If you are looking for a hack saw with a compact design, then Lenox is a good choice for small scale projects. There are 24 teeth per inch on this mini hack saw, and it is highly effective in cutting anything that comes under its blade. Therefore, it is a very practical solution for most of the cutting projects.

This mini hack saw can easily cut through stainless steel metal as well as other un-hardened steel used for tools. This hack saw is extremely effective in cutting where you don’t have much area to work with. 

Lenox has used heavy-duty aluminum in the construction of its handle. Therefore, the saw is very lightweight, and it is resistant to corrosion too.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Aluminum construction ensures corrosion resistance
  • Excellent for working in tight spaces
  • The 10-inch long blade cuts through stainless steel effectively
  • Doesn’t work on hardened steel and other metals articles.

Why do we like it?

After going through this hack saw review, we are highly impressed by its compactness, and it’s great for working in tight spaces. The saw can handle a range of different objects made of non-hardened metals.

3. Klein Tools Hack Saw – Best Adjustable Blade Tension

Klein Tools Hack Saw - Best Adjustable Blade TensionCheck Latest Price

Key Specs

Blade length: 12-inch
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 1.45 pounds
Dimensions: 0.5-inch x 0.5-inch x 16.25-inch


You can adjust the blade of this hack saw in terms of tension. If you are looking for some quick and precise cutting, then this adjustability features will work very well for you. The length of the blade that this hack saw features is 12-inch in length.

Klein Tools also features alternative mounting at a 45-degree angle for better flush cutting. There is a front mounting blade to ensure reciprocating saw blades. The handle of this hack saw also comes with convenient storage for the blade for easy management. 

Furthermore, the grips of this hack saw are very soft, and you won’t feel any discomfort even if you use the hack saw for long hours.

There are different blades that you can buy to use with this hack saw. Therefore, you can easily use it for a range of different cutting projects. It is highly effective against metal and plastic surfaces. And can provide you with quick results.

  • Extremely effective against metal and plastic surfaces
  • Adjustable tension for the blade
  • Range of different blades available
  • A 12-inch blade is highly effective for various cutting applications
  • Not very effective while working in tight corners

Why do we like it?

We loved the fact that you can adjust the tension of its blade and vary it according to the cutting project at hand.

4. Craftsman Hack Saw – Best for Value

Craftsman Hack SawCheck Latest Price

Key Specs

Blade size: 12 inches
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 1.2 pounds
Dimensions:15.7-inch x 5.8-inch 1.2-inch


The frame of this hack saw is made of solid metal, and it can easily handle blade tensions of up to 225 lbs. The length of the blade that it features is 12-inch, and it can work a cutting depth of 4.375 inches. You can also adjust the angles of the blade from 90-degree to 180-degree. With the change in angles, you get to go for flush cuts with ease.

There is a very comfortable to use and large in size tension adjusting knob, and there is a full grip handle as well. Craftsman hack saw is pretty effective in cutting laminate, wood, and plastic. With high tension, you can use it to cut metal as well.

The size of this hack saw is pretty large, so ergonomically, it is going to be very useful for you. But handling it in tight spaces is not going to work very well. The blade adjustment is pretty simple with the knob too.

  • Features a very easy to use the knob for tension adjustment
  • A 12-inch blade is good for most applications
  • Angles of the blades are adjustable too, for flush cuts
  • A great choice for cutting laminate, plastic, PVC, and wood
  • The grips are very comfortable
  • Not that great for metal cutting.

Why do we like it?

It delivers the best value as you can use it in various cutting projects, and it comes at a very affordable price too.

5. Ganchun Hack Saw – Best for Ergonomic Design

Ganchun Hack Saw - Best for Ergonomic DesignCheck Latest Price

Key Specs

Blade size: 12-inch
Material: Steel
Weight: 1.25 pounds
Dimensions: 15.6-inch x 5.9-inch x 3.9-inch


The practicality of Ganchun hack saw is great because you can adjust the tension of the blade according to the project you are working on. These blades are made of top-notch steel, and you can use them for a range of different cutting purposes. These blades offer you the right kind of hardness that you will need to cut through a variety of materials.

Another excellent feature of this hack saw is that it features high quality and comfortable grips. There is an anti-skid handle that will surely reduce fatigue. The ergonomic construction ensures that your hands and arms don’t get tired while working on the project.

Due to its large size and construction, the hack saw is very comfortable to use, and it is a good choice for the professionals. Its ergonomic design makes gripping and handling a breeze.

  • Features a 12-inch long blade.
  • Cutting angle can be achieved
  • Adjustable tension for working on various surfaces
  • High-quality steel blade
  • Very ergonomic grip
  • Not designed to throw around.

Why do we like it?

The ergonomic construction of this hack saw is what keeps it apart from other hack saws on this list.

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Hack Saw Buyers Guide

Here are some top features that you need to keep in mind when buying top rated hack saws.


The quality of the materials used in the construction of a hack saw is crucial. Your hack saw is going to go through a lot in different kinds of projects. If it is not made of good quality, it will not last very long. Focus on quality rather than price, because for good quality products you’ll only pay once and it will continue to deliver the goods.


Hack Saw Buyers Guide
Image by Eugene_Brennan on Pixabay

Without a doubt, you will need a good quality hack saw, and that at a very good price too. There is a range of different options that you can explore. Invest in good brands because with a one-time payment you will be able to extract a lot of years from the product. And that’s true value for money.

Blades Size and Materials

If you are looking to work on projects where you will be working in tight corners a lot, then you will need a smaller blade. Anything around 10-inch or under will be a good option. However, for all other projects, you should choose a longer blade that is at least 12 inches in size.

Good quality metals like aluminum and steel; are great for cutting projects. They tend to retain their shape, and you can sharpen them later on as well. These blades can easily cut through a range of different surfaces and items made of wood, plastic, PVC, laminate, and metals.


Ergonomics of a hack saw is important because they will tell you how easy the handling will be of a saw. You don’t need to get fatigued after using a hack saw, and cutting needs to be effortless for better results. Therefore, it is better to go for a hack saw that is extremely comfortable and ergonomic to use.


The weight of a hack saw is also very important. There is no use of an ergonomic design if a hack saw is going to weigh a lot. A lightweight hack saw will be very easy to handle, and you will get more precise cuts. Besides that, you won’t have to deal with any fatigue later on.

Tensioning Mechanism

Hack saws come with a tensioning system that makes sure that the thin blade is held tight. The system ensures that there is no meandering or wobbling during the cuts. With a higher tension, you will get more previous cuts.

FAQs for the Best Hacksaws

What is the difference between a hack saw and a bow saw?

Both these saws have some resemblance in their outlooks and appearances. But they both are different in their functions, and you cannot use them as each other’s substitute. Hack saws are designed to cut harder surfaces like metals because you can easily adjust the tension of the blades.

On the other hand, bow saws get their name because of their look that is similar to a hunting bow. These saws have cross-cutting teeth that are effective for dirty cuts. For a deeper and cleaner cut, you should go for a hack saw.

Not sure if you need a hack saw or bow saw? Read our guide on hack saws vs bow saws.

How can I change the blade of my hack saw?

Usually, the blade in a hack saw is mounted in a way that the teeth keep their face forward when you are holding the saw in your handle in a normal way. You can also fit the blade upside down so you can use the pull stokes to cut. Just lose the wing nut on your saw to get rid of the old blade.

Some models will feature an adjustable wheel instead of a wing nut. Just lift the blade from the retaining pins at both the ends of the saw frame. Now place the new blade into the retaining pins to make sure that the teeth are pointing in the right direction. Normally, they are pointing in the front and away from the handle.

What can I use a best hacksaw for?

As a hack saw features fine teeth, you can use it very effectively to cut metals. It has a C-shaped frame, and you can use it to cut rods, pipes, and bars of metals. It is equally effective in cutting plastics. Some blades will also allow you to cut wood, glass, and tiles. You can cut straight as well as curved lines using a hack saw.

Interested to know some hack saw DIY project ideas? Click here to learn more.


In conclusion, the top rated hack saw that you could use for a variety of cutting projects is the Lenox hack saw High-Tension. It allows you to adjust the tension of your blade, and you can get your precise cuts with ease. The handle of this hack saw is very ergonomic, and it won’t fatigue your hands. It is one of the best hacksaws because you can also use it as a jab saw. Moreover, it can store five different blades for you that you have to purchase separately. It is an excellent choice as a hack saw, and you can use it to work on a range of different projects.

Expert Tip

To use a hack saw effectively, make sure that you have chosen the right tension level for the surface you are cutting. Usually, with a highly tensed blade, precise cuts of metals become easy.

Did you know?

Teeth per inch might not look a significant factor. Still, it can be a heavy influence on the precision and accuracy of your cuts

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
VANQUISH 4851 Aluminum Frame Mini Hack Saw
  • Adjustable blade length for tackling different jobs
  • Ergonomic rubber handle with aluminum alloy frame
  • High-performance 10” bi-material blade included
Bestseller No. 2
CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw, 12-Inch Hacksaw (CMHT20138)
  • BLADE SECURITY: Solid metal frame of the hand saw is designed for tension up to 225 lbs.
  • DEEP CUTS: The handsaw has 12-inch fixed blade length and 4.375-inch cutting depth
  • FLUSH CUTS: 90-degree and 180-degree adjustable blade angles allow for flush cuts
  • COMFORT: Large, comfortable tension knob with a full-grip handle
SaleBestseller No. 3
KATA 10 Inch Aluminum Frame Compact Hand Operate Mini Hack Saw,Small Hand Saw Hacksaw for Wood and Metal,2pc Extra Flexible Bi-Metal HSS Blades Included
  • EXCELLENT DESIGN: Lightweight but very solid aluminum alloy frame hacksaw for easy use, ergonomic double injection anti-slip grip for comfortable operation and very durable. Loosen and fix screw to change and replace blades.
  • ESSENTIAL HACK SAW: This close quarter hacksaw is perfect for cutting in tight, small and hard to reach spaces, making this mini hacksaw a necessary tool for the craftsman's arsenal.
  • WIDELY APPLICATIONS: This mini cutter come with 1pc 10” x1/2"x24T Bi-metal HSS blade and Extra 2PCS for exchange, Ideal for wood,PVC,plasterboard,metal sheet and foam cutting.
  • IDEAL MINI HAND SAW: This portable hacksaw features an ergonomic rubber grip handle and Dual-action blade lock for safe using; Hacksaw blade holder accepts 10 inch and 12 inch hacksaw blades.
  • FULL SPECIFICATIONS: 10 Inch Aluminum Frame Compact Hand Operate Mini Hack Saw; Includes total 3pcs 10” x1/2"x24T Bi-metal HSS blades; Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handle; Dual-action Blade Lock; Adjustable Frame Accepts 10 Inch and 12 Inch Blades; 2.5 Inch Cut Depth; 11.5 Inch Length.