Best Folding Saw in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide


Since all full-sized saws are large and heavy which is a big hassle to carry during camping, a folding saw is one of the best survival tools that all campers and outdoor enthusiasts need in their backpack. Thanks to its compact size, lightweight, and folding handle, you can keep this versatile tool even in your pocket.

Best Folding Saw in 2022 - Reviews & Buyers Guide
Photo by IGOR FIGUEREDO on Unsplash

A folding saw works as a multipurpose tool that can be used for bush-crafting, tree pruning, firewood or log cutting, and much more. This is why a folding saw is a must-have tool for those who love camping and hunting. Not only does a folding saw make a good survival gear or camping saw, but it is also a great addition to your toolbox for backyard chores like clearing and pruning.

It works exactly like a full-sized saw! However, the main problem arises when you have to choose the best one from the many folding saw options available. To make this selection easy for you, we’ve listed the best folding saws for all-purpose use.

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1. Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw Check Latest Price

The Laplander folding saw is a great tool for all hunters, campers, gardeners, and wildlife, or outdoor enthusiasts. It has a total folded 9’’ length with a 7.5’’ blade made of high-quality Sandvik stainless steel.  This Sweden-made saw blade features sharp 7 hardpoint Bahco XT teeth per inch that make it ideal for cutting plastic, greenwood, dry wood, and even bones. This allows for an easy cut in both forward and backward strokes. For smoother cuts, this saw blade has a black non-stick coating that glides through hard tough materials easily without jamming and requires less effort. Plus, this protective coating increases the blade’s life as it protects against rusting and friction.

To provide a perfect grip and balance while cutting, it has a 2-component green-colored plastic handle that comes with a safety lock that works when blade folded and opened for utmost safety. Weighing only 7.1 ounce makes it extremely lightweight and compact to fit in any trouser’s pocket.

  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • 7 TPI
  • Cuts through tough materials smoothly
  • Good-grip handle
  • Secure locking system
  • Hard to find if fallen as green color camouflages with wilderness

Why we like it:

Bahco Laplander is a good value for money as it’s reliable and makes cutting through hard materials totally effortless. Plus, it has a low-friction sharp blade with an easy yet very secure opening and lock mechanism.

2. Corona RazorTOOTH RS 7265D folding saw

Corona RazorTOOTH RS 7265D folding sawCheck Latest Price

If you need high-performance bushcraft saw, this Corona RS 7265D folding saw is the right pick for you. This folding saw is engineered with high-carbon Japanese SK5 steel that has more carbon content for exceptional durability and hardness. Unlike other folding saws that use a straight blade, the Corona RazorTooth features a curved 10” blade that is designed to cut medium to large tree branches up to 6” wide. For friction reduction during the cut, its blade is applied with the final layer of hard chrome. Also, this acts as a rust-protective layer for longer life of the blade. Each saw tooth is triple-ground that offers 3 angles for easy cutting and has 6 teeth per inch that cut 2.5x more material per pull stroke.

Thanks to the impulse hardening process on teeth, they maintain their sharpness even after numerous cuts. It features replaceable blades with different sizes (10, 8, and 7’’). Besides, the co-molded and ergonomically designed handle will offer you the most comfortable grip for long periods of usage. Weighing just 0.80 lbs also makes it convenient to carry outdoors.

  • Impulse hardened blade with longer life
  • 2x faster cutting
  • Comfortable-grip ergonomic handle
  • Pull-back cutting action
  • Sharp teeth not fully covered when folded

Why we like it:

The 6 TPI covers a more cutting surface with fewer strokes than a traditional folding saws so you finish tree pruning tasks more efficiently in less time. Plus, the Corona RazorTooth doesn’t lose its sharpness over time and is a great bushcraft gear.

3. Silky Professional BIGBOY 2000 Folding Saw

Check Latest Price

If an average-sized folding saw doesn’t cut large limbs, then BIGBOY 2000 is what you need. As the name suggests, this BIGBOY 2000 folding saw features 14.2’’ blade that has a curved design and 1.8mm thickness.

This large-size blade allows large cutting capacity, reach, and long strokes to cut hard, dry, or green wood efficiently. Ideal for hiking, camping, landscaping, construction projects, and bush crafting, this Silky folding saw is versatile. It features Japanese tooth design with MIRAI-ME large and impulse-hardened 5.5 teeth per inch. Besides, the blade is taper-ground and chrome-plated to prevent rusting. This low-friction blade design makes cutting large limbs completely effortless.

In addition to a secure lever-lock mechanism, you can also set 2 open positions for flush or inline cutting. For a well-balanced, secure, and comfortable grip, the BIGBOY has an aluminum handle with a rubberized non-slip coating on both sides and a lanyard hole at the bottom for attaching carrying loop. Having a larger blade doesn’t mean it weighs heavy like a conventional saw, the BIGBOY 200 is only 1.25lbs and folds to 16’’ length in the closed position.

  • Large-size curved blade
  • Sharper teeth
  • Secure handle
  • Comes with Sheath
  • Expensive than other listed folding saws

Why we like it:

What’s make it great is that it works better, faster, and smoother than a full-sized saw. The large 14’’ blade with sharp 5.5 TPI is ideal for arborists, hunters, and campers who want to cut larger logs.

4. SOG Folding Saw

SOG Folding SawCheck Latest Price

Looking for an all-in-one folding hand saw, then SOG F10N-CP is great as it features hard tempered steel 8.25’’ blade with very sharp teeth. The blade coated with a final layer of black powder increases durability, hardness, and sharpness while also acts as a rust-resistant coating. This low-friction blade comes in handy for multiple uses; a good compact saw for campers, hunters, and woodsmen.

It is 100% safe and secure to use, thanks to the easy locking notch with a button-press that also locks in the closed position avoiding accidental blade opening. Talking about the comfortable-grip black handle, it’s made of TPR that has great abrasion-resistance, is lightweight, and doesn’t cause hand slipping.

Moreover, the SOG folding saw is backed with a lifetime warranty. The saw weighs 0.57lbs and folds to 9’’ compact. Another great thing about this hand saw is that it comes with a nylon sheath with a belt loop to carry conveniently.

  • Tempered 8.25’’ blade
  • Nylon sheath provided
  • TPR soft-grip handle
  • Lightweight
  • Some users complain about blade bending after a few uses

Why we like it:

This military-grade folding hand saw by SOG cuts deep through all wood types on each pull stroke. It’s hard tempered steel blade and a foldable design makes it great for multipurpose use: tactical, industrial, hunting, outdoor, and everyday use.

5. LAOA Folding Hand Saw

LAOA Folding Hand SawCheck Latest Price

The LAOA folding saw is another great sturdy and multipurpose tool that can be used for pruning, gardening, trail clearing, hunting, landscaping, camping, campfire, woodworking, and survival gear as it easily cuts through all wood types, PVC pipes, other plastics, and bones.

It features a 10” folding blade that is specially engineered with SK5 carbon alloy steel with triple edge impulse hardened teeth with 9 TPI. These teeth stay razor-sharp and tear-free even after multiple uses. With the easy-push lock button, you can securely fix the blade in 2 different angle positions when opened to meet your cutting demands.

Furthermore, this safety lock holds the blade tight in the closed position while no teeth are exposed when folded to prevent injury risk. What makes a saw comfortable to use is the handle material. The LAOA hand saw’s handle is designed ergonomically with anti-skid black and green handle rubber handle that offers a comfy and firm grip for effortless cutting. For added protection and security, you are provided with free safety white gloves and plastic storage case.

  • Triple edge curved teeth
  • Sharp durable blade
  • 2 adjustable angles for cutting
  • Free safety gloves
  • Safety gear lock
  • No rust-protective coating on the blade
  • The blade is not replaceable

Why we like it:

We like the sharpness of hardened triple edge teeth design and blade size which can be used for a number of different cutting tasks ranging from cutting grass to PVC tubes. The blade is sharp and durable and teeth are less likely to get stuck when cutting logs.

6. EVERSAW Folding Hand Saw

EVERSAW Folding Hand SawCheck Latest Price

This Japanese style pull-cut saw is perfect to take on camping and hunting. Home Planet Gear features a rugged 8” blade that’s made from solid SK5 high-carbon steel. Moreover, the blade has triple cut razor-sharp medium teeth that can smoothly cut through all materials including bone, wood, and plastic of 4’’ diameter without any bending or breakage.

For fast sawing action, the teeth are impulse hardened and don’t lose their sharpness after prolonged use. This sharp design also reduces friction for smooth cutting. This hand saw opens 17’’ in full length with 8’’ blade and folds compact to just 9’’ to fit easily anywhere in your pocket or backpack.

Plus, the weight of 0.63lbs is something that you won’t feel. So easy and safe to use, it comes with a gear lock system with a depress orange button to release and close the blade and holds it tightly at the desired angle position. Thanks to thermoplastic rubber handle, this ensures that you’ll have a comfortable firm grip.

  • High carbon steel blade
  • Non-slip rubber handle
  • 5 inches closed length
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Blade gets loose from the handle with multiple uses

Why we like it:

Unlike other flimsy folding saws that bend easily, this EverSaw has rock-solid durability and strength due to its rugged carbon steel blade. It’s an easy-to-use folding saw with a portable lightweight design.

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Folding Saw Buyers Guide

Before you make a purchase, consider the following things to get the right folding saw that suits your needs.

Purpose and usage

Keep in mind that not folding saws on the market are the same. Some of the models work best for your home backyard and gardening chores while others are intended for use during camping, hiking, or hunting. Also, not every folding saw can cut through the same materials. Those who cut through wood might not be sharp enough to cut plastic or metal.

Blade length and design

Folding Saw Buyers Guide
Photo by IGOR FIGUEREDO on Unsplash

The blade length and design is an important consideration depending on the material you want to cut. A long blade length cuts more material in fewer longer strokes and best suitable for hardwoods, larger limbs, and branches. For trimming smaller branches and bushes, a smaller blade is better. To cut solid tough materials like bone, plastic, and larger bushes or branches, a straight blade is advised while a curved blade is easy to use for pruning smaller tree branches and shrubs. A curved blade is more flexible than a straight one.

Blade material

It goes without saying that blade material should be highly durable to withstand different cutting purposes. Most folding saws feature a high carbon steel blade due to its high wear-resistance, strength, and sharpness yet so lightweight.

However, it requires maintenance to prevent dullness, rusting, and debris build-up. The blade coated with a non-stick rust-proof coating is a good choice when it comes to folding saws. Thinner blades tend to break easily under pressure but thicker blades are heavy.

Teeth per inch (TPI)

The number of teeth per inch is the deciding factor of folding saw’s cutting efficiency, suitable material, and type of finish. Larger TPI means that you’ll get smoother, neat, and precise cuts but takes a lot of time to cut materials. On the other side, smaller TPI offers fast aggressive cuts with a rougher finish.

A saw blade with fewer TPI ranging from 1-7 has larger coarse teeth with deep gullets that cut larger quantity on each push or pull stroke. They are more suitable for cutting and trimming greenwood. The medium-toothed blade has 7-10 TPI and works well for general-purpose usage. It is an ideal choice of woodworkers to create high-quality precise cuts of softer wood. Fine-tooth saw blade comes with 10 or above TP1 with smaller teeth and shallow gullets. Bones, metals, and hardwoods require fine-teeth.


Safety is something that you should not compromise even a bit when buying a folding saw. Look for the one that has a secure locking mechanism to tightly hold the blade in place when folded or unfolded. Since the teeth are sharp, make sure that there are no exposed teeth when the blade is folded inside handle to avoid hand injuries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a folding saw?

A folding saw is compact camping or hunting gear to cut different materials mainly wood. It is lightweight and the blade folds inwards into a rubber or plastic handle when in a closed position to make it smaller in size for easy carrying. The blade features serrated teeth on the cutting side. Due to their small folding size, you can take it to any place where you want. Folding hand saw work exclusively on human effort; manual without any electric cables or wires.

What is a folding saw used for?

A folding saw is used for cutting different wood types that include hardwood, dry wood, plywood, chipboard, softwood, and MDF. One of its main uses includes tree pruning for trimming shrubs and branches. Moreover, it can also cut through plastic, bones, ceramic, and some soft metals.

How do you use a folding saw?

Using a folding saw is very simple. Just release the folded blade from handle from a push of a button or lock lever. Adjust the blade position and angle and lock it again to secure so the blade doesn’t move. Rest blade against the material surface and pull stroke towards yourself with downward pressure. Moving back and forth allows for the clearing of debris and waste materials. When done cutting, fold the blade inwards into the handle and lock it. 


All the above listed folding saws do well when it comes to practical usage in woodworking, landscaping, hunting, camping, and tree pruning. Though the basic design is the same, some differences make one folding saw superior to the other. Choose the one that best suits your need but our top pick has to be Bahco Laplander folding saw that is compact to fit in any pocket but cuts more efficiently than a full-sized hand saw.

Expert Tip

Although folding is a great survival gear, it is not a complete alternative to a knife. So, it is better and more useful to have both tools if you go camping or hunting in the wilderness. The knife blade is thin with edged bevel while saw uses a serrated blade.

Did you know?

The teeth formation and blade determine the sawing style. Your saw will cut on pull stroke if teeth point back towards the saw handle. The pull stroke saw has a thinner blade and allows for fine precise cuts. For a push stroke, the teeth should point away from saw handle and cuts tough hard materials.

Amazon Recommends:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Silky Professional Bigboy 2000 Folding Saw 360mm XL Teeth Outback Edition (754-36)
  • PORTABLE FOLDING HANDSAW: This professional handsaw combines superior performance and ergonomics with high-quality design. The handle is made of an arbor composite which provides excellent grip and control for wet, cold and game-processing conditions and the blade itself can be folded down. A storage case is included.
  • A VARIETY OF USES: This saw handles large limbs, small trunks and even many construction projects with no problem. A versatile blade for a number of jobs including pruning, trimming, branch cutting, hunting, game-processing or maintaining your lawn or garden. No matter the work you have to do, whether it be hard or delicate, this blade makes the perfect addition to your tool collection.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BLADE: Blacking plating allows the entire blade, including the teeth to be coated with a unique, highly durable Nickel/Tin blend which provides a longer blade life and improved cutting performance.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: This saw blade is made with high-quality SK4 high-carbon steel that is 1.4 mm thick. The blade's teeth were taper-ground and impulse-hardened to further improve its cutting capabilities and can last up to three times longer than non-hardened blade teeth. The blade itself is 360mm (14.2") in length, with 5.5 teeth per inch (6.5 teeth per 30 mm).
  • JAPANESE MIRAI-ME CUTTING TECHNOLOGY: The high-quality and smooth-cutting design used to create this saw blade provides an unmatched cutting experience. Features 4 cutting angles along the blade for rip-cutting, cross-cutting and slant cutting, leaving a smooth surface every time. Silky saws sold in US are covered by Silky’s “Limited Lifetime Warranty” against defects in material and construction.
SaleBestseller No. 2
REXBETI Folding Saw, Compact Design 8 Inch Blade Hand Saw for Wood Camping, Dry Wood Pruning Saw with Hard Teeth, Quality SK-5 Steel
  • Durable SK-5 steel blade for efficient cutting during camping survival bushcraft landscaping and general yard work
  • Heavy duty rugged 8" long blade helps you power through thick branches faster, 8" blade is ideal for cutting 4" - 5" diameter branches
  • Aggressive staggered teeth ( 7 TPI ) allows ultra smooth and sharp sawing
  • Comfortable and longer rubber coated polymer handle ensures a firm grip in any weather condition
  • Compact design folding saw pole pruning saw
SaleBestseller No. 3
EverSaw Folding Hand Saw Camp Saw 8" Foldable Saw - Compact Handsaw for Trees Pruning Garden Saws – Rugged Camping Saw for Wood Trails Backpacking Saw - Folding Bone Saw for Hunting
  • Premium Quality - EverSaw Folding Saw is a rugged pull cut hand saw built to last with an adjustable medium-tooth 8 inch SK5 carbon steel blade. You’ll always have a good grip on the ribbed rubber handle of our small hand saw thanks to an ergonomic and non-slip design
  • Pull Cut Design - Triple-cut razor teeth of your backpacking saw are made for pull cut sawing with 9 teeth per inch (9TPI) to provide smooth fast sawing. Hardened to stay sharp your small saw for wood can easily cut through branches, bone and even PVC plastic up to 4 inches in diameter
  • Multipurpose - From camping and survival in the great outdoors to everyday yard work and landscaping our folding handsaw is up to the task. You can use our compact folding saw as a folding camp saw, backpack saw, folding tree saw, folding garden saw, survival saw, tree branch saw, limb saw, game saw or add it to your hunting saw set
  • Safe and Secure Blade Lock - Your safety is our top priority with your foldable saw so our blade is specially designed with a stronger dependable gear lock to secure the open blade firmly in place. Extended full length of blade and handle is 17 inches and 9½ inches when closed with no teeth exposed for safe carry
  • Lifetime Guarantee - At Home Planet Gear we stand by our products and offer a full replacement warranty if you experience any issues with your HPG product. Simply contact HPG directly through the Amazon messaging system and we will be happy to assist you with any questions, issues or difficulties you encounter. Complete customer satisfaction is what we strive for at HPG