Best Drill Press Table in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide


Having a drill press is really helpful for a lot of work but if you want to be able to improve your work, you may want to consider investing in a drill press table. A table isn’t required but it really does come in handy in improving accuracy as well as consistency in your work. It also will probably improve your speed and precision in the same go.

Best Drill Press Table in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide
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Your drill press most likely has a built-in table but it is probably a bare bones table with very little working space. Adding a drill press table gives you more space to get your work done.

If you’re going to purchase a drill press table, you need to know the best options. We’ve put together a guide to help you know the very best choices on the market, as well as understanding the details that might make a table one of the best.

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How to Choose the Best Drill Press Tables

How to Choose the Best Drill Press Tables
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One of the most important parts of choosing a drill press table is understanding what to look for. The best drill press for your needs may be different from someone else’s. That’s why we’ve given you a variety of options to choose from.

However, we also want you to know the qualities that might set drill press tables apart from each other and qualities that you just might want to keep your eye on as you check out the options.


The first thing you need to keep in mind is that not every drill press table will fit every model. Before you buy, be sure that you check and double check those details so you don’t end up with a table that isn’t going to work with your drill press.

Some of the tables out there are made to fit specific brands or specific sizes so paying attention to this detail and what the table you are looking at will actually fit is going to be a major part of your process. With that being said, some of the models are just made to fit a certain size and will be more universal to a variety of drill presses.

However, you still want to keep this at the forefront of your thoughts as you make a decision.


Durability is an important aspect of choosing the best drill press table. Why is durability important? Chances are you are going to be hard on the table. You’re going to be using it to work so it needs to be able to stand up to the tasks that you test it against.

The table should be durable so that you can use it to get your work done and not have to worry about it falling apart, warping, or simply not holding up when you’re in the middle of a task.

You can take a good look at durability by checking out the materials that a table is made with. You can also take a quick peek at what other users and reviewers have said. This is often one of the best ways to really understand whether the table is going to be a reliable tool to have.

Built-In Drill Press Table Vs. Additional Table

Built-In Drill Press Table Vs. Additional Table
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You may be wondering why you just can’t use that table that’s already part of your drill press. You totally can. Not every drill press has a table but the ones that do have small tables attached to them to work with your press.

The drill press table that comes on your press is most likely a cast iron or some other solid and sturdy table. However, it is also probably fairly small in size. Since it is cast iron, it probably also tends to add a lot of extra vibration when you are working.

Those tables certainly can be helpful and serve a purpose but they aren’t amazing when you’re drilling a lot or working with larger materials.

This is where a drill press table can really come in handy. When you add an external table to drill presses, it gives you more stability and more space to work with. You can make quite a few more cuts and work with quite a few more materials as well.

You’re not quite as limited as you might be with the standard table on drill presses.

Now, some of this will depend on whether or not you get a good table, which is why we are here after all.

Table Size

Finally, in things that you should consider, think about the size of the table. You certainly want a table that is going to give you some extra space but there are several different size options out there for you to choose from.

While it’s not a huge range, you may find yourself wanting a specific size. Most tables will measure somewhere between 24 x 16 and 24 x 12 inches. It is also possible to find them both smaller and larger than this but you will find that these are the average sizes.

You may have no preference at all on the size but you do need that table to work for your needs so check out the size and consider what it means for your drill press. Remember this table is going to be larger than the standard table on drill presses so you may need to plan for that additional space that it is going to require.

The Best Tables for Drill Presses Reviewed

We’ve taken the time to search through all of the drill press table options on the market to help you narrow down the playing field. You could spend hours searching through the options, only to get frustrated that you still can’t figure out the best. Or you can take a look at these options and rest assured that we already spent those hours narrowing it down for you!

Below, you will find all of our top picks for the best drill press table options on the market.

1. Best Overall: Wood River Drill Press Table

Wood River Drill Press TableCheck Latest Price

First up is our top choice overall, the Wood River press table. This table has unique measurements of 23 3/8 x 15 1/2 inches. It is made with two t tracks that are back to back t tracks. They have an anchor fence and also include scales.

There are also two saddle stops on the table so you can flip them out of the way when you don’t need them. These little things give you the ability to make adjustments to your own table for whatever you might be working on. This particular table should fit most drill press machine options that are 14 inches or larger, this includes benchtop drill presses.

You could easily call this table a premium option because it’s a large table, compatible with a lot of different options, and has all of the tools to help you with accurate drilling. The only downside is that you will need your own fastening screws but it has literally everything else.

This table is nicely made with the t slots, backstop, and saddle stops. You really probably won’t find much better quality. It is slightly higher in price than some of them out there but the quality is pretty stellar.


Size: 15 1/2 x 23 3/8
Drill fit: 14 inches and larger
T tracks: back to back (2)
Stops: 2 saddle stops

Key Features: (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Size: 10
  • Durability: 10
  • Stability: 10
  • Compatibility: 10
  • Removable insert included
  • Two t tracks for plenty of variability
  • Adjustable fence that even swings out of your way
  • Premium materials and design
  • Fits most drill press machine models 14 inches and larger
  • Does not include its own attachment screws

Why We Like It: When we look at the details of the table it stands out to us because it is really well-made. It has plenty of room and accessories for being able to customize everything you do and it’s the perfect size to fit most available drill press tables out there.

2. Budget Pick: Wen DPA2413T Drill Press Table

Wen DPA2413T Drill Press TableCheck Latest Price

Don’t be fooled by the cheap price on this table. Not only does it fit Wen drill presses but it fits some other drill presses too. This WEN table is made to give you the ability to take your drilling machine to the next level. It’s a simple model really but also one that you can depend on. It expands your working surface by 275 square inches.

You can make precise holes with ease on this spacious table. The table features just basic supplies like an adjustable fence and a stop block. The adjustable ruler is a sliding fence that you can move to wherever you need it.

This is made with heavy duty material. It was designed for Wen but it has a universal mounting system so it really will work for many within the 5-16 inch range. The table itself measures 12 x 24 so it’s one of the larger tables you will find and it works with larger drill presses or smaller drill presses.

This tabletop is slightly thinner than some out there so you may still notice some vibration from your drilling machine but it does hold stable for the most part while you drill holes like a champ.


Size:12 x 24 inches
Drill fit: 5-16 inches
T tracks: NA
Stops: stop blocks

Key Features: (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Size: 10
  • Durability: 9
  • Stability: 9
  • Compatibility: 10
  • This can be a replacement table or a great add on the table thanks to universal clamps
  • Affordable, quality option
  • Includes basic features to keep it simple
  • Large 12 x 24 table
  • Compatible with most drill presses within the size range
  • You may need to adjust hold down clamps for accuracy
  • The materials are lightweight so you still may experience vibration

Why We Like It: When you want something simple and affordable, Wen almost always delivers. This table is compatible with a lot of options from benchtop drill press to large drill press and more in between. You might be able to tell that it’s more cheaply made but it’s still reliable and works well for the job.

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3. Best Value: Fulton Deluxe Drill Press Table

Fulton Deluxe Drill Press TableCheck Latest Price

If you want the best bang for your buck among the best drill press tables, look no further. Fulton got the design right with this option and it comes with pretty much all of the bells and whistles for anything you might need.

You’re going to pay a little more for this one as well but did we mention that it comes with all of the things? We’re talking an aluminum l fence, the stop block, two hold down clamps made of PVC and aluminum, a throat plate, and even tilt capabilities.

The title says deluxe and they pretty much mean what they say. This is great for many drill presses from large floor options to small bench options. It is made to be thick with MDF materials that measures 1 3/8 inches in thickness. This helps ensure you have little to no vibration.

The zero clearance plate slides out easily and you can make multiple holes and keep on moving along. Even with all of these awesome features, it’s still an easy table to use and you can put the whole table to work. This one measures 15 inches wide by 24 inches long.


Size: 15 x 24 inches
Drill fit:fits most
T tracks: two T tracks
Stops: stop blocks

Key Features: (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Size: 10
  • Durability: 10
  • Stability: 10
  • Compatibility: 10
  • Works for a small table or a large table and everything in between
  • Includes a tilting fence
  • Comes with 2 step clamps
  • Includes a cutout for sanding drums
  • Made to drill repetitively with accuracy
  • You may have to square up the fence when you first get your table

Why We Like It: This table really knows how to make an entrance. It offers maximum holding power, tilting fence, a laminated surface and thick material for smooth work, and the ability to drill fast and repetitively. We also really appreciate the drum sander cutout that is often forgotten.

4. Woodpeckers Drill Press Table Package Kit

Woodpeckers Drill Press Table Package KitCheck Latest Price

Next up, we have a great choice from Woodpecker. This comes in a package with other tools and attachments. It sports double wide t tracks, a full center scale, and an oversized fence with parallel slots. It also has two clamps that are fully adjustable and give you semi circular clearance.

This comes in a package kit and the brand actually has more than one package to choose from. This one specifically has a 36 inch fence made of alloy steel, 6 stainless steel flip stops, 2 knuckle clamps, and a filler block. The t slots t tracks serve a dual purpose as that is also the fence attachment space.

This table top is formica micro dot laminate that measures 16 x 23 inches to give you plenty of room on the table size. The interior of the table is made with MDF material (MDF core) so you don’t have to worry about surface tension or vibration. The fence is 36 inches to give you some additional working space as well for the table size.

Everything sports durable material and you will have no troubles working with your drill bits to make things happen. This also has a drum sander cutout for your convenience.


Size: 16 x 23 inches
Drill fit: fits most
T tracks: T track and t slots (double sized)
Stops:flip stop block

Key Features: (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Size: 10
  • Durability: 10
  • Stability: 10
  • Compatibility: 10
  • Made with durable materials, like the MDF core
  • Includes clamping accessories that are adjustable
  • Oversized 36 inch fence
  • Measurement scales are all laser engraved
  • Stands out with pops of red on the fence and clamping accessories
  • You might have to make adjustments or use attachments to get this on your table, particularly non slotted tables

Why We Like It: This best drill press table really knows how to give you a little something extra. It has that sanding drum cutout, two universal table clamps, a sturdy table, and an oversized adjustable fence. While you might have to do a little bit of work for attachment, the drill press table itself is great quality with plenty of capability.

5. MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table

MLCS 9765 Drill Press TableCheck Latest Price

Next up, check out this MLCS 9765 drill press table. It’s another simple table that is well made but designed to be simple and easy to work with. The table includes the throat plate as well as t slots and space for sanding drums. Most aftermarket tables will be similar to this at a basic level. They kept it simple but gave you maximum holding power for your work.

It’s a heavy duty build that measures 12 x 24 inches. The table was designed to give you some versatility and precision all in one place. This one does have an adjustable fence on the t track but it’s not labeled with any measurements or scales for you.

While it’s nothing fancy it still has all of the basics that you would need in a best drill press table. The sliding fence stop block is in place, you’ve got t slots, it has the removable insert, and it has t tracks. It’s versatile and it’s compatible with the majority of drill presses out there as well.

You can easily add some universal table clamps for the perfect setup and you will be ready to go as far as drill press tables are concerned.


Size: 12 x 14 inches
Drill fit: fits most
T tracks: two T tracks
Stops: fence stop block

Key Features: (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Size: 10
  • Durability: 9
  • Stability: 9
  • Compatibility: 10
  • Simple add on for drill press tables
  • Bare bones design without distraction
  • Removable insert for your needs
  • Easy to attach with hold down clamps
  • Adjustable fence on the tracks
  • There are no measurements or scales on this drill press table

Why We Like It: This drill press table is perfect for a simple approach. It’s basic but it gives you the ability to make adjustments and do your work when and how you need to. It doesn’t have distractions that just get in your way and it’s sturdy and reliable.

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer's Guide
Photo by Mushon Tamir on Unsplash

Now that you’ve seen the best drill press table options, let’s take a look at some other details that you may want to consider. These details are going to be basic things that you want to keep in mind. Most drill press tables will have them in some capacity and you just need to be aware of the details.

Listen, we can tell you our top pick all day long but we all have different needs. While we brought you a variety of options here, the end result and your pick is going to be based on your own needs so don’t forget to think about those!

Table Thickness

A drill press table can come in many different sizes. We talked about the size earlier in our guide but we want to take just a moment to discuss the thickness of the table as well. This is a small aspect but it is something most people forget to even look at.

The thickness of your table will most likely affect the vibrations of the table, as will whatever the table is made of. You will find that these tables are mostly made with MDF or sometimes something like aluminum. Some of them have laminate coatings but it’s the center that you want to know about.

The general standard is for the table to be 1 inch thick. However, that is not always the case. Some tables are even thicker than that and those are excellent finds. A thicker table simply helps to reduce the vibration from the drill bit moving. Reduced vibration will help with things like accuracy and precision, which are probably some of your reasons for getting a drill press table to begin with.

Clamps and Attachments

Some tables come with clamps and some tables don’t. There isn’t a right or wrong answer here but you will want to take note as you may need hold down clamps for your table. The clamps can be used for work but most of the time they are actually used to clamp down the table to the existing table on your drill press.

You have to be able to attach the add on drill press table in order to use it. If you can’t clamp it or attach it then how will it stabilize when you are working? Makes sense, right?

These clamps are designed to attach the two tables together but also to hold your additional table still and steady. They are a connecting stabilizer. You will find that there are tables out there that require things like bolts and screws to attach. This is totally acceptable if you are willing to work with them. In fact, those attachments might actually give you more stability overall than just the clamping mechanisms.

Whatever you do, check to see if your drill press table comes with clamps or screws or whether you are going to need to figure out that detail in order to use the drill press table. Many people realize as an afterthought that they need more parts and get annoyed with that fact. Of course, many tables come with the parts as well so it’s really all in the details.


Tracks are an important part of a drill press table. These tracks might be made in different ways or with different materials but you certainly want them to be there. The most common material is aluminum but you also might find plastic as well, depending on the price and the build of the table.

These tracks are useful for tracking, measuring, scaling, and more. They can also be used to attach a fence or move an adjustable fence. You definitely want tracks of some sort, even if it isn’t the traditional double t-tracks that are the most common style and what you will find on pretty much every option listed here.

We definitely recommend making sure you have tracks of some sort as you can use them for the fence as well as measuring or attaching other accessories like fasteners and clamps. They aren’t just there for looks and will most likely be an essential part of the work that you do.


There are a lot of drill press table options out there that actually don’t have a fence included. However, if they have the tracks, you can add on your own fence so you can be covered either way. You will find everything we shared here actually has the fence so you should be covered.

If you find a model without a fence that you prefer, we recommend that you at least make sure you have tracks in case you decide to add a fence later on.

If you get a stable fence that is fine but we recommend finding an adjustable fence so that you can move it around on the table to suit your needs. The fence is like a stop for your piece that you are working on and they can be very important for accuracy and precision.

You may feel as though a fence is not important but if accuracy is really what you’re after, you will be impressed at how much of a difference a fence on the drill press table could really make.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use a Drill Press Table?

The drill press table is meant to sit on top of your existing table. You should be able to clamp it down or screw it together to keep it stable. The drill press table is meant to give you some additional working room that extends beyond the limited size of the table your drill press came with.

What is the Best Drill Press Table?

Our favorite overall pick is the Wood River premium table but you really can’t go wrong with any of the options that we have shared here in this guide.

How Big of a Table Do I Need for My Drill Press?

This will depend on your preferences. Tables for a drill press do come in different sizes but they typically range from 12 x 24 inches to 16 x 24 inches. You will find that some are smaller and some are larger so you have the ability to choose what works for you.


We hope that this guide to finding a quality drill press table will work well for your needs. It’s the best way to take your work on the drill press to the next level and be able to work more efficiently and more accurately no matter what you are doing.

Which table do you have your eye on?

Expert Tip

Take a moment to look at the tracks or the fence and see if they include measurements. While you don’t have to have measurements there to be successful with your work, they can come in really handy and just make squaring, measuring, and aligning that much easier for you.

Did You Know?

Did you know that not every drill press table comes with the accessories needed to attach it to your press? You may need additional clamps or screws to make your attached table work and hold stable while you take care of business.

Ideally, these will be provided but that simply isn’t always the case. A simple clamp or some screws will usually do the trick if you need them!

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
WEN DPA2513 24-by-12-Inch Drill Press Table with an Adjustable Fence and Stop Block
  • Expand your drill press workspace; compatible with the entire WEN Drill Press series
  • Spacious table measures in at 23-7/8 x 11-7/8 x 1 inches
  • Unique design provides clearance for the drill press’ table height adjustment crank
  • Adjustable fence and stop block paired with the onboard rulers allow for precise and uniform drilling
Bestseller No. 2
WEN DPA2412T 24 in. x 12 in. Drill Press Table with an Adjustable Fence and Stop Block
  • Expand your workspace by 275 square inches (23-7/8 inch width, 11-7/8 inch depth)
  • Spacious table measures in at 23-7/8 x 11-7/8 x 1 inches
  • Fits any drill press table between 5 and 16 inches in width
  • Designed to fit the entire WEN Drill Press Series
SaleBestseller No. 3
POWERTEC 71539 Drill Press Table 14-Inch x 24-Inch w/Complete Aluminum Multi T-Track Fence System – Professional Woodworking Series
  • FUNCTION: This drill press kit provides you with a versatile collection of drill press tools and accessories when you need to take your drill press to the next level. Helps delivers professional looking results for many of your woodworking, plastic or composite drilling and metalworking applications
  • UNIVERSAL TABLE TOP: Allows for quick and secure mounting to most styles and sizes (includes 12” or larger) of drill press tables
  • MULTI T-TRACK FENCE: Laser etched scale, 24 inches long with exceptional straightness - Reversible profile for left or right measure), spaced 3/4” apart (on center), 3/4” thick and 3 inches high. This multi-functional tool accepts the most common accessory fasteners 1/4” T-bolts, 5/16” T-bolts and 1/4” hex bolts
  • PROJECT VERSATILITY: Comes with an assortment of woodworking clamps, adjustable inserts and knobs that put the control back into your hands – allowing you to adjust your equipment to accommodate your specific project requirements and goals
  • SET INCLUDES: Drill press table top, t-track fence, t track clamps, fence flip stops, L-shaped track brackets, knobs, inserts and other installation hardware

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