Best Contractor Table Saw in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide


When it comes to choosing a table saw, there are several different types of table saws out there. You have cabinet saws, contractor saws, portable saws, and traditional table saws. In this guide, we are going to focus on the contractor table saw and share with you some tips, as well as our top recommendations for the best options.

There is quite a bit to know before you just run out and purchase a contractor table saw and we’re here to fill you in on all of those details.

Let’s get started!

Buyer’s Guide

What are Contractor Table Saws?

Buyer's Guide What are Contractor Table Saws?
Image by Skitterphoto on Pexels

You have probably seen the traditional shop table saw or benchtop table saws that sit on a work table or bench in your workshop. Then, you’ve heard about the portable table saws that you can move around wherever you need and take them to job sites as well.

But what happens when you need the power of a benchtop table saw (and then some, maybe) combined with the convenience of a portable table saw? This is where the contractor saw comes in. The contractor table saw is a jobsite table saw.

The contractor table saw is made to be conveniently portable while also giving you a lot more power in comparison to a traditional portable table saw. They are slightly larger and will probably be heavier as well but the best contractor table saws will deliver the power when you need it.

What you will find is that contractor table saws still have a broad range of options and accessories. Some of them might have a dust collection system while others may not. Then, of course, you have specs like a cast iron table, a high inch rip capacity, and maybe even the miter gauge or riving knife to consider.

We will get into those details more here in just a bit.

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Contractor Table Saw Vs Portable Saw Vs Cabinet Saw

Contractor Table Saw Vs Portable Saw Vs Cabinet Saw
Image by Cleyder Duque on Unsplash

How does the contractor table saw really stand out when you compare it to these other saws? Is it really worth the bulkier saw that costs more or can you just go with a portable model and get the same results for a cheaper price?

Well, in the end, this decision will be purely up to you but we think you will find if you need a little more power and versatility on the work site, the contractor table saws can be the solution.

The contractor table saws essentially fill the gap between the power of the cabinet saw and the portability of the portable saw. It’s a nice go-between when you really need the best of both worlds out there on the job.

And you don’t have to be working on a job site to appreciate contractor table saws. While that is kind of what their purpose was designed for, they can be used in a workshop or anywhere you want or need to power them up.

Contractor table saws come to you on a rolling stand but they are more powerful than most table saws built like this. They have the same power to table saws on a cabinet table, which is where they really stand out.

You get power plus portability on a rolling stand and so you get the best of both worlds.

Warranty Coverage

Every power tool should come with warranty coverage, but you would be amazed at how many either don’t have warranties or have lackluster warranties. We recommend always paying close attention to the warranty because you are spending money on this tool.

You certainly don’t want to spend a lot of money only to have your tool fail you in a short time and not be covered by a warranty.

While this should be a given, it’s something to pay attention to. The best table saws from reliable brands will offer warranties to cover the quality of their product but beware of companies that offer no warranty or a very limited warranty. This could be a negative mark against those.

Again, you’re making an investment so you want the quality of the contractor saws you’re thinking about to be worth the money.

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What to Look for in Contractor Table Saws

What to Look for in Contractor Table Saws
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Now, let’s talk just a few moments about what you want to look for when you’re checking out the contractor table saws. There are many features and specs to be aware of and some of them will be purely preferential to your own wants and needs.

You might want a rack and pinion system or perhaps you just need something powerful for DIY projects. Maybe you’re looking for an adjustable riving knife or even a blade brake. Whatever it is you are looking for, keep those things in mind.

On the same note, keep some of these things in mind as well to be sure you are really getting a quality contractor table saw while you’re at it.


First things first, contractor table saws are meant to be powerful saws so you need to make sure you’re really getting something with power.

The contractor table saw power is going to be measured in either amps or horse power. On the same note, this measurement really lets you know how long and how hard you can run your machine. You will need enough power for the materials you are working with but you also need enough power to run work for extended periods without the machine over heating.

We recommend looking for something that is between 1-2 HP for the best contractor table saw. If you see the power measured in amps, this is ok too. The higher the amperage, the more power the saw will provide you so keep that in mind.

One specific thing to keep in mind here is the materials you work with. If you use hardwoods a lot in your cutting jobs, you need a more powerful saw. Cutting hardwoods can quickly wear down a saw so if it has more power, it can handle the needs better.

Blade Capacity

Another thing to pay attention to is the size of the blade the table uses. The standard size for most tables is 10 inches but there are some out there that deviate from that. You might also find 12 inches to be a fairly common number as well.

Here is the catch on the blades, though. You need to easily be able to find a suitable blade to change or replace the blade when you need it. Most blades out there that are the right size (such as 10 inches) are made to be universal so they will fit any 10-inch saw.

However, there are some saws that may require specialty blades or they have a unique design for the blades. Before you go out and buy a blade or even a saw, check out the blades it can use and be sure the blades and saw will be compatible.

Cutting Capacity

Every worker knows that they need to have a hefty cutting capacity to be able to get their work done. If you’re ripping lumber or making thick cuts, you need a good cutting depth in order to accommodate this.

The cutting depth and the rip capacity are going to be important factors to pay attention to. This will tell you just how deep your saw can handle so you know if it will be sufficient. This cutting depth may not be significant to you – or it might be one of your primary concerns.

Only you will really know how much you need. If you’re not sure, take a moment to think about the types of work you will be doing. Are you mostly handling some home DIY updates and projects, will you be working with bulky and cumbersome materials, do you know what types of materials and projects you will need to accommodate?

We recommend looking for a rip capacity of at least 24, particularly if you are working with things like plywood or countertops. However, you might be able to work with slightly smaller for other things. Of course, having an even higher capacity can also be great.

It’s not uncommon for the best contractor table saws to have a 30-inch or more capacity.

We also want to point out that the rip capacity and cutting depth are not always the same but you will often see their terms entwined. Rip capacity really refers to how large of an item you can handle when ripping (not the depth).

Then, the depth capacity refers to how deep of an item the saw can handle. Most times, the ripping number is the one that stands out to people but you should be aware of depth as well. This number will mostly depend on the blade and how the saw has the blade set for you. If you’re concerned about depth, be sure to check for that detail.

Safety First

One would just assume that a table saw is set up with appropriate safety features but if we’re being honest, some contractor table saw models will be better than others on this particular front.

Now, you will find that all of the saws have at least the minimum necessary safety, like a blade guard. But how many of them go above and beyond? After all, you’re working with power and a fast blade – you could easily lose limbs if something slips or proper safety is not put into place.

Here are some of the safety features you should look for or consider.

Blade Guard

The guard is a piece that is placed over the blade so that it isn’t just open to every little thing that is by it. It’s usually a plastic or similar piece and it often is clear so you can still see the blade. The guard does not hinder the blade or your cut but just protects against something accidentally hitting the top of the blade when it is in motion.

This one is a standard feature you will find on pretty much any table saw out there. The point is to keep distance between a person and the blade so it acts as a separator basically. Some users think the blade guards make it harder to see the blade and what you are doing but they do protect you and your fingers like they are supposed to.

We don’t recommend removing the guard since it is there for safety purposes, but you will find that a number of woodworkers who are experienced do remove it.

Riving Knife

The riving knife is another safety measure you might find and it actually is one that woodworkers look for the most. This helps with kickback issues more than anything else.

Thankfully, all saws should have this feature. If you come across a saw that doesn’t, the saw is either not compliant or it is outdated. The Consumer Product Safety Commission requires any saw manufactured since 2008 to have a riving knife included as part of the saw.

These riving knives should always stay in place. The only exception here is if you are perhaps making dado cuts on the saw. Apart from that, plan to keep riving knives in place as they were designed to be.

Anti-Kickback Pawls

Finally, another popular safety feature is anti-kickback pawls. These are not included on every machine but they are nice to have. If you see them, they are a bonus feature that most workers really appreciate it so we definitely recommend watching for them.

Ultimately, these are designed to reduce kickback but it also keep your wood steady as it passes past the blade. In other words, as you’re making those accurate cuts and the wood extends past the blade, the pawls will help keep it from kicking out or taking off into the air.

Miscellaneous Features

Finally, in things to look for, you should also watch some of the miscellaneous features. You may or may not care about these but you should at least be aware of them so you can watch for them if you want them.

  • Miter gauge
  • Extension table
  • Dust port
  • Bevel angle and ability
  • Entire fence system
  • A folding stand
  • Blade brake
  • Fence and miter gauge combination

These are just a few of the extras. Most saws will have these in some capacity but they certainly are not a guarantee. However, you might have something on this list that you deem a must-have. Be sure to watch for those details if this is true for you.

Now, without further ado – let’s take a look at some contractor table saw reviews.

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The Best Contractor Table Saws Reviewed

The Best Contractor Table Saws Reviewed
Photo by Jessica Delp on Unsplash

We’ve spent some time talking about what to look for in a contractor saw. Whether you just have some woodworking projects or you have some specific needs for a job site, you want to get a quality saw that will cover your needs.

This might mean a durable or even a table extension for some. For others, it might just be looking for precise cuts or even a large maximum dado width. There are many things to know and consider but we have done our best to narrow down the market to the very best options out there.

Below, you will find our top picks for contractor table saw reviews. We made every effort to choose a variety of options but each saw is still chosen with care.

1. Best Overall: DeWalt 10-Inch Table Saw DW7491RS

DeWalt 10-Inch Table Saw DW7491RSCheck Latest Price


Rip:up to 32 1/2 inches
Motor:15 amps
Cutting Angle:Up to 90 degrees
Speed: 4800 RPM

The DeWalt 10-Inch Table Saw DW7491RS is perhaps one of the best options out there. It’s got an awesome table surface with an extendable rack and pinion fence system. This table saw has plenty of power for contractor tasks and it is loaded with safety features and specs that make it easy to use as well.

Where most table saws that are portable don’t really have a full stand, this one has a stand and wheels that are separate from each other. The design allows you to have more stability because there is absolutely no movement or wiggle from the wheels.

The DeWalt table saw is a 10-inch saw and it even comes with an awesome blade. You also have plenty of features. Besides the tubular stand with attached wheels, you get a carbide blade, a push stick, miter gauge, rip fence, blade wrenches, and a quick release blade guard.

The motor runs on 15 amps, which is plenty of cutting power for just about any task. You get 32 1/2 inches of rip capacity, which is a massive rip capacity for a table this size. Your depth for beveled edges opts clear to 90 degrees and you have a no load speed of 4800 RPM.

Finally, this durable table also has an efficient dust collection system that collects and harbors to keep your table saw clean and clear. And the safety systems include all of the things you would expect from the guard to the riving knife and even a push stick.

Key Feature Ratings (Scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Ripping Capacity: 10
  • Safety: 9
  • Power: 10
  • Table: 10
  • The table and fence are made with thick gauge steel so they last
  • Stands out against most contractor table saws for quality and affordability
  • Handles well to make accurate cuts with ease
  • The rip fence system is rack and pinions with an adjustable arm
  • The dust port is efficient and reliable
  • The arm extension system is sometimes hard to turn and adjust
  • The miter gauge is not the best quality

Why We Like It:

This saw has all of the basic features of a hybrid table saw and portability all packed into one so you get plenty of power plus plenty of versatility. From a hefty maximum cut depth to a hefty ripping capability, this saw really can just about do it all and it’s powerful enough as well.

2. Budget Pick: Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table 4100XC-10

Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table 4100XC-10Check Latest Price


Rip: up to 30 inches
Motor:15 amps
Cutting Angle: Up to 90 degrees
Speed:3,650 RPM

Next up, we have a budget-friendly table saw that gives you a parallel fence plus a dust system that will collect wood chips and keep them out of the way. Again, you get portability, as well as simplicity in a single, powerful table, saw built to do it all and do it well.

Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table 4100XC-10 saw has the safety system of an awesome guard that is easy to adjust and change, it also has that riving knife that this type of power tool is required to have. The table flatness gives you square and precise cuts that you can rely on.

The smart guard system for a safety system is pretty cool. The riving knife is adjustable and you get the anti-kickback pawls that are not always a guarantee. You can extend your table to give you a better work surface. This also comes on a gravity rise stand so you can raise it, set it, and move it easily.

This table saw runs on 15 amps with a speed of 3,650 RPM. While the speed could be slightly better, it’s still sufficient to handle the majority of tasks. With the modular blade guard, the saw easily maintains close blade proximity so your work is precise and spot on.

Key Feature Ratings (Scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Ripping Capacity: 9
  • Safety: 10
  • Power: 10
  • Table: 9
  • Dust port collection feature us great for dust and wood chips
  • The t glide fence system is easy to use
  • The saw does have an extension table to give you more space
  • Plenty of safety mechanisms in place, including anti-kickback pawls
  • Lightweight and easily portable with a folding stand
  • Could be improved with some added speed

Why We Like It:

This table saw is simple and easy to work with. The cast aluminum table protects the table from heavy work use. It has a dust collection port that works well and a good rip capacity capability as well. This contractor table saw takes safety seriously and you will always have accuracy at your fingertips with their EZ View measurement system on the saw!

3. Best Value: Delta 36-725T2 Contractor Table Saw

Delta 36-725T2 Contractor Table SawCheck Latest Price


Rip: up to 30 inches
Motor:1.75 HP
Cutting Angle: Up to 90 degrees
Speed: 3,600 RPM

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, this contractor table saw from Delta might just do it for you. It’s large, it’s sturdy, and it is a powerful machine. This one is larger and heavier than the DeWalt we shared earlier but it gives you extended sturdiness and space and still offers all of the portability as well. It’s a pretty great option for the best contractor table saw.

This contractor table saw has ALL of the power too. It’s got 1.75 HP, which is pretty substantial for a saw this size. It’s powerful and it can handle all sorts of materials if you equip it with the right blade. The table has a steel extension wing so you have even more space on the large table top.

Delta 36-725T2 Contractor Table Saw is made with cast iron on the table so it is strong and durable as well. It has wheels for perfect portability, as you would expect from this type of table saw. The dust collection port is also very nice and can be hooked to a vacuum or a bag at your convenience.

This saw can handle a 30 inch rip capacity with an 8 inch dado capability. It works smoothly and efficiently with plenty of speed thanks to the adjustable drive belt. You also can rest assured that they took safety into mind with the guard, riving knife, and the stop button system. This tubular stand will help reduce vibration and keep things steady in motion.

Finally, this saw sports at glide fence system and the arms are extendable on both sides to give you even more working space.

Key Feature Ratings (Scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Ripping Capacity: 10
  • Safety: 10
  • Power: 10
  • Table: 10
  • The safety system is suitable and well-designed
  • You get two extendable arms for more working space
  • Bevels to 90 degrees
  • 30-inch ripping capability
  • Heavy-duty build with a cast iron table
  • For a portable design, this one is somewhat heavy so that is something to be prepared for. It is on wheels but loading and unloading may take some effort.

Why We Like It:

This table saw really has a lot to offer. You get that fence parallel and you can do all of the things with the ease of a sturdy table and the power of a quality motor. It’s got a cast iron table so you would never even know it’s portable if you didn’t understand that’s exactly what a contractor table saw is.

4. Rikon 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

Rikon 10-Inch Contractor Table SawCheck Latest Price


Rip: up to 30 inches
Motor:1.75 HP
Cutting Angle: Up to 90 degrees
Speed:3,450 RPM

Finally, we leave you with a steady and powerful table saw that is built for strength and portability all at the same time. Rikon 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw is a bulkier saw so again it may take some effort to load and unload as needed. However, it’s set up with wheels and functionality so you’ve always got the saw at your fingertips.

The table saw has a cast iron table so you enjoy strength and durability there. It’s a heavy-duty table built to handle tough jobs and not fall apart or be unstable when you really put it to the test. This saw has a 1.75 HP motor so you also have plenty of power.

The speed of the blade is somewhat limited at 3,450 RPM but this is also fast enough to handle most tasks, including harder materials. you have 90-degree bevel capability and 3 1/8 inches of cutting depth as well. The table offers t slots on it so you can easily add miter gauges, clamps, and jigs to work with.

The table saw is built for power and precision. It also has all of those safety measures that are necessary and valued. You have solid wheels but this is not a folding stand so keep that in mind.

Key Feature Ratings (Scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)

  • Ripping Capacity: 10
  • Safety: 10
  • Power: 10
  • Table: 9
  • Cast iron surface on table top
  • Heavy-duty and powerful machine
  • Plenty of capacity for ripping and depth
  • extendable arms with a fence
  • All of the safety measures in place
  • A bit on the heavy side and it does not fold so portability does require some additional effort

Why We Like It

We like that this saw is made with cast iron and it gives you a good blend of versatility, power, and durability. You also get portable functionality, even though it is a heavier machine. Quality and craftsmanship are a valued part of this design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Contractor Table Saw?

Our top pick is the DeWalt DWE4791RS machine that you will find listed as the best overall in our reviews. We love the portability combined with power and versatility of this machine. However, you really can’t go wrong with any options we’ve shared here.

What is a Contractor Table Saw?

A contractor saw combines portability with power to bring you a perfectly powerful and durable portable saw. They are designed for contractors who need heavy-duty options that they can take to any jobsite to get things done.

What are Dado Features For?

Dado is really the reference for a groove or perhaps an angle. When someone refers to a dado cut, they are primarily referring to grooved cuts into a piece of wood or material.


We hope that you find this guide to the best contractor table saw to be an informative and valuable resource. There are many great options out there so you can easily choose what will work best for your needs!

Which saw do you have your eyes on?

Expert Tip

For a contractor saw, always look for a minimum of 15 amps so you know that you will have enough power to handle heavy-duty tasks.

Did You Know?

Did you know that any table saw made or manufactured since 2008 is required to have a riving knife built into the table and design? This is a very important safety feature that saws are required to have.

Amazon Recommends:

SaleBestseller No. 1
DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity (DWE7491RS)
  • Your purchase includes one Dewalt table saw, 10inch 24-tooth carbide blade, rolling stand, push stick, miter gauge, rip fence, 2x blade wrenches, blade guard assembly manual
  • Other Specs: Max rip to left of blade – 22inch | Max rip to right of blade – 32-1/2inch | Max width of Dado – 13/16inch | Arbor size – 5/8inch | Amps – 15 | Depth of cut at 45inch – 2-1/4inch | Depth of cut at 90° – 3-1/8inch | No Load Speed: 4800 RPM
  • Rolling stand designed for easy set up and breakdown with excellent stability
  • Rack & Pinion Telescoping Fence System Make fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate
  • Features a 15.0A high torque motor with the power to cut pressure treated lumber and hardwoods
Bestseller No. 2
JET JPS-10 ProShop II 10-Inch Table Saw with Steel Wings, 30-Inch Rip, 1-3/4HP, 1Ph 115V (725004K)
  • NEWLY-DESIGNED ARBOR LOCK: Change blades quickly and easily.
  • QUICK-RELEASE RIVING KNIFE Hassle-free riving knife changes.
  • IMPROVED DUST SHROUD AROUND BLADE: Greater dust collection.
  • CONVENIENT, MAGNETIC PADDLE SWITCH: For the safest operation possible.
  • CSA CERTIFIED: For added safety, this saw follows strict guidelines and electrical requirements.
Bestseller No. 3
Craftsman Belt Drive Contractor Table Saw 2 1/2" Pulley Set with Keys for 5/8" Arbor or Pulley Shaft
  • Sears Craftsman Belt Drive Table Saw Arbor or Motor Pulley Set with Keys.
  • 2 1/2" diameter pulleys fit a 5/8" keyed shaft.
  • A 3/16" square key and a 3/16" woodruff key is included.