Best Carbide Woodturning Tools in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide


Woodturning is no simple task and certainly not for the faint of heart. If you want to create classic pieces with superior craftsmanship then you absolutely must invest in the best carbide woodturning tools for your workshop.

Carbide woodturning tools are just one of the essential pieces you need in order to create superior masterpieces. The materials make a difference on the intricate patterns and the overall design and end result, even for a beginner.

Best Carbide Woodturning Tools in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide
Image by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

Whether you are a beginner, DIY woodturner, or a seasoned woodturner, you should plan to invest in top rated carbide woodturning tools to use for your next woodturning project. You will find that these types of design really do stand out for many reasons and your wood lathe carbide tools might just become your go-to tool.

So stop wasting time, let’s fill your cart with all of the things that you need, starting with options from these carbide woodturning tools review. You will find a mixture of types with the ability to do more or sometimes less. From cutters to spindle work to lathe chisels, and more, we’ve got you covered right here in this guide.

Stick with us to learn which carbide woodturning tools are right for you.

Top Rated Carbide Woodturning Tools Review

No matter what you are looking for specifically, carbide steel is an absolute must. For beginner woodturners and any menu of products, the type of tool truly does make a difference. All workers familiar with woodturners would give you this same news.

We made every effort to find you a reasonable carbide set woodturning tools solution for any project. We searched the market to help you find a variety of woodturning tool menu types and we’re excited to share each of those here with you, complete with review details you should know to make a decision.

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Let’s get started!

1. Best Overall: Savannah Carbide Turning Tools Large, 3 Piece Set

Savannah Carbide Turning Tools Large, 3 Piece Set Check Latest Price

This first design, Savannah Carbide Turning Tools Large, 3 Piece Set  is our best overall one and it is well worth all that the cost entails. If you’ve ever checked out HSS brand, you will find that this one is far more reliable and upstanding for your wood projects. The Savannah design pattern alone stands out and the inserts give you every bit of versatility and functionality that you could possibly need.

This 3-piece set includes a carbide insert that covers the diamond shape as well as round and square carbide wood turning tools. With set screw carbide lathe tools like these, you can easily handle whatever your carbide turning tools needs may be. From turning tools to high quality carbide inserts, each tool has a purpose.

The nice thing about these is you can set them on the interior tool rest and your carbide bit will do the work. This set is just missing a bowl gouge tool to complete the set. These are great for all levels of skill and really any project like pen turning or some other type of fun. These carbide turning tools are simple woodturning tools that really stand out with a comfortable grip and superior hold.

Make sure you turn your head to these carbide turning tools as they are the best in class. The nice thing is this set screw will cover you for the basic woodturning tools and then you can always build on the set later. The Savannah Carbide Turning Tools sets are made with stability and comfort with a load of quality you can depend on.

  • Best overall carbide turning tools
  • Include carbide cutters, diamond, round, and square turning tool
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Set of 3 so you can make sure you are equipped
  • Perfect for a beginner or a skilled laborer
  • Very sharp so be careful unpacking these turning tools
  • Doesn’t come with any kind of storage means for the price

Why We Like It

We chose this best carbide woodturning tools set because it is well-made and has the basic turning tools that every woodturner needs to have. These are sharp and efficient and they are comfortable to handle as well, which contributes to them being one of the best.

2. Budget Pick: Yufotol Carbide Woodturning Tool, 3 Piece Set

Yufotol Carbide Woodturning Tool, 3 Piece SetCheck Latest Price

This option, Yufotol Carbide Woodturning Tool, 3 Piece Set is your cheap carbide woodturning tools solution if you are on a budge. Your wood tools carbide material cannot get much better than this long lasting set of 3 lathe tools. These products give you easy wood tools that are easy to control and handle. They are very nicely made with wooden and brass detail and the carbide wood combo is gorgeous.

Yufotol Carbide Woodturning Tool comes with a finisher, a roughing tool, and a detailer as well as an Allen key and carbide cutters. Notice that you got a couple of bonus items in this 3-piece set so you really get 3 wood turning tools plus the extra accessories that are a must-have for lathe turning tools.

The radius carbide cutters are diamond shaped but you also get square radius carbide insert pieces as well. Everything here is high quality material that you can use for pen turning, bowl turning, and more. These wood tuners are so easy to use and they certainly earned their best spot among our carbide turning tools selections.

Make sure you take a look at this set. These woodturners are designed for long-time use and are simple woodturning tools that really deliver when you need them. Whether you need to set screw sections, make gouges, or simply work with an intuitive design, this set is a great article.

  • Design allows you to keep flat on the tool rest and level to the floor
  • Multi-piece set with carbide cutting edge steel
  • Great for a beginning or seasoned turner
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Miniature design gives you more functionality
  • The packaging could have been better so you don’t lose one piece or more when you open
  • There seems to be an issue with the design pattern and the brass rings don’t always stay on.

Why We Like It

Whether you’re new to the wood industry or you have seen every side of projects, you know having a reliable type of carbide tool is essential. This set was made to provide you with an affordable overall carbide wood turning tool for your project. They are simple and yet reliable and also long lasting, which is always a plus for a tool.

3. Asieg Tool Store Carbide Tipped Wood Turning Tool Set

Asieg Tool Store Carbide Tipped Wood Turning Tool SetCheck Latest Price

Next up is another set that is pretty unique. Asieg Tool Store Carbide Tipped Wood Turning Tool Set has all of the different turning tools but they all fit onto the same handle, rather than being attached to their own handle. This set has 6 pieces that include even a swan neck hollowing tool. These carbide tools are simple and it’s nice to have everything together for your carbide woodturning tools.

These carbide woodturning tools are made with a combination of Tungsten carbide, high carbon steel, and aluminum alloy. They are CNC machined in an effort to make each piece stronger and sturdier. They are stiff so they won’t roll while you are trying to work.

These carbide wood turning tools are easy to use. They are made to be simple and yet highly effective. You get your project covered with a bowl gouge and various carbide inserts. The only thing that would complete this is a bench grinder tool with the same carbide steel conjunction.

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If you’re working at any type of degree angle, Asieg Tool Store Carbide Tipped Wood Turning Tool Set is made to handle all of the possible gouges and design functionality you need. With cutters, shapers, and more, you’re set and ready for just about any one project you may try to complete.

  • Interchangeable cutters for all projects
  • Made to be stiff and strong so it doesn’t roll
  • 6 tool inserts so even bowl turning is a possibility
  • Quality turning tools made for simplicity
  • Made to be strong and reliable
  • Works best for wood so be mindful that these carbide tools might not be ideal for other materials

Why We Like It

This turning tools set has more tools which means more functionality. They are well-made and give you the stiffness you need to get your job done without having to fight a tool that likes to roll while you work. The handle is interchangeable to each blade so you have one handle and multiple pieces to go with it.

4. Yufutol Wood Turning Tool Set Multi-Piece Set

Yufutol Wood Turning Tool Set Multi-Piece SetCheck Latest Price

If you like the idea of having a single bar with interchangeable tools, Yufutol Wood Turning Tool Set Multi-Piece Set  is the set for you. These turning tools have a little bit of everything included with them. The interchangeable handle is nice because it takes up less storage space. You get the same, reliable handle with multiple turning tools and tips to switch it out for.

Yufutol Wood Turning Tool Set Multi-Piece Set comes with 6 bars plus the Allen keys plus the cutters plus various tips for the bars. It really is a set that contains just about anything you could possibly need for your project. From bowl gouge capability to a solid and sharp steel edge, this carbide tools delivers where it counts as a woodturning tool.

Each of these pieces serves a purpose with a unique design that can handle all tasks. Whether you’re working from the side or from the base of your turner, you have stiffness and stability. These are very easy to use and change one or all pieces as needed.

  • One handle with multiple design attachment options for all of your needs
  • Ideal for any wood turner project
  • Sharp side and end points
  • Carbide tools set gives you the versatility for different project design use
  • Each tool is specific and made with quality and simplicity
  • The handle might unscrew too easily
  • The bars are slim for a carbide tool and some people prefer more thickness or square

Why We Like It

We chose this tool set because it gives you all of the parts and pieces in a single, solid set. All of the pieces will work wonderfully with wood and possibly even other materials too. If you’re looking for turning tools that you can depend on, this set will deliver that for you and more.

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Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve shared our choices for woodturning tools made of carbide, let’s discuss some elements about these tools that will help you to make an informed decision. This next part of our guide is designed to give you some elements to consider before you choose tools so you can be sure that you truly find the best option and tools for your needs.

There are several things to consider here and some may not pertain to you but the goal is that you know what you might want to look for before you buy.


When you look at these tools, you want to know they will be nice and sharp. After all, if your tools aren’t sharp, you may end up frustrated with the work you complete. Always check the sharpness of the tools. You can sharpen these as needed but they should be sharp enough to use right away when you get the tools as well.

You might just want to pay attention to the sharpness before you buy but keep in mind that if your tools arrive unsharpened, you can sharpen them before you use them.

Overall Quality

Best Carbide Woodturning ToolsBuyer’s Guide
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Next up, tools are not just the blade. You want a good quality tool from tip to end. What dictates that? Well, it could be different things for different people but the materials, the overall design, and the aesthetics can all play a part here.

Now keep in mind that what you are looking for in your tools could be different than what another worker may be looking for. That’s ok! The beauty of it is we can all have our own preferences and still all find quality tools to choose from here.

When you’re looking at overall quality, check out how the tools are made. These tools should be built to last and you shouldn’t have to worry that next year you’re going to have to purchase a whole new set all over again. When you invest in carbide style tools for your wood shop, those tools better last for years to come. It’s an investment!

Definitely look for quality materials that are part of the total equation. Keep every aspect from tip to the base of the handle in mind here.

Comfort & Stability

The grip on your tools is a must. Why? You will be handling these tools for potentially long periods of time. You need to be able to maintain a firm and stable grip for the entirety of your task. You want that grip to be comfortable in your hands but also sturdy and steady for your needs.

You don’t want to have to worry about slipping or rolling while you work. You may find that you prefer a certain style while the woodworker in the stall next to you prefers a totally different style. This certainly will boil down to a matter of preference so it’s essential to understand what you will be comfortable working with for long days of use.

No matter what, be sure the tool offers comfort and stability in the way that you need it to for your tasks.

Why Use Carbide?

Why Use Carbide Woodturning Tools?
Barn Images from Unsplash

Another common question we see is “what makes carbide so great?”. While there are certainly many different tools and materials out there that can be good options, this particular guide focuses on carbide specifically.

Carbide can cost a bit more to invest in but overall, they stay sharp reliably for a much longer time span than any other material. When it comes to carbide, you can use it on projects over and over and over and might only need to sharpen or replace the pieces every 6-12 months. This simply can’t be said of some aluminum and other material options out there.

A carbide tool lets you dull both sides before you have to replace it, which is something that is rare for different tool options. You would be surprised at how much time it takes to re-sharpen a tool so why not just invest in the better tool, to begin with?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Carbide Woodturning Tools?

We prefer the Savannah Tool set that you can find listed in our #1 or best overall spot above. This set is comfortable, sharp, and gives you multiple tools to handle multiple tasks and needs.

Can You Use Carbide on Brass and Aluminum Materials?

Carbide is best used for wood. Sometimes it can handle other materials but it isn’t typically recommended. If you do use it on something besides wood, stick to alloy steel. There are other materials out there that make a better option for brass and aluminum.

Where Can You Find a Replacement Cutter?

You can typically find cutters at any hardware store but you can also find replacements on various tool sites and Amazon as well.

How Do You Tighten Carbide Cutters?

To properly tighten, you should use the shorter part of an Allen wrench to tighten your screw and set it. You can use the longer part when you are tightening downward. They don’t have to be super tight but should be stable and in place.


We hope that you find this guide to be a valuable resource for choosing your next carbide set of woodturning tools. No matter your budget or preferences, there is bound to be a quality option here that can work for you!

Tell us which set you have your eye on and the first project you plan to try out when you get them!

Expert Tip

If you can’t get your set screw loose, you can use a drill press or a regular drill to help loosen it. Simply use the sharp drill bit to drill off the head of the screw. This allows you to remove that without having to drill in to your insert and risk ruining it.

Did You Know?

All carbide turning tools have a flat that runs the entire length of the bottom of the tool. While they each have unique designs and shapes and sizes, this flat is consistent across the board. This is so you can rest it on a tool rest and work that way as needed rather than having to manually hold it at all times.

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Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
Authentic Easy Wood Tools Ci0 Round Carbide Replacement Cutter for Full and Pro Size Finishers Lathe Woodturning Tools Ci0
  • Authentic Easy Wood Tools 100% manufactured in the USA by the leader in carbide insert lathe woodturnings technology
  • Ci0cutter designed to fit full and pro size finishers; .625" diameter by .110" thick, 8-32 screw
  • The perfect grade of carbide produces the best combination of sharpness and durability
  • Optimal grinding process produces the flattest and truest cutting surfaces
  • The right geometry or cutting angle is ground to the produce an edge the cuts cleanly and safely.
Bestseller No. 2
Carbide Lathe Turning Tools, 20" Full Size woodturning Tools, including Swan Neck Hollower, Rougher, Finisher, detachable alloy handle (Alloy Tool Set)
  • Include 11" handle, 9" tool bar and pre-installed carbide cutter, wrench*2, aluminum alloy case with sponge liner.
  • The length of the tool bar can be adjusted freely. For safety, please make sure the tool bar is fixed tighlty by both screws. So the total length of the tool should be within 19".
  • Top grade product. Tungsten carbide tip, stainless steel bar and aluminium alloy handle & case. Everything in this tool set is vibrant and reliable.
  • One nice thing about carbide cutter is that you can just replace the cutters and continue with your project. No need to sharpen the cutter.
  • Versatile and Convenient. Offers 2 alloy handle so it's easy to just grab and use without changing bits, the red and blue coating is easthetically pleasing while practically addiing friction.
Bestseller No. 3
Ci3 R1 12mm Round Carbide Inserts Cutters Knifes Indexable Replacement High Strength Fits For Popular DIY Woodworking Lathe Wood Turning Finisher Hollower Tools 10pcs
  • Size: 12mm(0.472") Diameter, 2.5mm Thickness, 30 Cutting Angle, 0.178" dia. countersink mounting hole
  • Material Type:Tungsten Carbide, Excellent for wood Howllowing,The right geometry or cutting angle is ground to provide an edge the cuts cleanly and safely
  • Very Perfect for finish the curved, concave surfaces , hollower jobs and for general wood turning applications
  • Leaves smooth finishing after cut
  • Package:10pcs diameter 12mm Round carbide insert in a plastic box