Best Band Saw Blades in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide


When you’re working with any type of tool or equipment, it’s important to have the right accessories for the job. In this case, we’re discussing bandsaw blades. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to choose blades for bandsaw and you need to know just what to look for and what makes a set of blades a good option for your saw.

We’ve got you covered. We’ve sorted through all of the bandsaw blades to bring to you the best blade for bandsaw options that you can find on the market. We’ve narrowed down the endless array of bandsaws blades to bring you the top choices.

Best Band Saw Blade for Resawing in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide
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In this guide, we will share with you our top blade options as well as telling you what we like about each saw blade. There are many different things to be aware of and consider but we have all of that bandsaw blade information right here for you.

Stick with us to learn the about the 6 best bandsaw blade choices on the market.

What are the Best Bandsaw Blades?

When it comes to choosing bandsaw blades, there are a lot of variables to consider. You will need to consider your bandsaw and what is compatible. You will also need to think of things like what materials are you cutting? Do you cut various materials or stick to one specific material? What will you make with your band saw blade?

Each of these questions is relevant and we used topics like these to choose the blades below. Each of these blades will have a complete review to let you know what to like or not like about them before you choose a blade.

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1. Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade Check Latest Price

Our first pick and the best overall is this bandsaw blade from Timber Wolf . This is a reliable and well-known brand that sets apart from others with high-quality materials and reliability. You really can’t go wrong with options from them.

This blade for the bandsaw has 3 TPI (teeth per inch), which is a standard qualification. The tooth is made for cutting materials like metal and even wood. They are sturdy and durable for the bandsaw, all rights reserved. This blade is made with high silicon, low carbide steel. It is designed to last long and to run cool when you cut with it.

No matter what you plan to make, this is a reliable option for your cut. You can use reduced horsepower with this blade as it requires less tension than some blades.

  • Cut wood or metal
  • Make cutting easier with a reliable blade
  • 3 teeth per inch
  • The best overall bandsaw blades available
  • Equipped with a thin kerf
  • Some users noticed extra vibration during cutting due to the fit of the blade

Why We Like It

This blade stands out to us because it is capable of cutting wood or metal. This is our top overall pick on the market because it is both simple and reliable. It can take care of all of your needs without having to be changed too often. Cutting is simple and easy.

2. Bone-In Bandsaw Blades 2-Pack

Bone-In Bandsaw Blades 2-PackCheck Latest Price

Timber Wolf is another really great option for bandsaw blades. This option also has 3 TPI. You actually get 2 blades in this package for your band saw, which is a nice bonus for the price. The downside is we couldn’t find a lot of descriptive information to give every detail about what we like.

You can use these blades for cutting wood or metal. You can make just about anything you need to with this blade set. They are reliable and highly-rated as bandsaw blades. These were designed for food service but they work well for a lot of cut needs and purposes.

The blade pack is 82 x 5/8 x .22 in terms of sizes. Many users prefer to the cut for a meat bandsaw blade, compared to traditional bandsaw blades. The tooth patterns are sharp and durable.

  • 2 blades in one pack
  • 3 teeth per inch
  • Great for meat cut uses
  • Simple blades to work with
  • Specialized food service blade set
  • While these should cut anything they may not be strong enough for thick wood

Why We Like It

We like this blade because it provides a different option for you. It’s great for meat cuts and simple cuts. While it’s not perfect for really thick materials, it’s really great for general cuts and it’s simple and easy to use. It also meets food-service standards.

3. DeWalt Portable Bandsaw Blade

DeWalt Portable Bandsaw BladeCheck Latest Price

This 3-pack of blades from DeWalt is another top scorer on our ranks. This is a budget-friendly options for your bandsaw blade choices that isn’t going to let you down when you need a reliable blade choice for your bandsaw. These are great to cut multiple materials and we like that you can use them to make various cut choices.

This is a high-speed steel edge blade that stands up against both heat and wear. It has a Rc65-67 tooth hardness, which is another indication that it will cut and remain durable. This blade is also equipped with alloy steel that can help reduce fatigue during cutting.

These are optimal for metal cut needs, with a blade designed for all thicknesses of metal. These blades are not ideal for wood as the blade is designed for other purposes. It makes an optimal cutting blade for metal purposes and we like the specialty compilation. There is no teeth per inch specification on this option.

  • Durable tooth hardness for durability
  • Blade is designed for metal cutting needs
  • Cut smoothly and efficiently
  • Made for high-wear and heavy use
  • Budget-friendly 3-pack price
  • Not ideal for cutting wood
  • May not fit every bandsaw blade positioning

Why We Like It

This blade is brought to us by a well-known company that puts out reliable products. This particular blade is strong, sturdy, and durable. It’s made for metal-cutting and it delivers a smooth and efficient cut. It is also designed for heavy use.

4. Ayao 2-Pack Bandsaw Blades 14 TPI

Ayao 2-Pack Bandsaw Blades 14 TPICheck Latest Price

Ayao is another budget-friendly bandsaw blade option that is highly-rated across the board. This will be a valuable asset for your saw, giving you an edge on versatility. This particular options has 14 TPI, rather than a standard 3 TPI that we see often.

The tooth settings are close and small to give you an alternative blade design for your bandsaw. These bandsaw blades are used for wood cutting but could be used for general purpose cutting on materials like plastic or soft metals. This blade is designed to make performance more reliable with every cut you make.

The tooth pattern is uniquely sized to make just about any type of cut you need. The saw blade is strong and durable when you use it for wood and alternative soft materials as recommended.

  • 14 teeth per inch
  • Unique tooth design to make wood cuts
  • Cut smoothly and efficiently with unique tooth pattern
  • 2-pack blade set
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Some users make comments that this blade wobbles slightly which may affect your cut stability.

Why We Like It

We like this blade because it brings you another unique option with multiple teeth. The enhanced tooth count gives you the ability to make more unique designs and cuts than most blades allow. This is a budget-friendly option that is smooth and easy to use.

5. Olson Saw FB23280DB 4 Tooth Per Inch Band Saw Blade

Olson Saw FB23280DB 4 Tooth Per Inch Band Saw BladeCheck Latest Price

Olson Saw blade is another unique option with 4 teeth per inch, compared to 3. This tooth scenario again offers some versatility for your blade needs. These are great for woodworking products and materials but can also be used on plastic and mild steel.

It’s safe to say the tooth compatibility is efficient on this blade option. You can satisfy your customer needs with a simple and affordable blade solution. These are durable and well-made, perfect for craftsmen, professionals, and DIY needs.

This blade should fit any vertical, stationary, floor standing 2-wheel band saw that is compatible. It’s adjustable and easy to fit while also being durable and reliable when used for the recommended materials. This is a skip blade, which is identified by the tooth design.

  • 4 tooth per inch design
  • Tooth material is better for wood, soft plastics, and mild steel
  • Not too expensive for a reliable blade
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Commercial-grade design
  • The tooth ends tend to lose sharpness quickly and may need sharpened or replaced too soon

Why We Like It

This blade is smooth and simple. It’s made to be heavy-duty but it works well for general cutting on things like wood and other soft materials. This one stands out because it’s affordable and great for general usage. It has a standard design.

6. Woodstock D3532 93-Inch Bandsaw Blade 10-Tooth

Woodstock D3532 93-Inch Bandsaw Blade 10-ToothCheck Latest Price

Woodstock is another stand apart option for your band saw blade needs. This one is extra-wide compared to some options and it has a 10 tooth per inch design incorporated into the blade. This is made with hardened teeth and high-carbon steel.

You can’t beat the reliability and durability of this option. It measures 93 x 3/4-inch and is reliable for multiple materials. It works optimally for thick woods but could also be used on other options as well. Reviews rate this as a reliable product.

The width and length duo on this would set it apart immensely alone. It is lightweight steel alloy and it even comes with a 90-day warranty for any manufacturer defects. While it’s highly recommended, there is also somewhat limited information to look at for this blade.

  • Durable and sturdy materials
  • Unique tooth design
  • Alternative thickness option
  • Doesn’t cost too much for use
  • 90-day manufacturer warranty
  • This is not an exemplary option but appears to be standard and acceptable for most tools

Why We Like It

This blade made its way into our countdown because it offers an alternative thickness as well as a unique design and tooth count. You can use it on multiple surfaces and it is durable and affordable. This one even comes with a warranty.

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Band Saw Blade Buyers Guide

Band Saw Blade Buyers Guide

We can share with you our top picks all day long, however, you may need some additional information to make an informed and optimal decision.

While we cannot tell you specifically what you need for your own purposes, we can give you some thoughts and characteristics to consider as you peruse your options and make a selection.

Here are some of the most important things that we recommend you keep in mind when choose a blade for your needs.


What materials will you be working with? Be sure to choose a blade that will accommodate those needs.

Length, Width, Thickness

Not every blade is the same size or type. Be sure to pay close attention to the blade measurements. It’s a good idea to have several sizes on hand so you have a variety and can change them out according to what you are working on.

Teeth Setting

The standard blade is established with a 3 TPI model. However, this does not satisfy every need out there. Be sure to use the TPI that is right for your needs. Some other common options are 14, 4, and 10 TPI, each of which you will find in our ranks above. Which you need will vary depending on your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best General Purpose Bandsaw Blade?

For general purpose, look for something labeled with 3 TPI. These are general use options. We like the Timber Wold option shared as our best overall choice.

What is the Best Bandsaw Blade for Cutting Steel?

Our favorite blade is the DeWalt option shared in our ranks. It’s perfectly made for steel and won’t let you down in a pinch. It’s also affordable and highly-rated across the board.

What is a Band saw Used For?

If you’re not familiar with the bandsaw, it is primarily used for cutting curves and circular cuts. You can use this saw to cut a variety of materials. It is also not uncommon to use the band saw for cabriole legs, ripping lumber, and short crosscut pieces.

These are powerful saws that have a lot of capability. 

Interested in learning more about band saw? Our guide on the best band saw is perfect for you.

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When it comes to choosing a bandsaw blade, you need to keep in mind what your goals are. Remember that there are various sizes and materials and this could affect your decision. You might even find that you need more than one option on hand, depending on the type of work that you do.

Bandsaws can be versatile by nature but more than anything, they are powerful. Determine what your needs and intentions are with your saw and then choose your blades accordingly.

We hope that you find this guide to be a valuable resource for pinpointing the ideal blade options. There’s something here for every use and every budget, and then even a few more.

All of the options we’ve shared are highly-rated and reliable options that won’t let you down!

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Amazon Recommends:

SaleBestseller No. 2
Imachinist S933414 M42 93" X 3/4" X 10/14tpi Bi-Metal Metal Cutting Band Saw Blades
  • Bi-metal type, 93" long, 3/4" wide, 10/14tpi teeth profile
  • Perfect for soft metal
  • 10/14tpi is suitable for cutting thin pipe tube profiles etc
  • 10/14TPI is variable teeth, big teeth distance is 2.54mm per teeth, small teeth distance is 1.8mm per teeth
  • Suits all bandsaws which uses 93" long, 3/4" wide bandsaw blade
SaleBestseller No. 3
Milwaukee 48-39-0572 18 TPI Sub-Compact Portable Band Saw Blade, 3 Per Pack
  • Made with Matrix II high speed steel teeth that deliver maximum durability
  • The alloy backing steel design provides an extended blade life
  • The precision formed teeth allow for fast, clean cuts