Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence in 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

When you put your band saw to the uses it is intended for and don’t limit your projects to just curved cuts, you can find a lot of usefulness from adding a fence to the bandsaw. Is it required to have a fence on your bandsaw? Well, no, it’s not but you will find that a bandsaw fence can come in very handy.

A lot of bandsaw fences are actually not included with your initial bandsaw purchase. In those cases, you can rely on aftermarket bandsaw fences to help you out. This bandsaw fence option can be added to your saw and give you the same security and functionality to give you far more useful options on the saw.

Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence In 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guide
Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

In this guide, we will share with you our top picks for the best aftermarket bandsaw fence. We’ve narrowed down the options, using strategic details to try to bring you the very best. These aftermarket bandsaw fences were chosen based on some strategic criteria. We checked out the blade drift angle, the blade guides, and whether or not each fence could be a universal fence with various bandsaw table functionality.

Let’s take a look.

The Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence Reviews

As we take a look at some of the best aftermarket bandsaw fences, you will find a variety of options. Whether you need something that will work with any band saws or you want a magnetic bandsaw fence, we’ve got you covered.

In this part of our guide, we will share with you our best bandsaw fence selections and detail just what you need to know about them. You will find an overview of details and a list of the pros and cons. We’ve also added a rating for some of the primary features to give you a quick reference of the fence options for band saws.

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1. Best Overall: Carter Magfence II Universal Magnetic Fence

Carter Magfence II Universal Magnetic Fence

This first option is a universal bandsaw fence that is our best aftermarket bandsaw fence option overall. CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence fits to a variety of bandsaw models because it is a magnetic bandsaw fence that can be used as a resaw fence, rip fence, rear glide rail, or whatever else you may need it for.

This fence attaches using magnets and can act as blade guides as well. As long as your band saws table is made with a ferrous metal surface, you should be able to put this fence to work for your needs. The magnets are strong and powerful so it stays in place. The fence also include T-slots as well as a reliable L-shaped design.

The fence measures to 16 inches long and is about 3 1/2 inches tall as well. We love that the saw fence is versatile and can be used for parallel and straight cuts as well as ripping and re-sawing and other uses. The magnets are very strong but you can also make adjustments that are precise and accurate as well.

Precise cuts don’t always just come from a sharp blade. Being able to make precise adjustments to the aftermarket fence on any bandsaw model is absolutely essential and we love that you can rely on this option on most ferrous metal tables so a lot of bandsaw tables fit that category.

Feature Ratings:

  • Fence Length: 10
  • Fence Connection: 10
  • Fence Durability: 10
  • Fence Compatibility: 10



Why We Like It

This fence makes it to our best overall option because it’s a reliable, heavy duty fence that is simple and easy to use. The magnetic lock system gives you a strong hold and you can adjust it to meet your needs as well.

2. Budget Pick: Powertec BS900RF Rip Fence

Powertec BS900RF Rip Fence

If you’re looking for something that just doesn’t cost a lot but that might be great for say needing to rip warped lumber or even just give you resaw guides that are reliable, this band saw fence is a good option. The Powertec BS900RF Rip Fence is simple and it is also budget-friendly. While it’s not as fancy or loaded with features as some of them are, it can help deliver perfect rip cut results.

You won’t have to worry about blade drifting or anything like that. The aluminum alloy fence also helps with straight and parallel cutting needs. It’s built to be solid and durable so it won’t fall apart when you’re ripping lumber and putting it to work.

Out of the package, this fence is ready for action. It’s put together and can be attached and adjusted as you need. The fence can be adjusted from 11 3/8 to 12 inches so you have some flexibility. It clamps on and while it was designed for the Powertec band saw, it can work with other similar surfaces as well. This aluminum fence also has an adjustable cam lock lever, giving you some additional grip.

Feature Ratings:

  • Fence Length: 9
  • Fence Connection: 9
  • Fence Durability: 10
  • Fence Compatibility: 8



Why We Like It

We love being able to find a sturdy and reliable option in the world of best aftermarket bandsaw fences that doesn’t cost a lot. This rip fence works with quite a few bandsaws and it’s steady and reliable as well, particularly considering the cost.

3. Best Value: Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence

Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence

This next option is what we feel is the best value for your money. It’s a good fence complete kit with every little thing you need. Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence  did a great job with this fence. It offers precision, accuracy, and rigid reliability. At first glance, it appears simple but the Kreg fence is both simple and utterly versatile. It even offers professional grade precision.

The Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw fence does have drilled holes for setting it up. It’s really easy to attach and adjust as needed. Rather than a cam lock system, it uses a mounting rail that is made with aluminum alloy. This just helps make the saw fence more versatile and steady as well and even helps keep it square.

This aftermarket bandsaw fence will work with just about any bandsaw table. You can adjust to two dimensions and it can also be parallel to the blade. This is and 18-inch fence and it can work with most 14-inch bandsaws effectively. It is extremely rigid and durable and will hold up even when you work it hard. The building material design keeps it strong and steady.

Feature Ratings:

  • Fence Length: 10
  • Fence Connection: 10
  • Fence Durability: 10
  • Fence Compatibility: 10



Why We Like It

This aftermarket bandsaw fence Kreg bandsaw fence may not be a magnetic fence but it truly is the best value for the money. The saw fence has really great length and the ability to use the fence features for professional precision always stands out. We even like that this is blade drift angle compatible!

4. Shop Fox Resaw Fence Aftermarket Fence

Shop Fox Resaw Fence Aftermarket Fence

If you are looking for a good fence to guide your saw blade and project while you resaw, this fence is built for just that purpose. Whether you’re cutting dovetail joints or perhaps half lap joints, you can make micro adjustments and use the precision lens cursor to act as resaw guides. Shop Fox Resaw Fence Aftermarket Fence  can also be used for straight cuts and it’s a reliable Shop Fox solution.

This resaw fence gives you a rear glide rail and it uses a cam lock lever for setting and clamping purposes. The blade guides will keep you in line and right where you need to be. Since this was designed to be a bandsaw resaw fence, you may not find as much versatility as some of the best bandsaw fence options but you will find it does provide you options.

This fence is one of the longest options, measuring 19 inches and adjustable to 19.5 inches. It is compatible with more than just Shop Fox bandsaws so that is a nice addition. This should work for bandsaws that are 17-19 inches on the table and it doesn’t matter if your table is a ferrous metal or some other material.

Feature Ratings:

  • Fence Length: 8
  • Fence Connection: 10
  • Fence Durability: 8
  • Fence Compatibility: 9



Why We Like It

In terms of bandsaw fences, this is a great option for re-sawing needs. The great thing about this bandsaw fence is that while it was designed for re-saw use, it can still be versatile. It’s sturdy and it is pretty easy to square up and use as well.

5. Grizzly Industrial H7587 Band Saw Complete Fence

Grizzly Industrial H7587 Band Saw Complete Fence

This last one is a class great band saw fence and we couldn’t leave you without sharing the Grizzly Industrial H7587 model. Look for straight cuts, micro adjustments, and a fence that doesn’t require a ferrous metal? This is it for you! It’s very easy to use and is incredibly similar to the Shop Fox model we just shared as well.

Grizzly Industrial H7587 Band Saw Complete Fence another re-saw fence but it’s been upgraded to give you a precision lens cursor and it allows you to alternate between shorter and taller measurements as needed. You can use the Grizzly Industrial H7587 for normal duties or you can use it just to re-saw as well.

Feature Ratings:

  • Fence Length: 10
  • Fence Connection: 10
  • Fence Durability: 10
  • Fence Compatibility: 9



Why We Like It

This fence is both reliable and versatile. It can be customized for your needs and it has some unique perspectives that allow you to use it however you need it and even give you some extra functionality in a bandsaw fence.

Choosing the Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fences

Choosing the Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fences
Image from Amazon by Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence

Before you officially choose a bandsaw fence, take a look at this quick buyer’s guide for some helpful insight to making a fully informed decision.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is important to check out and understand. You need to be sure that it will work for your bandsaw. For example, magnetic models maybe limited on just what they secure to so you need to review whether your bandsaw is the proper material.

Take a look at how the device locks on and just be certain it is compatible with your saw.


Next, you need to make sure that the bandsaw fence that you choose is compatible with your bandsaw. While these are branded and often designed for a specific saw, they typically are also designed so they can be fitted to a variety of models. Just be sure to watch the sizes and to check out the details to know whether it really will fit your saw.


Finally, your bandsaw fence needs to offer durability. You’re cutting and putting that saw to work so it should be able to handle being bumped, snagged, hit, and more. If you’re ripping lumber or working fast, there’s a good chance it’s going to take some hits so watch the materials and ratings to understand whether it will hold up well.

Type of Fence

Keep in mind that there are several different types of fences. Some of them are labeled for a specific function and some of them are made to be versatile. Some of the specific ones can also be used for other duties but their overall design is for that specific function.

We recommend looking for versatility but always make sure that the design and type of fence will work for your project needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Bandsaw Fence System?

We love the magnetic option that we shared in our best overall position. It’s just quick and easy and it’s made with quality design. However, you will find that any of the items we’ve shared here with you today are all great choices.

Can You Make Your Own Bandsaw Fence?

Many woodworkers will make their own fences, particularly when they need something right away. You can make your own as well and there are plenty of instructional options out there to follow if you decide to do so. Always choose quality materials and try to be precise and square when you create.

What is a Bandsaw Fence For?

Fences are used primarily as a guide piece. While you probably don’t really need a fence for curved cuts, it can be incredibly helpful for ripping lumber, making straight or parallel cuts, and even re-sawing. The fence provides you with accuracy and guidance as you work. You can rely on it to help guide your movements and your materials as you work.


We hope that you find this guide to choosing an aftermarket bandsaw fence to be a valuable resource. There are many to choose from and a lot of details to consider so just be sure to check out all of the information available before you settle on a single fence. Oh – and don’t forget to make sure the fence you choose will fit your bandsaw!

Expert Tip

While many bandsaws fences are designed to be square or parallel, you will need to do some work to make sure it is square on your machine and parallel. This is a simple step you can take when you place the fence or adjust it.

Did You Know?

You can work without a fence on your bandsaw but it might make your projects much easier! Most people don’t realize just how functional a bandsaw can be. It is useful for so much more than just curvy cuts and if you put it to work outside of that, a fence will come in quite handy.

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
POWERTEC BS900RF Rip Fence for POWERTEC BS900 Wood Band Saw and Similar Band Saws with a Work Table Size of 11-1/8” to 11-13/16”
  • Sturdy Extruded aluminum construction means it's solid and durable
  • Provides for straight parallel cuts.
  • By using the handy adjustable cam, the clamp can adjust from 11-3/8-Inch up to 12-Inch
  • Arrives fully assembled, right out of the package
  • Simple, effective cam lever action means device is securely locked in place
Bestseller No. 2
2 Pack Urethane Band Saw Tires - FIts 14 inch x 1 inch x .095 - No Adhesive Needed - Compatible with Branded Bandsaws Including Jet Grizzly, & Powermatic
  • Long Life: These Band Saw Tires are superior to factory tires, or replacement rubber or plastic tires. The value 2 pack provides excellent value and quality.
  • Won't Dry Out: Urethane doesn't dry out when compared to plastic or rubber tires. This increases their efficiency and life expectancy.
  • No Adhesive Needed: Easy to install & remove with no need for adhesive. The tires stretch to fit the wheel tightly.
  • Wide Range Of Compatibility: Fits Jet JWBS-14DXPRO, JWBS-14CS, JWBS14OS, Grizzly G0457 G0555 G0555P G0555X G0580 T21005 G1019 G1019Z, & Powermatic PWBS-14, PWBS-14CS. Any Band Saw that requires a 14" x 1" x 0.095" tire.
  • Increased Productivity & Efficiency: There's reduced down time with these durable & reliable 2 pack of band saw tires.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Bora Portamate Mobile Base Kit PM-1100 - Heavy Duty, Universal, Customizable, Adjustable Rolling Set, Dolly Roller Frame and Casters for Moving Equipment, Tools, Machines - 400 lb Capacity
  • 400 LB CAPACITY: The Bora Portamate Mobile Base Kit PM-1100 is customizable to accommodate any machine size footprint and has a weight capacity of 400lbs. (181 kg)
  • MOUNT & MOVE EASILY: Your large machines, woodworking equipment, and power tools can all be mounted and moved with ease, including table saws, bandsaws, workbenches, and more
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: All types of machinery and other heavy items can be mobile with the PM-1100. Just measure the machine’s footprint, cut 1/2" or 3/4"plywood (not included) to size for the base, then fit the hardware, and you’re ready to go
  • EASY GLIDE + LOCKING LEVERS: The easy to use foot-operated locking levers lock the 3 inch hard plastic caster wheels into place. This kit is perfect for garages, woodshops, workshops, or anywhere you need to make your equipment mobile
  • LOW PROFILE: This mobile base caster kit lifts your machine height by less than 1 inch, adding only a small increase to your working height while allowing your equipment to be completely mobile and moved around as needed