Best 4 Foot Level in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide


In the woodworking world, your level is one of your closest companions. You use it for seemingly everything and with good reason. It’s amazing how many mistakes can be made without a level because you simply can’t always tell when something is off just by eyeballing it.

An accurate level is a must-have for the woodworking and construction industry and you should never have a toolbox without one. A good bubble level will always have your back but so will many other types of levels on the market. We recommend a 4 foot level because it’s much easier to handle a variety of woodworking tasks.

Best 4 Foot Level in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Whether you need a good construction level, a box beam level, an LED box level or a traditional bubble level, we’ve got you covered. Choosing your 48 inch level will be much simpler once you take a look at the top rated 4 foot level reviews that we have to share with you.

We’ve sifted through the market to try to find the very best 4ft level options out there and we found several that will work well with a variety of price point placements. Stick with us to learn more and maybe find your next level.

The Best 4 Foot Level Reviews

There are quite a few carpenters levels out there to choose from and they fall under a lot of different terms and price point scenarios. Regardless of whether you are working with building materials or some other job, these essential tools come in a variety of options.

We’ve narrowed it down to our top picks and we have all of the relevant detail to share here with you.

Let’s take a look!

1. Best Overall: Workpro 4-Piece Measuring Tool Set

Workpro 4-Piece Measuring Tool Set Check Latest Price

This first option is our best overall top pick, the Workpro 4-Piece Measuring Tool Set. It’s a torpedo level that is great for use as construction levels or other uses. This heavy-duty level is easy to read and easily one of the best on the market. This best level is made with an aluminum frame that makes the level light weight but doesn’t mean it can only handle light conditions.

This level is very nice compared to some levels because you always get a clear view so you can see the bubble from any angle, meaning you have a higher likelihood of accuracy for your tools than with some brands that are not as clear.

This level does have end caps that are rubberized for shock absorption. The level vial is a center vial in a solid block space so that it will last a long time. This vial system is trusty and reliable at all times because of the visibility and the durability that holds up in your construction process.

These tools are very well made. This is a full set so you get the 48 inch level you are after plus a 9 inch torpedo levels, a 24 inch spirit level, a tape measure, and a protective case that can hold it all as a reference point and more. Most brands don’t give you the protective case so that is surely a nice bonus.

  • Best overall construction level
  • End caps are rubber for grip and shock
  • Heavy duty level
  • Center block vial system
  • The set comes with 3 levels, a tape measure, and a carrying case
  • There are not a lot of lines on the level, which might impede the accuracy
  • Labeled as shock absorbing but some customer comments recommend these levels are best for home improvement and light duty

Why We Like It

We chose these torpedo levels because they are solid and well made. With block vials in the center as well as the rubber end caps, it’s a duty type of level with some great level features. The addition of multiple levels plus the carrying case are excellent bonuses in our books.

2. Budget Pick: Irwin Level I Beam 48-Inch, Blue

Irwin Level I Beam 48-Inch, BlueCheck Latest Price

If you’re a tradesman just looking for a quality construction level that is inexpensive, check out this beautiful true blue Irwin Tools 2000 I Beam level. It’s sleek and shiny with a true blue color you simply can’t take your eyes off of. Irwin tools have been around for many years and these brands are usually reliable for their tool selections.

The Irwin Tools 2000 I-Beam level is just one of their many options. Apart from bubble levels, they also have a box beam box level, lighted box beam, magnetic box beam, and even an electronic box beam. This means they have plenty of levels for you to take a look at, including the digital level that you can see in low light and has great battery life (AA batteries).

This level has block vials with high contrast so they are easy to see and read for better tool accuracy. The I-beam tools include hairline indicators with angle measurements for accuracy. You can easily see the bubble with the vial visibility design. There are 3 vials for all duty type needs. One on each end, and a sturdy center vial system as well.

This level is equipped with rubber end caps to grip walls. Whether you’re working in the country or at a nearby plumb site for construction, this budget-friendly level is reliable. It does also have hook features so you can hang it from a rafter hook or wall hook if needed.

  • Budget friendly tool
  • Prominent vial visibility for better accuracy
  • Quality tools for any job with rigid construction
  • The end vials rotate for angles
  • High contract visual appeal
  • The numbers and the end bubble segments are fairly small on this level, which could be hard to see in low light.

Why We Like It

These levels are inexpensive but really are pretty great quality. The true blue color from Irwin makes your level stand out in looks and level features. The vials are well-placed and reliable for accuracy with visibility also being a strong high point for your work.

3. Stabila Classic 3-Level Set

Stabila Classic 3-Level SetCheck Latest Price

If you really want the best of the best, you can’t go wrong with the Stabila heavy duty level set that gives you the best of all Stabila heavy duty level designs. From the Stabila R Beam levels to a spirit level, torpedo level and a carrying case, you will be a full set. This is a premium set but it will be a long term investment that lasts. These are no light conditions type of levels.

The Stabila R beam levels are perhaps some of the best high contrast levels on the market. They are construction levels bubble levels with a heavy duty build, incredible accuracy, and optimal visibility. With a cross line style design and high contrast box level statement, you can’t go wrong with the Stabila R beam levels.

The 48 inch level is the Stabila R beam level and is their best-selling option on the market. Users say these levels are worth every penny they cost as construction levels. The vials are known for both accuracy and visibility and they are easy to see no matter how you are positioned. These levels also have the rafter hook in them as well as just another of the great level features.

The level of Stabila design is one for the books. This tool will provide optimal accuracy and will last a long time. The vials are located in a box center as well as edges and you also get the rubber end caps, one on each end. These have rubber grips in the centers as well.

  • High quality construction levels that last
  • Comes with bubble level box beam level, spirit level, and torpedo level plus a carrying case
  • Vials are set for visibility and accuracy
  • Will work for construction and heavy duty times
  • Cross line design levels with a carrying case
  • These levels can be pretty pricy
  • The spirit level handles might seem oddly placed at first

Why We Like It

We chose this option because it a premium option of construction levels that you can rely on. These bubble levels offer accuracy and visibility that not all tools will provide. The vial design is efficient and we love the rubberized handle grips in the center as well.

4. Empire Level E55.48

Empire Level E55.48Check Latest Price

Empire is another popular level tool. The Empire level is the real true blue level machine. They are popular for the 0 0005 precision, and that is hard to find in some tools. Many brands have the accuracy of 0 0005 but Empire level seems to stand out in this area for most work.

This is a simple level from Empire level but a great tool. The vial bubble is nestled in the center for visibility and there are 2 on the ends for angles as well. Empire built this right with an equal spread for the vial bubble visibility and the grip so you can handle tools and work at the same time. The Empire level could only be improved at this point with a digital level design or a low light feature.

The Empire level closely resembles a spirit level but it measures a true 48 inches in a box level design. These levels from Empire level have blue vials with precision 0 0005 accuracy that you simply can’t argue with.

This one from Empire level is a winner of the best for all of these reasons and more. The construction is a sturdy I beam frame on the Empire level. Empire has made the frame to be anodized with Empire specific plumb and level working positions for visibility that stand out in tools.

  • Empire bubble box levels are well made
  • Sturdy I-style beam frame with precision accuracy
  • The one and only true blue Empire design
  • Empire vial design offers visibility and accuracy for your needs
  • Empire has a simple but sturdy design
  • Empire quality control seems to be inefficient and quality is not consistent

Why We Like It

Empire is built for work and their vial bubble level is a great way to rely on both accuracy and visibility when you need it most. The company has a valid reputation with a simple level that is sturdy and built to last.

5. Stanley Fatmax 43-502 48-Inch Level

Stanley Fatmax 43-502 48-Inch LevelCheck Latest Price

The Stanley Fatmax levels are another quality level that is highly rated across the board. These are pretty popular so they can sometimes be hard to find in stock. Forget the traditional box level and pick up the Stanley Fatmax bubble level for your work needs. These levels are high quality levels that are easily among the best on the market.

This bubble level is one for the books. It is made with quality aluminum materials that are designed to give the box level more durability to last for your work. It shouldn’t bang up, bend, or fall apart easily on the job like some levels tend to do. This level tool is rated for its 0 0005 precision accuracy and also offers supreme visibility for the vials.

The vials are located within sturdy foundations so they won’t break. This also gives them more accuracy overall on the tool. This is another level that could only be improved from adding digital level visibility to it, but it doesn’t need it.

These levels are simple but are some of the most reliable levels on the market, with a time and history that stands behind them. We know some people who have used a Stanley bubble level for decades and they brag the levels never fail. We hope this one will live up to those standards as well.

  • A very popular choice of levels
  • Simple and well made all at once
  • Nearly perfect accuracy and precision
  • Visibility is superior to some levels
  • Reliable vials for tool work
  • The end cap pieces may not hold up over time
  • These tool levels can often be hard to find in stock

Why We Like It

Stanley is a quality tool brand that has always delivered and this bubble level fits the bill for work. The vial design gives you accuracy and visibility and the level is sturdy in all the right ways. This is simply another of the best levels and a tool you can depend on.

6. Craftsman Level CMHT82347 48-Inch Box Beam

Craftsman Level CMHT82347 48-Inch Box BeamCheck Latest Price

Craftsman is another of the best tool options out there and they are known for turning our affordable options. Their levels fall into that category and if you take a look, they are some of the most highly-rated levels on the market. This particular level has a clear 5-star win that sets it apart from other levels out there. It’s affordable but not cheaply made, and that is always an impressive attribute.

This is a boxy level. Much like other levels, the vials provide you with incredible accuracy for your work. Each vial has prominent visibility and each vial is also versatile in the way that you read it, making it simple to work with.

This level has those solid ends that help the level hold up against heavy usage. It’s durable and reliable for just about any type of use that you can dream up. In addition, this also has a continuous edge for scribing purposes.

Craftsman covers this level with a full lifetime warranty coverage. This is just another semblance of the reliability of the tool overall. Also, this is a fun red and black option that is sleek and sophisticated and will stand out when pitted against your other tools.

  • Quality, reliable brand
  • Intuitive vial placement for visibility
  • Precision accuracy of .0005
  • The ends are shock absorbing
  • Covered by a full lifetime warranty
  • Cannot be used as a straight edge due to the notch and vial design (but accurate for a level)
  • No distance marks to measure or track as you go

Why We Like It

We love that this is a reliable brand and it measures up against its competitors The vial is accurate and precise and the level is well-built overall. If you need a quality tool that costs a little less, you will find it here and not be disappointed.

7. Kapro 985-41X-48M Apollo Magnetic Box Level

Kapro 985-41X-48M Apollo Magnetic Box LevelCheck Latest Price

The Kapro tool is a unique offering that has pretty much every special feature you can think of that you might need. It’s another great option that has incredibly high ratings across the board and will be a great tool if you decide to give it a try.

The Kapro level has magnified horizontal vials. You can see them from every position and yet they are housed safely so they won’t be damaged or broken by heavy duty use. In addition, this level offers a plumb site, which gives you a dual view of the vials as well. This makes for top visibility.

This level is designed with acrylic vials that are shockproof and epoxy-locked. Next up, the tool has capping on the ends that are made with a shockproof material. It’s a rubber bi-material that won’t fall apart or fall off, even when you put it to heavy work.

The entire level itself is made with a tough, reinforced aluminum that is built to last. It’s sturdy and has several hand grip locations for versatility purposes. Did we mention that the Kapron Apollo is also magnetic? This means you can simply attach it where you need it and it stays in place.

  • Magnetic material design
  • Vial visibility that you can rely on
  • Sturdy and durable overall
  • High precision accuracy rating
  • Highly rated and popular solution
  • The ends are very hard to remove if needed

Why We Like It

When it comes to good levels, this is just another reliable option for you to consider. These levels are well-made and provide simplicity and accuracy to your tasks that can sometimes be hard to find. Plus, we love the additional magnet feature.

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Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve shared with you the top levels on the market, it’s time to talk about just what makes levels great and what kind of qualities and features you may want to know about before you buy. In this guide, we were specifically looking for options that were 48 inches in length, although some of the selections on the list come in packages with other models as well.

In this section, we’ve created a buyer’s guide to provide you with the most relevant information you might need to make an informed decision that is right for you.

Reliable Accuracy

Best 4 Foot Level Buyer's Guide
Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

One of the most important factors in choosing a level is knowing that it is going to be accurate. After all, isn’t that the primary point of a level? You need something that will be accurate and this is the most important thing to keep on your list. You will find that the majority of accurate ratings scale to .0005, which is tremendous.

If it says this number or better, it’s a winner. If it says any less than this, we recommend moving on to the next option. Just because an advertisement promises this doesn’t mean it is true so it will also be helpful to check out reviews and comments to know whether you can rely on the promise for accurate work when you put it to the test.

If yours happens to be in another form of measurement, you might also see .5 millimeters to every 1 meter or .29 degrees.

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Next up, you want to closely watch the material your choices are made of. If you don’t need something heavy-duty, then it is perfectly acceptable for you to choose a cheaper material like plastic or even rubber. However, if you want something that is built to last and handle whatever you might throw at it, we recommend looking for something more like aluminum.

You will see titles like I and R beam materials as well. These are the most sturdy and durable materials. You will typically pay a bit more for these materials but the price is generally worth it for the improvement of strength and longevity.

Again, the materials could very much depend on your uses and even how often you plan to use the level. You know the needs and uses you will have for your level the best so choose what works for you!

We do want to also point out that there are other materials out there as well. You might even be able to find a wood level if you really want to. These are an eco-friendly option that can also get quite expensive.

We did not share any wood levels here today but if you choose to go that route, just be sure you get a sturdy wood, like bamboo. The challenge with this type of material is there is no guarantee your level won’t shrink or warp when exposed to the elements.


Alright, this one seems like common sense probably but we think it is important to touch on it still. The thing is, you might not even think to test it out or check out the markings to see whether your vials are going to be visible from different angles. This does matter!

a carpenter using a red spirit level
Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Not only do you want to be able to see your bubbles from various angles but you want to be able to read them. That liquid in there is typically an alcohol or mineral spirits fluid. the companies dye that fluid with some sort of lasting colorant to make it visible.

You want to be able to see that vial, even when your lighting stinks. Ultimately, watch for options that will be visible even in the lowest lighting settings. If you think you will never have to worry about lighting, you would be surprised how placement, even in a bright room, can drastically affect the lighting on the bubbles and make them nearly invisible and hard to see.

Just keep this in mind to know that you will be able to read your level properly overall.

Solid Ends

You will probably notice that in each of our reviews above, we make some sort of reference to the capped ends. That is because they are an important element of your level. Those capped ends are something to watch for.

Here’s the thing, the cap design is a form of protection for your level. It protects the vials but it also protects the level itself. In addition, it can act as a gripping piece.

The point of those capped ends is to be able to absorb shock. if the level is impacted or dropped or falls or anything along those lines, the ends are responsible for protecting each vial, and that is done so with the capping pieces.

The material of those end pieces should be something like sturdy plastic or even rubber. The goal is to absorb shocks should there be any kind of impact. Sometimes, the end pieces are removable but not always.

Comfortable to Use

We know what you’re thinking. They’re all made about the same as far as comfort goes, right? But the truth is, not necessarily. Some of these levels will have ergonomic grip pieces built into them to give you ultimate control while you work. Others will have small or simple grips.

If you plan on being up and down on the ladder and using your level in places that might make it hard to grasp, we recommend looking for something with ergonomic comfort. You might also want to consider the weight of the level here for comfort purposes.

Some of these levels can get pretty heavy to handle so if you are moving around a lot with it, you might want to find something that is lightweight and yet sturdy and comfortable at the same time.

Additional Features

4 Foot Level Additional Features
Photo by from Pexels

On top of all of the basic features that you would expect to see, there are some additional features that you might come across. The thing to know about these is that not every level has them so you can’t expect them to be for a sure item. If you do want one of these specific things, you can certainly peruse for an option that has what you want, just be aware you may have to do some digging.

  • Digital Reading

Some of the newer models of levels are made with digital processing. These are pretty cool and can be quite helpful but it also is not always accurate. It’s a neat feature that you might benefit from but be careful when you choose a digital option as accuracy is an important factor. Just check for those minor details to know it’s a good offering.

  • Magnets

Another fun additional feature you might come across is magnets. These are pretty popular on smaller levels but they can sometimes also be found on the longer options as well. We will warn you that this is not common so you may have to do some digging if you are looking for 48+ inches as well as magnets.

The magnet simply allows you to do what you have to do hands free if you happen to be working with any sort of metal surfaces or materials. It’s a convenient thing. If you choose an option with a magnet, be sure it’s a solid and reliable magnet that will actually hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Level that is 4 Foot?

We recommend the Workpro option that is the best overall in our listings. However, you really can’t go wrong with any of the choices you find in this guide.

What is the Best Brand of Level?

This is really a matter of perception. There are some really great choices out there including Workpro, Empire, Stabilar, Stanley, Craftsman, and more.

Which is Better – Boxy Beam or I-Beam?

Those box structures tend to be the most durable and reliable materials. Both are great and both are durable but if you find yourself trying to choose between the two, go with the box style.

What is the Most Accurate Spirit Level?

The best will have a highly visible vial and will be made with sturdy construction that you can depend on.


Choosing the best level that is 4 foot doesn’t have to be a chore. We’ve done all of the searching and researching for you. Every single choice that you find here is a tried and true option that will be a great addition to your working space.

Which level do you have your eyes on? Or do you need multiple levels?

Expert Tip

Be sure to check out the colors of the bubbles to determine whether they will stand out even when the lighting might be dim in your workspace.

Did You Know?

Did you know that the fluid inside your bubble is actually mineral spirits or alcohol? This fluid lasts no matter the environment. It is simply died to give it a fluorescent or bright color so you can easily see it.

Amazon Recommends:

SaleBestseller No. 1
IRWIN Level, I-beam, 48-Inch (1801094) , Blue
  • Rigid aluminum I-beam construction is rigid and durable
  • Leveler has rotating dial vial to make it easier to find the angle you are looking for quickly
  • V-groove edge for leveling pipe, making the job easier and quicker
  • Full-length strip magnet
  • Guaranteed accurate to .058° for life
Bestseller No. 2
CRAFTSMAN Level, 48-Inch, Box Beam (CMHT82347) , Black
  • ACCURACY: Block vials of the level tool provide maximum accuracy of 0.0005-inch/ ft.. (0.5mm/M)
  • DURABILITY: Shock-absorbing end caps of the torpedo level hold up to heavy use
  • CONVENIENCE: Continuous edge for scribing
Bestseller No. 3
STANLEY I-Beam Level, Professional, 48-Inch (42-480)
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction of the level tool is made for improved durability and accuracy
  • Level accuracy of 0.0015 inch/inch (0.15mm/m)
  • 360-degree vials set directly into frame never need adjustment
  • Pipe groove enables use on rounded surfaces
  • Shock-absorbing end caps hold up to heavy use