About Us

Hi, my name is Paul and I am the owner of WoodJoyTools.com.

About Paul 
I have been working with wood for the past 20 years – since I was 15 years old and took my first woodworking class in high school. I was hooked.

For me, woodworking is so much more than just about making furniture, it is an expression of functional art. All too often we approach woodworking from a “get it done” mentality – whereas I believe that the best pieces are often ones that come from small accidents or tedious tinkering.

I like to incorporate the natural grain of the wood in my projects whenever possible, and I enjoy working with different types of wood from around the world when I am able to.

Since then, I have explored doing all types of DIY projects that have been great for improving my home as well as making me extra money on the side of my full-time job. I now work with metal and glass, as well.

I believe that building things with my own two hands is a great tool for improving my life. Whenever something doesn’t go my way at work or in my relationships, I have an outlet for channeling those emotions into something purposeful. That alone has been the greatest gift – and one that I thank God for daily.

I live on a beautiful plot of land with my two amazing English Springer Spaniels, my wife, and two great kids. I hope you enjoy learning more about how to properly use tools on your DIY projects and feel free to reach out and let me know what you like about the site.