Popular Woodworking, February 2013,.....Woodjoy® Tools Precision Dovetail Template.....Every time my dovetail gauge shows up in a picture or video on the blog, I get questions about it ( and it recently showed up in a free video on dovetail layout). I've had this Woodjoy® Tools brass and black oxide "Precision Dovetail Template" for seven years now, and it's been worth every bit of the $25 it cost. The gauge allows me to mark dovetails up to 1 3/8" deep, with one side for 1:8 angles, the other for 1:6. -Megan Fitzpatrick

Popular Woodworking, October 2010,.....Understand and Use a Bowsaw......Here's a Good Bowsaw... These are the criteria to look for in a saw. you want a ridgid frame, which will give the saw serious heft. The strut should attach to the ends with mortise-and-tenon joints. These should be deep and well fit, with no play or slop. you want the handle rods to be metal (usually brass). The rods should have a tight friction fit where they pass through the frame and secure the the blade, so the blade can not turn while in use. In other words, adjusting the saw should require effort. The blade should be secured to the rods by a slot pierced by a metal pin. All of these parts should be robust enough not to wear or break.....Because most commercial bowsaws are inadequate, you are faced with either making your own or buying one from a craftsman/maker. I obtain my saws from Woodjoy® Tools.-Mike Dunbar

Taunton's Tool Guide, 2007,.....Hand Tools-Spokeshaves-Tool Test...."Reader's Choice".......The Woodjoy® low angle spokeshave was a favorite of both readers and editors.

FWW best overall

Fine Woodworking, July/Aug 2006.......Choosing and using spokeshaves...The Woodjoy® (Master spokeshave) is a great all around shave that can handle tight curves and end grain, as well as chair spindles and rungs. It is our pick for best overall of the low angle shaves.- Chris Gochnour

Fortune Small Business, October 2006......Cool Tools......The best new hardware made by small businesses. The No 85, made of Brazilian cherry wood and cryogenically treated steel, is an upgraded version of a Stanley tool of the same name, which the corporation stopped making in 1935. -Emily Maltby

Popular Woodworking, November 2005.....Tool Test....One of my favorite marking tools for dovetails is the Woodjoy Precision Dovetail Template. This simple and elegant layout tool allows you to mark both straight and angled lines of a dovetail joint with one square.-Chris Schwarz

Good Woodworking, January 2005......Woodjoy® Circular Spokeshave....I often use a standard spokeshave on the pull stroke, but the Woodjoy® shave is far easier to use pushing. I found it very responsive, cutting cleanly and quickly. It is particularly good for making curves flow fluidly into one another, so a chairmaker may find it of use to ease curved components. - Andy King

Furniture & Cabinet Making, November 2004......Tried & Tested......On your marks..... I particularly liked the square and the dovetail saddle. All of these tools from Woodjoy® are crisp pieces of engineering. - Colen Eden-Eadon

Fine Woodworking, August 2003.....Choosing Marking Tools.....The Woodjoy® version is a handsome tool made of Brazilian Cherry with a brass fence. Unlike any of the other gauges, the Woodjoy's fence is reversable. One side of the fence is flat for straight cuts, and the other side has two bearing surfaces for cutting a line parallel to a curved surface. - Scott Gibson

Furniture & Cabinetmaking, August 2002…..Tried & Tested…On The Mark….The Woodjoy marking/cutting gauge is one of the few gauges that I have seen recently which has a proper reversible cutting blade. In my opinion, a gauge with a proper blade, like this one, is more versatile than those with cutting discs or pins. - David Charlesworth

Fine Woodworking, August 2002….Online Exclusive…A Classic Bowsaw….As you might expect, bowsaw manufacturers are few and far between these days. But for woodworkers who enjoy using hand tools, the bowsaw remains valued even today. So I was interested to learn that Woodjoy Tools has recently begun making them. The key has a neat feature found only occasionally in old bowsaws. -Tom Begnal

The Windsor Chronicles, winter 2002….Tool Review…Woodjoy's bow saw….Woodjoy has developed a bow saw that is every bit as good as mine. It too, has all the features needed to do the work a Windsor chairmaker requires. -Mike Dunbar

Fine Woodworking, August 2001….A Square With Extras…."The Total Square is one of my favorites. This little square with a 4-in. blade is the perfect size to keep in your shop apron. But it does a lot more than most squares. More than meets the eye. The Woodjoy doesn't just check for squareness. It helps you measure, too. -Anatole Burkin

Woodshop News, June 2000…Hand Tools Combine Traditional With Modern …"Livingston's creations are all based on tools that woodworkers doing traditional handwork often have difficulty finding." -A.J. Hamler

Windsor Chronicles, spring 2000…Behind the name…"The Big Shave makes short work of contouring and saddling the front of a shield shaped seat. He also makes a very clever double fenced scratch stock. His seat router replaces the veiner and using it results in a more uniform groove. -Terry West

Wooden Boat, December 1999…The Big Spokeshave…"if you are looking for a user friendly, well made tool that is designed to remove a lot of stock in a hurry, the Big Spokeshave is a mighty good candidate (and it's cordless.)" -Greg Rossel

Windsor Chronicles, fall 1999… Tool Review: "Woodjoy's chair router and Scratch tool"…."This is certainly one of the most elegant scratch stocks ever made." "Woodjoy's router must be pretty close to the originals as it does the job just as well." -Mike Dunbar